Before I Met You, Louis Tomlinson.

Seventeen year old writer, Ellen Aprils is displayed affection in a new light, but her dreadful past forces her to push it to the back of her mind and tell herself the feels aren’t there. Ellen keeps a journal and is told from a young age to keep her emotions together by putting her feelings on paper, before Louis came along she didn’t know what love and heart break was. The young writer leaving her family, friends and first love in Australia to join a school in London to progress a future in writing. She starts her life and thinks she has Louis place behind her but it’s when she heads to a party with her neighbour, Liam that her and Louis are reunited, she experiences things like non other after Louis and her pursue there once dead end relationship.


61. 61

Louis’ POV

I had lost Ellen an hour ago, the alcohol she had consumed in the few hours we had been here causing her to have a hyperactive rush and she was gone, off dancing while the boys and I sat at a table under a tree laced with fairy lights, it was a nice evening, the weather wasn’t cold, thankfully, I’m sure Harry was occupying the girl he met only hours ago while the boys and I talk mostly about work.

“Found your girlfriend.” Niall says looking past me; I turn in my chair to see Ellen off to the side of the dance floor sitting in a chair with her head back looking at the sky, a bottle of alcohol in her hand as she raises it to and from her lips.

“I’ll talk to you guys later.” I say and get up from the table, heading towards the girl in the chair, I grip her shoulders and look down at her from behind, a goofy drunken smile spreads on her lips as she looks up at me, “Where have you been?” I ask and she fly’s up from her chair turning and looking at me.

“Dance with me.” she says before moving around the chair and gripping my hand, the force she has in her drunken state surprises me but I hold my position and pull her to me.

“Let’s go find somewhere to sit.” I tell her and start to walk with my arm around her waist, she complies and I curiously guide her down the steps and towards a spear vine chair, we both sit back, her body leaning into mine as she still sips on her drink, I watch as her head turns to the side observing a few people in the other direction before her head lies back on my shoulder.

“If this is a lesbian party why is there a really hot DJ?” I look down at her but she doesn’t realise what she had said.

“Hot?” I ask and I feel her nod.

“Yeah, and he doesn’t have a top on and his body is really sexy.” I laugh slightly.

“I don’t know why there is a man without a shirt on being the DJ for a lesbian party, Ellen.” she sighs and I feel her head roll in the direction of the people again before she jolts forward, her body now facing me as she looks at me with wide eyes.

“Louis, there are to girls over there kissing.” She tells me before looking back towards the girls in the chair across the grass, I do the same, two girls in a chair just like the one we are sitting in, making out, a few groups of people standing in other places around the garden having their own privet chats but in Ellen’s drunken state the two girl interest her.

“That’s what people do when there in a relationship.” She looks back at me a cheeky smile on her lips.

“Im gonna go sit with them.” she tells me and before I can protest she is up and walking towards them, I stand and watch as she disturbs their moment and squishes between the two woman, her arms wrapped around both their shoulders as she says something, the woman look at her amused, I know she is saying something stupid because of the intoxicating alcohol in her blood and I make my way over to them, the two woman laughing as Ellen says something and I think it was at my expense, I stand in front of them and they all look towards me, Ellen’s eyes cloudy from the alcohol.

“Sorry lady’s but may I steal my girlfriend back?” I out stretch my hand to Ellen and she takes it, saying goodbye to the amused woman before I guide her back up the stairs to sit back at the table with the boys. As the boy’s speck to Ellen, she is interested in other things, my jacket slipped up her arms as she plays with the sleeves that hang over her hands, whenever they try and start a conversation with her we end up laughing, she has no idea what is going on at the moment. I told her no more alcohol and when she protested Liam went to feel an empty bottle with water, she hasn’t noticed yet that it isn’t giving her a buzz but I don’t care, I don’t want her doing something stupid in her drunken state.

“Louis.” Ellen whispers, I look towards her and she is watching me.


“I need to go toilet.” She whispers again and I hear the boys stifle a laugh, her whispered words not really whispered.

“Come on.” I say holding my hand out, he stretches her arm in the air to get the sleeve up her arm before she takes me hand and stands up, we walk up to the house, her fingers fiddling with the white material of my button up shirt, I lead her to the bathroom and stand outside the door, when she had been in ther for a while I knock. “Ellen are you finished?” I knocked once more before opening the door, she was laying in the bath, a laugh falls from my lips as I step in, she passed out. I slip my arm under her arms and my other under the ben of her knees before lifting her, her body slumping in her unconscious state as I take her out of the bathroom, while I’m taking her up the stairs I wonder what made her get in the bath in the first place. I hold her against my body as I place her feet on the ground, pulling the doona back on the bed before picking her up once again and lying her down, I remove her heels placing them beside the bed before pulling the blanket over her body, a kiss is placed to her pouted lips before I leave the room, closing the door.

“Where’s Ellen?” Zayn asks as I make it back to the table.

“She passed out.” I tell them and they look amused, “She was lying in the bath.” Niall laughs loudly throwing his head back as the others stifle it, the night continues and when midnight hits fireworks are blown up, a lot of the guests left while only a few stayed, I grabbed the bag Ellen and I brang our clothes for tomorrow in from the car and went back up to the room to see Ellen had shifted to lay on her side, I stripped down to my briefs and got under the blanket, Ellen’s arms finding me as she shifts closer, her face buried in the crook of my neck, an arm wrapped over my stomach while she uses her other arm and hand to intertwine our fingers under the blanket.

Next morning

Ellen’s POV

I wake up to the sun beaming though the window, a pounding feeling in my head , Louis’ body is on top of mine, my fingers spread out over his warm back, the blanket at our waists, im still in my dress a mess of long straight hair tangled everywhere, I don’t remember most of last night, the last thing I do was dancing with some lady and talking to the DJ, I turn my head to the side to see Louis’ jacket beside us, the rest of his clothes nowhere in sight, I feel his body shift and his grip tighten on my waist. my fingertips run up and down his soft skin as I lie trapped under his body, his hot breath washing over my neck as I kiss his bare shoulders ever now and again, I feel him nuzzle into me and I know his awake, my left hand going up to massage the nape of his neck, a sigh leaving his mouth and is muffling against me skin as I continue.

“How are you feeling?” he asks, tickling the skin where my shoulder meets my neck.

“I have a headache.” I shrug, “I guess it is to be expected, I don’t remember a think I did last night.” he pushes himself up to be leaning on his forearms looking down at me.

“Four hours into the party I lost you, you went dancing or something, when I finally found you I took you away from the party so it was quieter and you admitted you thought the DJ was sexy and hot.” I laugh making him smile down at me before he continued, “You saw a lesbian couple kissing and decided it was a good idea to go and sit with them, they though it was amusing.” He shrugged, “Then I took you back up to the table the boys and when we tried talking to you, you were more interested in my jacket which was way too big for you. You continued to whine about me not letting you have anything more to drinks so Liam got an empty bottle and filled it with water.” he shrugged, “It satisfied you. Then around eleven o’clock you told me you needed to go to the toilet and when I took you, I waited outside the door and for some reason you got into the bath and that’s where you passed out.” as he tells me, the story my bottom lip is taken between my teeth.

“I was off my face.” I state and he nods.

“You were.” His lips press a kiss to mine, my fingers still moving against his neck.

“You didn’t undress me.” I state and he raises an eyebrow.

“Was I supost to?” I shrug and he smirks dipping his head and bighting my breasts though the fabric of my dress and bra, his fingers moving up to brush hair from my face, tangling it around his fingers as he watched me, “Did you want to go down for breakfast?” Louis asked and I nodded, he got out of the bed and headed towards a chair by one of the doors, bringing it towards the bed and sat down on the edge, I sat up and moved closer towards him, kissing his shoulders as his muscles moved when he unzipped the bag going through it. We had gotten dresses into clean clothes and underwear before brushing our teeth in the small on suite bathroom and headed down stair, Louis guiding me into a large dining room, the sun beaming though the windows as food is set out on the table, Louis hands me a plate and he puts things on both mine and his before we head out of the dining room and out the back where to party was held last night, we take a seat on to wooden lawn chairs before we started eating, there were a few people spread out around the backyard space, they must have also spent the night, soon we are joined by Liam who takes a seat on the ground in front of us, a plate on his lap as he eats as well, Louis had told me all the boys stayed over, he said that there were over fifteen spare bedrooms in the house, it didn’t really surprise me the house was huge. Louis had disappeared into the house to retrieve aspirin and orange juice.

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