Before I Met You, Louis Tomlinson.

Seventeen year old writer, Ellen Aprils is displayed affection in a new light, but her dreadful past forces her to push it to the back of her mind and tell herself the feels aren’t there. Ellen keeps a journal and is told from a young age to keep her emotions together by putting her feelings on paper, before Louis came along she didn’t know what love and heart break was. The young writer leaving her family, friends and first love in Australia to join a school in London to progress a future in writing. She starts her life and thinks she has Louis place behind her but it’s when she heads to a party with her neighbour, Liam that her and Louis are reunited, she experiences things like non other after Louis and her pursue there once dead end relationship.


1. 1

Ellen’s POV

“Why didn’t you take your car to school?” My mum asks as I walk into the house.

“I needed the petrol to get to work. And I lost my wallet.” I say as I jog up the stairs.

“Lost is where?”

“I don’t know, in my room somewhere.” I say as I stick my head in my brothers room, “Fifteen till we’re leaving, Soap.” I call and go back down stairs and into my room, I strip out of my school uniform and into my work clothes, I have another look for my wallet but it’s no use I have no idea where I’ve left it, I head back out to the lounge room with a hair brush and pass it to my mum. “Can you braid it?” I smile at her and she just looks up at me.

“Do it yourself.”

“But I can’t be bothered.” She snatched the brush from my hands and points to the floor in front of her which I gladly take, she starts to brush out my hair then braid it.

“Where are you taking Soap?” she asked as she tied the end of my hair.

“To Matts, his mum is dropping him back after training.” I reply and jump up from the floor looking back at her. “Mummy, you know how you love me so much?” she looks at me blankly and I let out a light laugh. “Can I borrow fifty bucks? I need petrol.”

“You say borrow but you’re not going to give it back.” she says amused and I smile innocently at her, “Go get the money.”

“Thank you.” I turn on my heel and go into the kitchen where my mum’s bag is, I grab out fifty dollars before running back into my room and grabbing my shoes, “Come on Soap, let’s go!” I call as I slip into them, “I’ll see you later, mum.” I tell her as I step out of the house, Soap follows after me and we jump into my car. “Where’s your training gear?”

“Crap.” He jumps out of the car bare foot and runs back into the house, I sit in my black Suzuki Swift sport and wait for him to exit the house again.

“Okay, ready.” he says getting back in the car, I pull out of the drive way and make my way up the street.

“I’ve just gotta stop at the servo.” I say and not even a minute later I pull into the BP, I jump out and start to fill the car up, “Hey Soap if you pay I’ll let you get a chocolate or something.

“Can I get two?” he asked and I nodded, he jumped out of the car as I started to watch the numbers rise, thirty seven, thirty eight, I stop it right on fought and pull the hose out of my car placing it back on the pump.

“Get me a curly wurley.” I say as I give him the fifty dollar note, “Pump seven.” I say and he jogs towards the servo shop, I get back in my car, starting the music and in no time Josh is back and we start heading towards his friend’s house.

“So Matts mum is dropping you home after soccer?” I look towards Josh as we pull into his friends street and he nods, when I pull up to his house Josh jumps out and heads to the door, “Soap, your bag!” I call and he quickly runs back.

“See ya.”

“Bye.” I smile at him and watch as he enters the house, I drive to work and park in the staff spot, I head into the restaurant and down the back where I meet the other waitresses that are getting ready for their shifts, there talking about their boyfriends and I just throw my bag in the corner and wrap an apron around my waist in silence, I slip an order pad in my apron pocket along with a pen and walk out going to the front of the restaurant where there are waiters taking customers to their tables. The door is pulled open as I have my head down writing a note for the other waitresses, I look up and a familiar guy stands in front of me with an older lady, maybe in her mid-thirty’s.

“Table for two?” I ask with a smile and the two nod, I grab two menus and step out from behind the desk, “Right this way, please.” I smile and started walking to my section, I place the menus down as they sit, “I’m Ellen, I’ll be your waiter today, can I start you off with any drinks?” I ask politely looking at the two, the boy is observing me trying to place were he knows me from, typical.

“I’ll have a coke.” The lady says politely.

“Yeah, me too.” His British accent not so polite, I nod in acknowledgment meant and back away heading towards the bar, I go in behind and fill two tall glasses with coke before placing them on a round tray and making my way back to the table.

“Your drinks.” I place two coasters down then set the drinks on top, “Are you ready to order or do you need more time?” I ask looking back and forth at the two, it must be a relative of some sought because she’s Australian and his not.

“Yes, thank you.” She smiles, I’ll have the stake with chips.” I scribble it down on my note pad then look towards Harry.

“And I’ll have a beef burger.”

“Any sides?” I ask politely.

“If I wanted sides I would have asked.” I take a deep breath in before mumbling an.

“Okay.” I put a smile back on my face, more fake this time, “I’ll be out with your order shortly.” I head towards the kitchen, slipping my order paper on the clip by the cooks and heading back out and to the front, I take a few others to their tables, groups, couples, single older people and feel a buzz on my leg, from my apron telling me one of my tables orders are up, I head back to the kitchen retrieving two plates and take a deep breath as I step out going towards Harry table.

“One stake and chips.” I place the ladies plate in front of her, “And a beef burger on its own.”

“You go to Frances high, right?” Harry asks just before I was to leave, I nod slowly.

“Yes, I do, we have a few classes together.” I pause and look from the lady to Harry, “Enjoy your meal and if you require anything further just wave me down.” I smile and leave feeling the buzz on my leg again. The night went by slowly, having only a few difficult customers and Harry was one of them, just like he is in class with his smart arse comments, I can’t complain I in most classes say things others don’t like but I don’t point them at others like that shit head does. My shift finally ended, I went back to the staff room and put my apron back, collecting my bag and heading out of the restaurant and to my car, I got home about ten minutes later and greeted my parents in the lounge room, I flopped down onto my bed and whipped my phone out of my bag to find a missed call from Claudia, I called her back and she just asked if I was driving to school tomorrow, I told her I was because I had enough petrol and I would pick her up at the normal time, after the phone call I jumped in the shower and slipped into my pajamas before going to bed.

Next morning

I woke up at seven o’clock like every morning, using the bathroom then waking my brother, I stepped into my wardrobe, slipping my PJs off and fresh underwear on before my school uniform, I slipped my not so green converses on and throw my hair up into a pony tail gently placing my contacts in and made my way into the kitchen, fixing me and my bother breakfast, there was a knock at the door and at that point I realised I forgot to unlock it, I trudged to the front of the house and opened the door for my best friend Tegan, she came in dipping into the lounge as I finished up making breakfast, I offered her something like I do every morning and she refused like every morning. I sat on the lounge and eat before grabbing my bag from the cupboard under the stairs and took it into the lounge room where Tegan sat.

“Come on Josh your foods getting cold.” I called out up the stairs and went back to my room, “Seriously?” I mumbled under my breath, my purse sat on my bedside table, I picked it up and took that and my USB out to the lounge room.

“You found it.” I nodded.

“Let’s move it Soap!” I shout and he jogs down the stair before he can make it all the way Tegan yells out.

“Bag!” He trudges back up then down again this time with his bag. “You should be the one with the room down stairs, buddy.” Tegan teases and he frowns going into the kitchen and grabbing his breakfast.

“Did you make my lunch?” I shook my head holding up ten dollars which he took with a smirk.

“Let’s go hoes, I gotta pick Claudia up.” We head out of the house, I locked up and we got in my car, I picked Claudia up from her house down the road and we headed towards Joshes school. “Don’t tell mum I gave you money.” I said before he closed the door.

“My lips are sealed.” I smiled and he waved before heading off into school.

“Guess who showed up at my work yesterday.” I said as we pulled up into the schools car park.

“Who?” Tegan asked, both the girls looking at me.

“Your British husband.” I laughed and both of them gaped at me, I got out of the car.

“And what happen?” they said at the same time.

“He was a prick and his lucky I didn’t spit in his burger. Let me rephrase that, his burger with no sides.” I mocked in a shit British accent. “What do you see in that dumb arse anyway.”

“One, his hot.” Tegan says.

“Two, His British.” Claudia.

“And Three, HIS HOT!” they both shout at me and I shrug heading into the school.

“I admit his hot but personality is always better then looks.” They roll their eyes at me. “And speaking of the devil.” I say as I see him approaching with a few friends.

“Thanks for the dinner Ellen, it was great.” He says dramatically licking his lips and rubbing his stomach on his way past.

“I’ll make a note of it, you like spit on your burgers.” He winked at me over his shoulder and continued walking down the hall. “God I hate him!” I groan and my friend just watch him walk away. “I’ll see you later, I’ve gotta follow the dick to class.” I say as the bell rings.

“Lucky.” They both say and I roll my eyes as we say a quick goodbye and we embrace each other in a quick hug before I make my way in the direction Harry went.

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