The Heartbreakers

In a land called Raelia lived the Heatbreakers. People that are sent to Earth to break hearts. The more hearts you break, the higher your ranking, and the higher your ranking, the more 'respected' you are. It's weird, but that's what that world is like.

One of the top Heartbreakers is called Zach Clayton. He was famously known as the 'Build and Tear'. Building the girls' hopes high and tearing them apart.

But when Zach meets Ashley, he feels this pull towards her. To him, she was different, and the last thing he wanted to do was to break her heart. But that was what he was supposed to do. When he finally figured out that he loves her, it meant one word. Chaos

Will he choose to break her heart or stay with her? Does he have a choice?

The description may not sound so good but please finish the story, it's got an extreme plot twist ending. Please read the story :)


20. Chapter Twenty

Ashey's POV

" So... as you all know, the school trip starts tomorrow. I'll give you all the schedule then. I expect all of you to be in your best behaviour for the next 5 days and if any one of you broke any of the rules, you'll be sent back home, no questions asked and no words said. Understand? " Mr Miller, our homeroom, said and glared at every single one of us.

There were some bored 'Yes's and 'Whatever's. It was a compulsory trip. We're going to the so called ' Hollow Woods ' to experience nature and to do some research on plants. We wouldn't go but there wasn't a choice.

Mr Miller continue blabbering about random stuff and the bell rang, signalling the next lesson. I got out of the classroom with Zach following close behind me.

" Hey. " he said and slung his arm around my waist. An action I was already used to.

" Sup. What're you having next? " I asked.

" Physics. You? "

" Biology. "

" Cool, let's go there together. " he said with a smile. The classrooms were in the same block so they were pretty close.

We got there after a few minutes and he stopped outside of my classroom. " Hey, you see, uhm... We need to live in tents during the trip and they said girls with girls, boys with boys. I think you might have some trouble there so I talked to Mr Miller. "

" " I asked curious of what he was about to say.

" I manage to persuade him using my charms... "

" Pfft. " I rolled my eyes.

" You can stay with me. "

" What! " My eyes widen in shock.

" Yupp. " he said and smirked.

" How did he allow it? " I gasped.

" I told you my charms. " he said with a wink. I just scoffed.

" No seriously. What did you do? Bring a knife to his neck? " Mr Miller was a very strict teacher, he wouldn't allow this kind of things. I dreaded the trip because I didn't have anyone to camp with. But now...well...

" How did you know! " he exclaimed.

" WHAT? " I said loudly in shock.

" Chill. Of course I didn't. I bribed him. " he said and smirked.

" No way. As if that would work. " I rolled my eyes but when he didn't say anything and looked at me seriously, I realized he wasn't joking. I raised my eyebrow.

" Seriously. " he said.

" How much? "

" A few thousands, Piece of cake. " he said like it was no big deal.

" You rich bastard. " I said playfully.

" Don't forget sexy, hot, awesome - "

" Oh shut up. " I said and got into the classroom, leaving him laughing from behind.

Well, I guess it wouldn't be that bad. It's not like I haven't slept with him before. Wait, that sounded so damn wrong. I shrugged and got into my seat.


" Have you got all your bags and belongings? " Ms Jane asked from the front of the bus.

When no students replied, she just sat back down. The bus was really noisy. The front was quiet as usual, the middle ones were talking to their friends and the back ones are shouting like crazy.

Zach was sitting on the other bus but Ryder was on mine, one of his jocks friends. He has brown hair and darker brown eyes. Standing at 6 foot and had a really sexy face. Of course, not as good as Zach's. What is wrong with me?

He sat next to me and said, " Hi, it's Ryder, remember? "

" Yeah, hi, nice to meet you. " I said softly.

" You excited? " he asked flashing a breath-taking smile.

" To be honest... No... Not really... " I shrugged.

" Trust me, none of us really are. " he said and chuckled. I smiled back. He was comfortable to talk to, nice and smiles a lot.

I put on my earphones and played some music. Closing my eyes slowly and fell asleep for the rest of the bus trip.

" Ashley? " I felt someone poke my shoulder with their finger and I jerked up. I opened my eyes and looked to my right and saw Ryder looking at me, smirking.

" Yeah? " I asked.

" We're here, " he said and gestured out of the window to my left. " You're very sensitive you know? "

" Whatever. " I said and looked out of the window. We were on a road and to our right and left were just dark, dense trees. The sky was sunny and we could hear birds chirping and singing on the outside.

Wow, I didn't know places like this still exists.

" Wake up people. Get out of the bus and get your bags from underneath the bus. " Ms Jane ordered. The chattering continued as we got off the bus and took out bags.

I looked behind and saw the other buses have already arrive too. We were asked to follow the other teacher in charge, Mr Finnegan and we entered the woods.

The air was so fresh and the trees shield the sun, making the place cool and less brighter. The birds were singing on the trees and there were some ruffles from the bushes, probably the small animals.

We got to a place deeper in the forest and were told to quickly put up our tents when the other students arrive. I spotted Zach and went to his side. " Hey. " I said and took the tent, helping him set up.

15 minutes later...

" No! It's this way! " Zach shouted.

" No! The instructions said like this! " I fought back.

" We've been following the instructions and that got us no where... " he said and raised his eyebrows.

" Do you know how to do this then? " I challenged.

" Yes I do, now will you just sit by the side and let me do the work? " he sighed, frustrated.

" Whatever. " I said and plopped own on the grass,sulking.

After around 5 minutes, I opened my mouth in shock as I look at the completed tent in front of us. " I told you I know how to do it. " he said and smirked proudly.

" Fine. " I said and just rolled my eyes, getting up. I took my bags and put them inside the tent. It was big in side actually, well, enough to put the bags and have place to sleep.

" Here. " Zach said and passed me his bag to put inside. We were given some resting time before dinner. Zach walked inside and sat on the floor. I already sat out some mats and pillows to sleep on.

" I need to change." I snapped at him.

" I don't mind. " he said and brought a some chips into his mouth and chewed.

" I do. " I said and gave him a warning look.

" Oh come on, it's not like I've never seen you naked before. Half, naked. " he said and wiggled his eyebrows.

" Get out now. " I said but he just sat there stubbornly and continue eating. I sighed in frustration and tried lifting him, which was a bad idea. He weight tonnes.

" Don't try baby doll. " he said with a smirk.

" Just get out please. " I said and sighed.

" Just change please. " he said and pouted, making me smile but I hid it.

" I hate you. " I said and turned around. Taking out a comfortable v-neck t shirt. I took off my wank top and suddenly, I heard the flap of the tent open and Cole walked it.

" Shit! " Zach said and went to my side, covering me.

" Ooops, sorry to disturb, I'll just... leave. " he said awkwardly and left. I quickly put on my shirt and sat back down.

" Sorry. " Zach said with a playful shrug.

" Very funny. I said and lied down and crawled into a bell, hugging my knees to my chest. I heard Zach lie back down and his hand snaked around me and manage to hug my waist. I relaxed my legs and straighten them.

We just lied there in silence and I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

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