My name's Eleanor Calder, you may know me as Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. This is the story, my story on how I was murdered and literally stabbed in the back. My advice? Keep distance within friends, family, and especially strangers

(Really R but couldn't set it)


15. chapter 11

Next Morning

Eleanor's P.O.V

I woke up and sat straight in bed, my heart still beating from the terrible dream I had. I looked at the time and it was 7:37 am. I got out of and bed and opened my door looking down the hall. Damn El, thank god that was a dream. I tip toed down to the kitchen not to wake anyone. Where do they keep the knives...I looked through at least three cabinets before finding them. I took the knives and hid them in my closet in my Gucci purse Louis bought me. I breathed slowly and put on something casual to head down to Starbucks across the street. I looked at the door, hoping Nelly wouldn't appear and have history repeat itself. I grabbed my purse and headed out the door and locked it.

Ten Minutes Later

Eleanor's P.O.V

"Thank you." I said the Julie who worked at Starbucks for a while. We knew each other because I always,always go to Starbucks. Maybe I should stay here for a while just to clear my head before heading back to my apartment. I got my Iphone out of my pocket and went on searching through brand items.

"Eleanor? Is that you?" I looked up to see a young girl about my age with brunette hair, her eyes beamed with liveliness.

"Sorry,but do I know you." assuming she must be a fan or something.

"It's me. . .Ali." she said smiling.


Eleanor's P.O.V

"I'll miss you Ali." I said hugging my best friend, she was going to Ireland since her dad got a job there.

"Don't forget me." she said squeezing me tight. We let go and she blew me and kiss before turning her head that were full of blonde curls and heading into the plane. My heart dropped, there goes another friend. I sighed and turned around, head down walking to my mother.

-Flashback Ends-

Eleanor's P.O.V

"Oh Ali!" I said loudly getting up to hug her, "I missed you" I added. I sat back down and she grabbed a seat pulling it to the table I sat at.

"I missed you too." she said back.

"Carmel Mocha" Julie said loudly, Ali got up and received her drink apologizing for the wait. It was nice seeing an old friend again.

"So how are things?" she said ask me sipping her mocha.

"Great." I said smiling.

"I heard about you and Louis Tomlinson," she said raising her eyebrow.

"Yeah..we've been dating for about two years now. And we both love each other." I said back at her, I could feel my facing getting red.

Whenever I talk about Louis my face got red.

She then received a call "Excuse me." she said answering. I nodded at her giving her permission to take the call.

"Oh, shit mom I'm coming...God bye." she said hanging up her phone abruptly.

"My shitty mom needs me. Give me your number so I can call you to hang out sometime soon" she said smiling.

I gave her my number,"When did you become a brunette." I asked.

"When I went through a shitty break up" she said making a face and getting up. I gasped and half smiled.

"Talk to you later." she said loudly waving her hand and leaving the coffee shop.

I waved back at her and smiled watching her walk across the street to her car. I continued on looking a shoes and sighed. -New Message from LouBear- 'I miss you' I replied back 'I miss you too :)'

A/N HA you thought she was dead already got cha ;)

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