My name's Eleanor Calder, you may know me as Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. This is the story, my story on how I was murdered and literally stabbed in the back. My advice? Keep distance within friends, family, and especially strangers

(Really R but couldn't set it)


18. chapter 14

Chapter 24

Eleanor P.O.V

I walked into Hollister co. and saw Julian looking at the tags of 'hotties' jeans that must have arrived this morning because I've been told we were going to get them soon but never seen them.

"Hey Jullie" I said skipping towards her handing her the Starbuck to-go back She looked at me with a questionable expression but took the bag,

"Hey El, how are things?" she asked me putting the back on the counter.

"That's for you and Nelly and things are going great so far today" I said smiling regardless of red coat. For some reason I'm feeling fearless from after what just happened.

"Oh, Nelly's on break and thank you that's so thoughtful of you" she smiled back at me her brown eyes lit up and smiled also. I guess Julian could have Hannah's since I don't know where the hell she is anyways.

"I'm gonna go now" I said walking towards the door smiling

"Alright love, have a nice day" Julian called back me

"You too" I said waving back, maybe I should get something sexy under my clothing...just for Louis of course. I started walking towards the other side of the mall until I saw a small booth that had a sign 'Infinity of the Heart' on top. I walked over and looked at the many antiques and accessories they booth held all over. "Looking for anything special?" the elder lady asked, she had white hair, dark blue eyes, thin lips and looked very fragile. Her hands shook while she placed a glass butterfly clip back on the rack. To be honest she looks absolutely cute, I smiled my sweetest smile looking into her deep blue eyes. "No, sadly" I said still smiling. I looked around there were animals, clothing, things that represented nature and sometimes just normal nick nacks like a small coca cola clothing pin. I looked back at the woman who sat in her stool. She closed her eyes and rocked side to side. What a woman.. To open her own little shop and come every morning here to sell such beautiful items is quite amazing. Then something blue caught my eye. I looked at it; it was a blue/silver moon hair clip. My finger tips went over the glass.


Eleanor's P.O.V

"Again, please" I begged holding onto her shirt.

"Okay, one more time" "Is the moon tired? She looks so pale Within her misty veil: She scales the sky from east to west, And takes no rest. Before the coming of the night The moon shows papery white; Before the dawning of the day She fades away." I smiled and hugged her, she hugged me back. Her brown silky hair fell down my back; she was warm as can be. I could even feel her heart beat through her chest.

-Flashback Ends-

I took the pin and tapped the woman lightly so that I wouldn't frighten her. "Miss..." I said quietly "I would like this" I finished my sentence when her eyes opened. She smiled "Good, oh...the moon" she said studying me with her eyes "this is a very special hair clip my dear, it belong to my great grandmother" she said her eyes smiled and looked in a far distant. She was probably a flashback. My heart jumped a little that I was taking away one of her family artifacts. But then again...She it selling it El. "Thank you, I'll be back" I said back at her "O-okay dear" her voice scratchy a bit. I smiled at the small brown bag I held with the clip inside. I walked into Victoria Secret and went looked at panties and bras. Maybe I should do leopard. I took the perfect size along with a bottle of great smelling perfume and a sexy silk, pink robe that stopped at my knees.

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