My name's Eleanor Calder, you may know me as Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. This is the story, my story on how I was murdered and literally stabbed in the back. My advice? Keep distance within friends, family, and especially strangers

(Really R but couldn't set it)


12. chapter 9

Back At The Apartment

Eleanor's P.O.V

The rest of the night at TGI Friday's we spent talking about our love lives and what we would like to do in the future. But Hannah continued to text Louis which kind of pissed me off, because he's my boyfriend right. I checked my phone constantly as I walked into my room. I walked in and threw my phone on my bed. I looked around and sighed, it's been a while since I been in my own room. I walked to the closet to hang up my clothes when all of a sudden I saw it. A red coat, chills ran down my back. I looked back to see no one in sight, must mean that they're both in their rooms. I quickly put my hand in the pockets of the velvet red coat.

"Looking for something..?" Nelly asked

I jumped with surprise, my heart thumping, "No just hanging up my jacket" I said shaking my black coat.

She walked closer " Oh, this. Hannah and I got these red coats at a sale" she said smiling.

"Oh" I said hanging the hanger up, I didn't see the other one. She nodded and grabbed the red coat and put it on.

"I'm gonna head to Noddles to get us something for dinner, you can't go to sleep with just alcohol in your system..right" she said opening the door.

"Right unless you're a drunk of course" I said laughing and staring at her in the velvet red coat. She nodded and walked out locking the apartment door. What the fuck was that... I looked back down the hallway, Hannah was probably texting Louis. I slid my hand in the pockets of the other red coat and drew my hands out. Carmel candy, gum and hair clips filled my hands. I sighed, damn. I looked back at the door and took off my flats and tip toed into Nelly's room. I left the door open for easy access to leave. Okay El, where should you look first, my eyes went straight to the dresser. I opened it searching through nick knacks, hopefully finding a mask or even the black heels. I opened her dresser and there were tons of black heels. But the ones red coat wore were shinny. And there they lie in her closet next to her pink toe flats. My heart jumped, stay calm El all girls have a pair of black pumps. I closed the closet gently making no noise. I tip toed over to the dresser and jumped. Shit El you're going to get caught. I took a breath and studied the black gloves. So she had black gloves, a red coat and black shinny heels. I looked at the picture of me and her smiling, it was the picture we took at my aunt's beach house back in 2010. It was fun but Nel's head was turned to me, I was a little big back then to be honest. I sighed and walked quickly out the room and into the hallway.

"Gotcha!" I jumped and turned around to be sprayed with string spray all over me. I laughed in relief that she didn't see me walk out of Nelly's room.

"Seriously!?" I said taking the soft string like substance out of my hair.

"Louis said he wants to invite us down to a bonfire tomorrow, if that's alright" she said looking at her phone which she had in her other hand.

"Yeah, of course" I said smiling back at her.

Twelve Minutes Later

Eleanor's P.O.V

I took a fork full of noodles with chicken and had a bite of my eggroll.

"So what are you guys gonna were tomorrow loves" Nelly asked her mouth full

"I don't know yet" I said chewing my food

"I think I'm gonna where something sexy and risky for Zayn" Hannah said sipping her drink

"Oh Lord..." Nelly said shaking her head

Hannah rolled her eyes, "what if Perrie is there?" Nelly asked stuffing a sweet and sour chicken into her mouth

Hannah shrugged "I don't know..I don't care. I want to spend a night with Zayn not be with him forever...she can do that" she replied before burping

"Ewww yuck" Nelly said

"Gross dude" I said half laughing and covered my nose.

"I'm gonna go take a shower guys" I said getting up and covering my take-out.

Four Minutes Later

Eleanor's P.O.V

I rinsed off and let the warm steamy water hit my skin and trickle off. I grabbed the shampoo and closed my eyes. What if red coat was in the bathroom and was about to kill me? I opened my eyes quickly despite the shampoo. My eyes burned and sting, damnit it Eleanor. I washed my eyes repeatedly desperate to get the shampoo out of my orbs. I got out changed into my pajamas and went into my room. I sighed and opened up my laptop a couple seconds after I get a Skype invitation to chat with Louis, I smiled and accepted.

"Hey babe" I said laying on my stomach on the bed

"I miss you love" he said looking into the screen

"I miss you too"

"Is your head alright?" I asked looking at his head on the screen

"Yeah just a little scratch nothing major" he said putting his hand on his head

"Did Hannah tell you about the bonfire?"

"Yeah she did, we can make it" I said smiling

"Take off your shirt"

"What..." I looked at him and made a face

" I said take off your shirt" he smirked

"No..." I said blushing, he's always a joker

"Whatever" he said putting his hand up

"I just wanted to say goodnight and that I love you and can't wait to see you tomorrow..." he said genuinely, his voice calm, eyes were twinkling blue and he was in his pajamas also.

"I love you too and I can't wait to see you tomorrow either"

"What did you have for dinner?" he asked

"Chinese" I said licking my lips

"Eleanor you're going to be a fat ass if you don't stop eating like Niall" he teased

I giggled "Oh you" I said looking back at him

"Where something sexy tomorrow...maybe even slutty" he said looking to the side, probably one of his band members where in the room.

I shrugged "Alright.."

"Zayn said hey" he said returning his attention to me, my heart jumped.

"Hi Zayn..." I said a little louder than before

"Hey" he said casually, he must have been sitting on the couch or something.

"I even told Hannah to wear something slutty"

"Why would you do that?"

"Because... I want to" he said laughing

"Alright whatever babe" I said rolling my eyes

"I've got to go, I love you."

"I love you too" I said quietly


"Goodnight." he clicked out of the chat and my wallpaper popped up. It was a picture of Louis and I of course. I smiled and closed my laptop and put it on my bed side table. I got up to locked my bedroom door just in case and got into bed. I sigh and tried pulling the covers up and accidentally punched myself in the face. "Shit!" I said rubbing my nose...what the hell. I laughed a little and pulled up the covers once more and layed on my left side facing my window and looked at the stars. Red coat can take away Louis' car, my freedom and everything else. But the one thing she won't be able to take away is Louis and our love for each other. My eyes got droopy and I fell asleep, there in my bedroom.

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