What is happening

Alexia Longbottom, you probably have heard of her parents; Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. This is her story of her life. She has a massive crush on Albus Potter but James Potter keeps on following her everywhere. But what happens when Albus, Alexia and this other boy;Dennis Thomas has to save the world from Voldemort's son.


7. A/N

To all those readers out there, I don't know if I should continue on with this story or not. I would be glad to hear what you think about my movella so far. This movella means a lot to me, since it was my first one and I am happy to continue with it if you guys like this movella. I know its been a huge time since I have updated this movella, but I realy don't know if I should continue with it or not.\



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