*The Princess and the Guard*

Being the daughter of a powerful Lord of Japan has it's ups and downs, but if it's one thing Hinata Hyuuga doesn't like is being pampered. For once she would like to be treated like a normal person. And that's when she met him...


1. Chapter 1

"Hinata-hime, the Lord is requesting your presences in the main hall." A soft voice spoke from the other side of the sliding door.

The Hyuuga princess shifted, tilting her head to the side. "Th-Thank you. I'm coming out now." Sliding the paper door, Hinata turned her attention down to the male kneeling down in front of her. By being the eldest daughter of a well-known, powerful Lord of Japan, she is treated with the utmost respect. For all of her life, Hinata has grown tired of being pampered by her father's servants. Just for once she would like to be treated like everyone else, instead of being held on top of a pedestal.

"Hanataro-kun, you don't have to kneel in my presence." Hinata sighed.

The black haired male kept his head down, not giving the princess any eye contact. "B-But Hinata-hime, it's a custom to be benevolent and respectful towards the princess. For if I were to be disrespectful in any way the Lord would certainly punish me and—" he was cut short from his speech as Hinata cupped his face, lifting his head.

"Hanataro-kun, it's alright. You worry too much." Hinata smiled reassuringly.

His blue eyes widened. Becoming nervous from the contact, the shorter male stumbled back, blushing darkly. "A-Ah, I should get-get going now!" Hanataro quickly disappeared down the hall.

Hanataro Yamada has been a servant within the Hyuuga palace for six months so far. He is rather clumsy and easily fooled. Nevertheless, the male is a very thoughtful and helpful towards others. Hinata grew rather fond of the male, often defending him since he is prone to bullying from other servants and guards of the palace.

Shaking her head, the woman quickly rushed to the main room. If she's late her father will be none too happy. Finally arriving, she slowed her pace and straightened out her lavender, flower printed kimono. All eyes were on her. Her father's eyes narrowed in displeasure.

"You're late." He frowned.

"Please forgive my tardiness, father." Hinata bowed, entering the room. Taking a seat down next to her cousin Neji Hyuuga, the female looked around. It is this moment she noticed that there are a few people having dinner with her family than usual tonight. Her eyes narrowed curiously at the unknown faces, especially the one wearing the dark blue mask covering half of his face.

Taking notice Hiashi spoke. "Hinata, this is Lord Kisuke Urahara from Karakura and Lord Kakashi Hatake from Konoha. They will be joining us tonight for our feast." He introduced his daughter to the men.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Hinata Hyuuga." She greeted both males.

The male with the messy light-blond pale hair smiled. "The pleasure it all mine, princess Hinata. I'm Kisuke Urahara and this here beside me is Kakashi." Kisuke made a small motion with his hand towards the silver haired male sitting beside him. This Kakashi male hair looked as if he defied gravity. It's quite the unusual style.

Kakashi nodded politely. "Hello."

Hiashi cleared his throat. "Lord Kisuke and Kakashi are here on regards of our countries. We are forming a treaty of becoming allies." He explained.

Hinata nodded. Karakura and Konoha are very powerful countries. It's a good idea of forming an alliance with them. Hopefully nothing will go wrong, like the first ally their country had a year prior to this day. Hueco Mundo. Hinata would never forget the Lord of that country. He betrayed her father by attempting to kidnap her. Lord Sousuke Aizen of Hueco Mundo, that man is now dead thanks to Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, her father's highly skilled assassins.

Sighing taking her final sip of her green tea, Hinata sat it down on the wooden table. During the most of the dinner Hanabi hadn't spoken very much, which is quite odd. The seven-year old female can be quite the talkative girl during dinner. "May I be excused, father?" Hinata asked.

"Ah, may I also be excused?" Neji asked, wiping his mouth with the white napkin.

His white eyes focused on her, waving his hand dismissively. "You may," snapping his fingers, Hiashi pointed to Neji and Hinata's plates. "Rin please take care of their plates."

The male nodded. "Yes-yes, sir, right away my Lord," he scurried to retreat the white glass plates.

Neji and Hinata nodded to Kisuke and Kakashi. "It was nice meeting you two." Neji and Hinata spoke in unison.

Urahara chuckled, waving his fan. "Likewise, Hinata-hime and sir Neji," he smiled turning to Hiashi. "You have such an adorable daughter, Lord Hyuuga."

Hinata blushed from embarrassment. Unable to risk Hinata fainting in front of the important men, Neji grabbed his cousin and dragged her out of the room.

Kakashi frowned, elbowing his friend on the arm. "Shut it, Kisuke." His black eyes turned to Hiashi laughing nervously. "Forgive Kisuke, he didn't mean it." As if realizing what he said, the masked male shook his head. "U-Uh, it's not that she isn't attractive because she is! She is more than stunning. You daughter reminds me of the woman from Icha Icha Paradise novel, since she has big…err…wait, that didn't come out right!" He gulped at Hiashi's hardened, annoyed expression. "I was merely saying that Kisuke should mind his manners." Kakashi coughed, clearing his throat scratching the back of his head, wishing he hadn't said anything at all.

Kisuke shook his head in shame. "Tsk, tsk, tsk, you really know how to set up an apology Kakashi." He whispered.

"Shut-up Kisuke," he growled, turning red from irritation and embarrassment.

Hanabi, who hadn't uttered a single word, stared blankly at the two men. "Are you two perverts?"


Neji eyed Hinata, noticing her distant expression. Frowning slightly, the male spoke. "You look as if you have something on your mind. Is there anything you want to talk about, Hinata-sama?" Neji inquired.

Hinata pouted, folding her arms across her chest. "Neji-niisan, how many times have I asked you not to call me that? We're family. You're like my brother. Therefore you shouldn't call me that."

Neji's expression remained impassive. "Forgive me. It won't happen again."

The female sighed. For the most part he could lighten up, but Neji has always been cold and distant towards everyone. There was a time he was different. He had been a sweet, playful, caring and adorably cute. Back then, Neji had been her best friend. But after the death of his father, Neji soon changed and hasn't reverted back to his older personality. Turning her attention back to the taller male, Hinata smiled lopsidedly. "It's okay. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to visit the pond."

"Very well, Hinata-sa—I mean Hinata." Neji corrected himself.

Parting her ways from him, Hinata wandered throughout the palace until she reached outside. Her lavender eyes landed on the pond. There were four large koi fish swimming amongst other smaller fish. "So beautiful," she whispered in awe.

"I'm surprised the princess is interested in this type of thing." A gruff voice spoke in amusement.

Hinata turned around to see a tall male. His bright red hair was something she had never seen before. It would be easy to pick him out of any crowd. "Pardon me, but who are you?" Hinata tilted her head.

The man grunted. "I guess your old man hadn't told you about the new guard. I'm Renji Abarai. I used to guard Kisuke Urahara, but as part of the treaty or whatever, I was gift to your old man since I'm one of the best guards in Karakura." His brown eyes stared down at the smaller frame. "You know…you don't seem as spoiled as other princesses I've seen." He leaned forward, eyeing Hinata curiously.

She took a few steps away. "Err…it's nice to meet you Abarai-san."

Renji frowned. "Don't bother with the formalities with me princess. Call me Renji." A wide smile spread across his face.

"Re-Renji-san…" She spoke slowly, trying out the name.

"Uh, I said without the formalities, but whatever." He sighed. Taking a step closer, he stared down at the pond. "So, you're into fish, huh?" Renji asked.

Hinata smiled. "The koi fish are my favorite. They're so pretty. My mother loved them…" Hinata said sadly. Her eyes narrowed in sorrow.

Renji remained silent. He had heard what happened to Hiashi's wife. The woman was murdered by Sousuke Aizen, when she tried to rescue her daughter on her own. It had been the news heard around the world. For someone who grew up without a mother, he couldn't relate to the feeling of a loss such as that. But seeing the look in her eyes, Renji could only imagine the remorse she must have went through at her death. "I'm sorry for your lost." He condoned.

"It's okay." She turned to face him, smiling brightly.

The flaming red head took a few steps back, in awe by her smile. "Uh, yeah..." He turned away, coughing awkwardly.

"Hey! New guy! No one is allowed to speak to the princess on such a friendly manner. Have you forgotten your place?" A loud voice snapped.

Renji and Hinata turned around to see Naruto and Sasuke approaching them. Hinata sighed. Those two took their jobs rather seriously. And a bit too serious if you ask her. The guards were assigned as Hinata's personal body guards. She had known both males for quite some years now. They have become somewhat like brothers to her over the years.

Naruto is the overly confident—and sometimes obnoxious—, but yet sweet and caring guard.

Sasuke is the stoic and inferior complexity guard, who rarely shows any emotion towards anyone, with the exception of the princess and Naruto.

Renji scratched the back of his head. "I haven't forgotten anything. Geez, I definitely don't need some punk nose kids reprimanding me." He growled.

Naruto rolled up his sleeve. "Why I ought to—"

Sasuke placed his hand on the blond's shoulder. "Calm your nerves Naruto. There are better ways of handling things." His black eyes landed on Renji. "What this idiot is trying to say is that we guards aren't allowed to speak to Hinata-hime with such formality. I'm not sure how it was in your district, but here that isn't allowed." He said dryly.

"Sasuke-kun, Naruto-kun, please this isn't necessary. Renji-san and I were merely discussing the koi fish." Hinata explained.

"But Hinata-chan," Naruto whined. "This guy—OW!" Naruto snapped his head in Sasuke's direction. "What in the hell did you hit me for, bastard?" He yelled, holding his now sore head.

"Do not whine to the princess. Forgive us, Hinata-hime. We'll take our leave now." He roughly grabbed Naruto by the back of his collar. "Come on, dummy."

Naruto cried. "Hinata-chan." he called, reaching out his arms to Hinata as he was being dragged away.

Once the duo was gone, Renji's brow raised. "Those two are…interesting, especially the blond."

Hinata giggled. "They are both my childhood friends and take their guarding duties quite seriously. You'll have to excuse them." She turned away from the pond, looking up at the sky. The moon now shined brightly down upon the earth, creating a lovely lighting for the surrounding area.

"I see. I figured much by the way you address them. Well I really should be getting back to my post. I can't afford to be fired on the first day on the job. I wouldn't be able to get to see the cute princess anymore. Nice meeting you, Hinata." He winked, turning away.

Hinata watched until she could no longer see him. He's a rather different guard unlike the rest. He treated her like a normal citizen. Maybe things around here would be different with him around.

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