Paper Lyrics

It started with a sheet of paper lyrics. Written by five of the biggest idiots in the world.


2. Chapter 2

"But, Tori, it's like the biggest thing happening right now!"

I sighed heavily, telling my friend for the millionth time in a row that no, I was not interested in being part of the competition that she was mentioning.

But she was intent on making me change my mind.

Talk about persistent.

"No, Dani, for the last time, I am not joining the competition." I said, dragging my hand across my face. Just then, the bell rang, and I hurriedly got up, thanking the bell for saving me. But, however, I just had to bump into someone who decided to start up a conversation with me, clearly not seeing I was in a hurry to escape from my friend. 

"Sorry, love. Say, I've seen you around before, haven't I?" 

I looked up at the face of said person who I had just bumped into. Bluish-green eyes, swept back brown hair, a warm smile. I had seen him before.

His name was Louis, and he hung around with the popular guys at school. From what I had heard, he was a pretty nice guy, and seemed to be quite the funny one. 

I tried not to get too excited over the fact that he had noticed me before. 

"O-oh, you have?" I stuttered, mentally slapping myself for doing that in front of him. 

"Yeah. Wait- you're Tori Knightley, aren't you?" He said, suddenly remembering who I was.

I froze. He knew my name. He knew my name!

 I tried not to show my surprise on my face. "Yes, I am." 

"Oh, nice to meet you!" He chuckled, before patting my shoulder and saying, "Well, I'll see you around sometime." 

He left, leaving me surprised as to why he even knew my name.

Just then Dani came up to me, her face full of glee.

"Why are you so happy?" I questioned her, rather curious.

"Well....." She sang out.

That was when I knew something suspicious had happened. Dani only talks like that when she's done something especially bad. Something especially bad to me. 

"I may or may not have signed you up for the competition." She said quickly. 

I stared at her.

She was so dead. 

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