Before I Met You, Louis Tomlinson.

Seventeen year old writer, Ellen Aprils is displayed affection in a new light, but her dreadful past forces her to push it to the back of her mind and tell herself the feels aren’t there. Ellen keeps a journal and is told from a young age to keep her emotions together by putting her feelings on paper, before Louis came along she didn’t know what love and heart break was. The young writer leaving her family, friends and first love in Australia to join a school in London to progress a future in writing. She starts her life and thinks she has Louis place behind her but it’s when she heads to a party with her neighbour, Liam that her and Louis are reunited, she experiences things like non other after Louis and her pursue there once dead end relationship.


10. 10

Ellen’s POV

I went into my wardrobe to change while Louis was up talking to my brother, I slipped into a pair of tights, a singlet and converses before making my way back into my bedroom where Tegan is lied on the lounge.

“Im gonna go get the girls now, I’ll be back in an hour.”

I made my way out of my room after a short convocation with Tegan and went upstairs, I opened Joshes door and both boys look at me.

“Hey, im going did you want to come with?” I asked Louis, he nodded and got up saying bye to my brother. “Did you want anything while im gone?” I asked Josh, he shrugged.

“I’ll probably stop at Maccas, I’ll get you something.” he nodded.

“Thank you.” I smiled at him and closed the door.

“He’s pretty cool.” Louis says as we make our way down the stairs, I laugh as I grab my things and head out the door.

“You think so?” he nodded, “Im glad.” We both get in my car and are soon on the road, I pull out of the suburb and onto the freeway going towards the city.

“Where do they live?” Louis asked looking out the windshield.

“Ah, I don’t know the suburb I just know the way.” I laugh, “close to the city.”

“Why don’t you wear the glasses all the time?” I look towards him for a moment then back at the road ahead.

“I don’t like them.” I admit, he runs his finger over the side.

“I do, there cute.” I laugh taking a glimpse at him.

“Im not going for the look of cute.”

“Than what are you going for?” I shrug.

“Can we just change the subject from me, please.” He sighs but doesn’t continue, it isn’t two long thanks to light traffic that we pull up out the front of my family’s house, Louis and I take to the stairs out the front, I knock once before walling in. “Im here!” I call and my younger cousin comes running around the corner and straight to me, I bend slightly scooping her into my arms, she kisses and hugs me before I put her down and she starts to drag me along towards the kitchen, Louis follows.

“Hey guys.” I greet as im stood in the doorway, they greet me back then my other little cousin comes to hug me.

“Hi” she says up at Louis he greets her back.

“This is Louis everyone.” My Aunty turns to greet him, the same with my uncle.

“You’re big.” Estelle my youngest cousin states pointing up at him, we all laugh.

“Hi, I’m Denny, nice to meet you.” She smiles.

“Joe.” My uncle shakes his hand. “Girls go get your bags.” He calls to the girls as he goes onto the back room.

“Have they packed there swimmers?” I asked as I stand against the counter, my aunty nods.

“Yeah but they’re gonna need towels.” I nod.

“That’s okay.”

“Are you sure your right with all the younger ones?” My uncle asks joining us again.

“Yeah, I think Tegan’s staying over, im not sure and Soap will probably be in his room all night.” they agreed, Louis stood quietly by me as we wait for the girls to be ready, Estelle drags her bag across the floor towards me.

“Im ready.” she states and I laugh picking up her bag.

“This is probably as heavy as you, munchkin.” He shrugs and wonders off, Sofia joins us shortly after and I take her bag as well. My aunty and uncle follow us out and to the car where to placed there bags in the boot.

“We will see you when you get back.” I smile and we say goodbye, the girls already strapped into the back of the car when Louis and I get in the front, I start the car and drive up the street beeping at my family that are waving. Estelle plugs her IPod into the car and she became the DJ for the ride.

“Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?” Sofia asks, I look at Louis who’s looking at me before I reply.


“Do you like each other?” she asks, I reach for the volume and turn it up.

“Let’s just listen to music.” I say and the ride I quiet apart from the music.


Louis’ POV

“Cannon ball!” Tegan shouts as she bombs into the water, Ellen’s youngest cousin was jumping in and out of the shallow end of the pool while the others muck around in the deeper side.

“Stop!” Ellen shouts, “Stop!” she laughs before going under the water to get away from her brother, cousin and Tegan splashing her, she climbed out using the steps and jumped back in, almost on top of her friend who goes under with her laughing. She wore a frilly bikini that has different pattern were printed on it, and plan black bottoms, her friend the same but different colour, I never pictured Ellen as a bikini type of girl, I never pictured her as someone that would cleans the house in a bra either, she surprises me all the time, it seems.

“Louis, come in.” Tegan calls to me as I dangle my feet in the water.

“Yeah, I’ll throw your clothes in the drier later.” Ellen says as they all look at me, I shrug and pull my shirt over my head throwing it to the side and lowering myself in, it was nice to be in the cool water, the hot air not so welcoming. “Better?” Ellen asks and I nod going towards them, we muck around with some of the pool toys for a while until I find myself piggie backing Ellen to the shallow end of the water while she has a splashing war with Tegan, her skin so soft as she wraps her legs around my waist, her ankles linking over my stomach, one arm wrapped around my front as she splashes back with the other, my hands grip her thighs as I trudge her away from the splashing.


Everyone was sitting around the table outside, pizza in the middle of the table, no one got changed from their swimmers as night fell the younger ones getting in and out as they please, Tegan, Ellen and I talking.

“So where are you staying?” Ellen asked before taking a bight out of a slice of pizza.

“With Harry’s aunty.”

“Is that the lady who was at the restaurant with you guys the other day?” I nodded.

“Harry is so hot.” Tegan said dreamily, Ellen and I looked towards the blonde and it was as if she snapped out of her thoughts. “Sorry.” She blushes and Ellen laughs.

“Does anyone want a drink?” Ellen hops up, Tegan tells her what she wants and I do the same but follow her into the house, down the hall into the kitchen, “Todays been really fun.” She states as she goes to the fridge, I agreed and she placed a bottle of coke and lemonade on the bench, reaching up into a cupboard to get three glasses, “Are you staying?”

“What, the night?” she nodded as she poured the drinks.

“You don’t have to I just though…” she shrugged.

“Yeah, I’ll stay.” I smile, she placed the drinks in the fridge before passing me a cup, she takes the other two and heads out the back, a while of talking passed before Ellen called the younger ones in telling them it was time to get ready for bed, she took them upstairs while Tegan and I sat around with Ellen’s little brother.

“I’ll get it.” Josh said as there was a knock at the door, “Tegan, your brothers here.” Josh shouted, Tegan got up, wrapping her towel around herself and made her way into the house after saying bye to me.

“Ellen!” I hear her call. “I’m going home, I’ve got to go out in the morning.” I didn’t hear Ellen’s reply but the door clicked shut and Josh appeared again, I stood up and started staking the empty pizza boxers and Josh grabbed the cups before we headed inside, when I see Ellen come down the stairs she’s no longer in her bikini but pajamas.

“Soap, bed come on.” She said to Josh and he goes up stairs a moment later, “Are you going to let anyone know you’re staying here?” Ellen asked, I know if I tell Harry he will show up so I can’t tell anyone pretty much, I shake my head in response. She turns a whole heap of lights off before she motions for me to follow her, she turns the lamp on the right side of the bed before turning the ceiling light off and climbs in the bed. “You going to stand there or come sleep?” I step towards the big bed and get under the covers beside her, she smiles at me before reaching up and turning the only sauce of light out and the house falls into silence and darkness. “Goodnight, Louis.” her soft voice sounds as she rolls onto her side.

“Goodnight, Ellen.” I replied and get comfortable in her bed before closing my eyes.

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