What is happening

Alexia Longbottom, you probably have heard of her parents; Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. This is her story of her life. She has a massive crush on Albus Potter but James Potter keeps on following her everywhere. But what happens when Albus, Alexia and this other boy;Dennis Thomas has to save the world from Voldemort's son.


1. The New Beginning

"Mum I am going to miss you", said Alexia dreamily, "You'll see your father there, and remember to send me a post straight away when you get there", replied Luna in the same tone as her daughter. Alexia walked off to find her friends; Dennis Thomas and Serenity Finnegan, "Waz up, Lex?", asked Dennis in a cool tone, Dennis was a boy with great personality, black hair and brown eyes, "Nothing much, it will be cool to see my dad again", replied Alexia, "Shut up! Let's get in the train until it is too late!", cried Serenity. Serenity was a smart girl with black hair and green eyes; all of their father's were friends in Hogwarts; Serenity was a half-blood, Dennis was also a half-blood and Alexia was a pure-blood. They walked to find an empty compartment, but no luck. Suddenly, Dennis pointed to a compartment with spare seats, "Hello, can we please sit here?", I asked; the two brown haired boy and a hazel haired girl all nodded. "Hello my name is-", before Alexia could speak, the tall brown haired boy interrupted "Let me guess, I know you father, Neville Longbottom so you must be, Alexia Longbottom, am I right?", Alexia nodded, "I am James Potter, how nice to meet you", he said pulling out his hand, "Sorry for his rude behaviour, stupid git! I am Rose Weasley and he is Albus Potter", she said pointing to the shorter boy. "It is okay, this is Dennis Thomas and this is Serenity Finnegan", Alexia said pointing to Serenity and Dennis. "You think I am rude?", asked James, "Oh-no no!", said Alexia. Albus stayed quiet through the whole train ride just staring at the wall behind Alexia. Suddenly, the train came to a tragic halt, everybody bolted past Alexia and Albus leaving them dizzy, "They are crazy", said Albus as he pulled out a hand to help Alexia, "Thank You", she said, Albus and Alexia's eyes met, they suddenly looked away walking out the door

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