Before I Met You, Louis Tomlinson.

Seventeen year old writer, Ellen Aprils is displayed affection in a new light, but her dreadful past forces her to push it to the back of her mind and tell herself the feels aren’t there. Ellen keeps a journal and is told from a young age to keep her emotions together by putting her feelings on paper, before Louis came along she didn’t know what love and heart break was. The young writer leaving her family, friends and first love in Australia to join a school in London to progress a future in writing. She starts her life and thinks she has Louis place behind her but it’s when she heads to a party with her neighbour, Liam that her and Louis are reunited, she experiences things like non other after Louis and her pursue there once dead end relationship.


20. 20

Week later

Ellen’s POV

“What are you doing?” I look towards Louis who is lying on my bed flicking though channels, he doesn’t reply just looks at me and shakes the remote, “I thought we were going to leave.” He shrugged causing me to laugh, I made my way towards my bed and climbing in beside him, he wrapped an arm around me as I leaned my head against his chest. “What are we watching?”

“A movie.” I look up at him amused.

“What movie?” he shrugs and turns the volume up, we were supposed to be going to get something for lunch but obviously not, my parents and brother had let a few house ago and went to my aunty’s, Louis came over this morning with no real intentions but I guess we are staying here, I looked up pizza hut on my phone as the movie started and ordered a pizza to be delivered, turns out ‘Now You See Me’ was playing, I curl into his side and watch the movie on the TV mounted to my bedroom wall, soon the pizza arrived, I payed the guy and brang it into my room, we eat on the bed while watching the movie. “Are we going to do anything?” I asked and he just looked down at me before crashing his lips to mine and pushing me back on the bed, I turn my face to the side and raise my hands to stop him but he showers my face in kisses. “Louis!” I laugh, “Stop!” her grips my wrists and straddles my waist. My hands pined beside my head as he looks down at me.

“This is something.” He says and bights the skin of my neck.

“Yeah but were still at my house. Let’s go somewhere.” He pulls away looking down at me again.

“Like?” I shrug; he kisses my lips again, “This will do.” he connects our lips and I wriggle my wrists from his grip and tangle my fingers in his hair, his tongue slides along my bottom lip asking for entrance but I push him off me, I trade his position and am now straddling his hips, I push my glasses further up my nose and beaned to kiss his lips, his arms wrap around my body while my hands hold his shoulders, he sits up with me still straddling him and starts kissing my neck.

“Let’s go do something.” I say against his lips, he doesn’t care to brake the kiss, holding my body close to his, “Please?” he bights my jaw and I pull away looking down at him, I smile and peck his lips before getting off him, “Let’s go.” I say as I slip my toms on, he gets up and slips his shoes on as well and follows me out the door, I walk into the lounge room and towards the front door.

“So where are we going?” I shrug, he closed the door behind himself and I lock it, we go down to Louis’ car and hop in before pulling away from the gutter. “You’re the Australian, you tell me where to go.” I put on a fake thinking face.

“Let’s go bowling.” I suggest and he agrees, once we arrive we get a lane and rent a pair of shoes each, Louis bowled first and only hit the nine, six and ten, on the first try, his second rolled into the gutter, he walked back as I stood up for my turn, I grab a seven kilo ball, “Should I ask them to put the rails up so you keep it in the ally?” I joke and he raises and eye brow at me.

“Sorry I don’t go bowling very often.” I smile and walk towards the ally where I roll my first ball, knocking out one, six, three, five, nine and ten on my first role, I retrieved my ball and took my second shot getting all of them but seven. It was Louis’ turn again and he got a strike, rubbing it in my face as I got up and got a spear, the game went on and on, both of us stealing kisses, rubbing our score in each other’s face, and just having a good time, I have to remember to do this again with the girls, Jack and Raymond as a triple date before I leave for the Uk, soon the game is over and Louis had won thanks to my “clumsy” roles. We went to the games part of the place, Louis putting some money on a game card as we either took turns playing something or made it a competition, once it was around six thirty Louis and I made our way towards the counter to collect what we could with the points we had made. We did so crap from sabotaging one another’s turns that we could only get a small key ring, Louis gave it to me receiving a kiss as thanks and we left. On the car ride back to my house I fiddled with the elephant on the key ring. “Do you like elephants?” he asked and I nodded.

“Very much, yes.” He pulls up outside my house and gets out to walk me to the door, we kiss goodnight before I head in and he goes back down to his car, I greet my family and show my mum the key ring Louis and I won before heading to my room, I had quite a lot of my things packed and ready to be flown to London and to my apartment, where it will wait for me to get there and unpack it.

Next day

I had woken up around eight and not been able to go back to sleep, I plugged my earphone in knowing they were quit loud as I packed boxes with my clothes, I had heard back from the school, I was to be there at the start of the second week in October, I haven’t yet told anyone, not even my mum, all the stuff was supost to be packed and taken to the postage place by early next month, I know im going to be going without a lot of things while I wait for the time I need to head over there but I guess I can live with little for a month, I feel my ear phone be pulled out and I look around to see Louis.

“Are you lonesome tonight?” he ask and I laugh, knowing his refusing to the song playing, ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ by Elvis.

“Not anymore.” I reply, he bends and kisses my lips, “Morning.”

“Good morning.” He replies and sits beside the box I had been packing my clothes into on the ottoman in the middle of my wardrobe, “Packing?” I nod folding yet another shirt and placing it in the box.

“Two months.” I tell him.

“Exactly two mouths?” he asks curiously and I nod, “You heard back?” I nod, “Do the girls know?” I shake my head as I turn back to pull another shirt off the hanger, “When will you tell them?” I shrug.

“Soon, I just.” I shrug, “I guess I don’t know how.” I look towards him and he smiles.

“You can do a lot in two months.” He says softly and I nod.

“I know, just its so soon.” He stands and wraps his arms around me, I do the same to him and he pecks my lips, his chin resting on the top on my head as we stand there, my music still playing in one ear and im sure Louis can faintly hear it because his humming it softly.

Five days later

Louis and I were going out to see a movie, I slipped into a pair of ripped jeans and a black singlet button up along with a pair of black Vans, I left my hair out as I grabbed my phone and left my room going into the lounge room to wait, soon he arrived and we were on our way to the movies, Louis’ phone buzzed and he handed it to me so I could check the massage.

“There’s a party, we should go after the movie.” I say reading the text from a number Louis didn’t have in his phone, my phone buzzed shortly after with the same text.

“Where is it?” he asked as we pull up to a set of traffic lights, turning my phone to him, he reads it quickly. “Holy shit.” The lights change and he does an illegal U-turn.

“What’s wrong?” his eyes flicking from the speedo to the road, “Louis.” I press the power button on the phones and hold them in one hand as I look at him.

“That’s Harry’s aunty’s address.” My mouth falls agape.

“No shit.” He turns to me and nods before looking back to the road.

“She left yesterday for the weekend, she isn’t getting back till Sunday night, plenty of time for Harry to clean up the mess.” I shake my head.

“Party’s around here normally end with the cops, well all the ones I’ve been to.” Not even five minutes later we pull into a extremely busy street, teens all over the place and lawns all the way up the rode littered with beer cans and bottles, Louis parks across a drive way and we both get out, he takes my hand and we trail into a house pumping music, people all over the yard, the house is packed and Louis and I are each other’s arm length apart as we push through all the bodies, Louis walking my though the whole house until he lets me go, I see him walk towards Harry and drag him into a room, I quickly get to the door though the sweaty crowd that I wouldn’t mind doing in any other situation, being offered drinks but refusing, I finally get into the room and Louis is yelling at Harry.

“Go take your bitch out, leave me to the fun, won’t you Lou.” Harry shouts back, they haven’t noticed my entry.

“She’s not a bitch, Harry, you’re just mad she pick me over you and if you weren’t drunk right now I would probably punch you in the fucking face!” my eyes widen at his words, I have never heard him be so aggressive, Harry lifts a beer bottle to his lips and takes a sip, Louis smack the glass from his hands letting it smash on the floor.

“Get these people out of your aunty’s house, she let us stay here with good intentions, we didn’t pay her shit for this Harry and this is how you repay her.”

“The house will be back to normal by the time she gets back.” Harry says coolly.

“Yeah after you beg me for help and I give in like I always fucking do Harry. Get all these fucking idiots out of the house!” Louis demands, I leave the room and head out front with a struggle, I walk around the side of the house and thank god June hasn’t padlocked her power box, I reach in my pocket getting out my phone and turning on the flash light using an app, shining it on the control panel and shutting the house’s main switch off, I hear screams and soon im joined around the side by Harry and Louis along with a few curious guests, Louis smiles at me and Harry try’s getting to the box.

“Harry, listen to Louis, this isn’t your house. You don’t deserve to destroy it.”

“Shut the fuck and get out of my way, bitch.” My eyes widen at his words I look towards Louis who is about to say something but my fist connects with Harrys face before I can think about what I have done. “What the fuck!” Harry looks at me with angry, now dark green eyes, I hit him again.

“Never call me a bitch again, bitch.” I upper cut him in the stomach causing him to double over in pain, “And if you won’t stop this party, I fucking will.” I knee him in the right shoulder, not knowing if the crack was me braking it or not I walk away leaving Louis in shock, I instantly regret swearing but not my actions, I head into the now emptying house and tell everyone the party’s over, I go through all the rooms and get everyone out, the back yard and then back to the front yard to make sure everyone has left, the street now clear I can see the messy all over the road and other peoples lawns and houses.

“Ellen I think you broke his shoulder.” Louis says as he come towards me, I look at Harry who is lying on the floor clutching his shoulder, I frown.

“Im sure I did, ah.” I close my eyes for a second, “I know it’s not your mess but start cleaning up, I’ll take him to the hospital.” Louis shakes his head.

“I’ll come, I can clean it in the morning.” I wrap my arms around his neck startling him, he holds my waist.

“Im sorry.” I almost whisper, he pulls away looking at me.

“For what?” I look towards Harry then back toward him.

“For swearing.” A light laugh sounds from his lips and he kisses me.

“You don’t need to apologise for that.” I kiss him again before we pull away, Louis goes towards the house locking the door.

“Can someone get me up!” harry almost yells, I walk towards him.

“Don’t yell at us Harry or you can get yourself to the hospital.” We help him up and get him to Louis’ car, I sit in the front and as we drive towards the hospital the street lights fill the car with light ever few meters giving me a clear view of my hand, dry blood is on my knuckles and fingers, I turn in my seat to see Harry in the back.

“Your nose is bleeding.” I state.

“I wonder fucking why.”

“Don’t swear at me.” I say and turn back around in his seat. “What are we going to say when we get to the hospital?” I ask Louis but Harry answers instead.

“We are going to tell them that my brothers crazy girlfriend bashed my and brock my shoulder.” I smile and turn in my seat.

“Two things, I am not afraid to do it again and do you really want to go around telling people you got beat up by a girl.”

“A girl,” he snorts, “Hardly.” Louis looks at me and in no time I have turned fully around and punched him square in the face. “I really fucking hate you.” He tells me and I laugh.

“Really? I heard you quite liked me, Im the one that hates you.”

“Are you hurt?” Louis asks as we pull up to the hospital obviously getting a look at my hands, I shrug.

“I don’t think so, I think it’s his blood.” He almost smiles at me.

“Go find a bathroom, I’ll tell them a story about what happen and text you.” I nod and hand Louis back his phone that I still had in my pocket, I kiss his lips once earning a snide comment from Harry and we went into the hospital, me finding a bathroom and them going to the emergency desk.

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