Animagus Revealed

Have you ever wondered what your Animagnus would be if you had one? If you were a dog like Sirius Black? A cat like McGonagall? Or you could be something diffrent entirely! Just follow the easy instructions in chapter one to find out which animal your Animagnus would be!


2. Example

Here is an example of the things you need to do, this person is a made up character. 


Long blonde hair, with striking blue eyes, small nose and round ears. Short, and plain. Is shy and kind, but won't stand up for others. Scared of many things. And flees at the sight of danger. Loves to hang out with family more than friends. 

     Animagus- Common mouse. The most noticable trait is her big round ears. Mice arnt that brave, and ussualy live in groups.

       Please note that the more information, the more accurate.

        Remember! Animagus Revealed can also be used on characters YOU create! So get your fingers typing, Like, Favourite, and Comment!

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