Bad Michael

His name ... Is Michael Clifford and he won't stop until he gets what he wants . Right now ... He wants me ...

( story may contain bad language , fights ,&sexual )


3. with Dylan

"Wait so Michael ,your ex , is your roommate ?" Asked Maria

"Yep " I Said then took another sip in from my frappé

" let's go to the mall to get your mind off of him " said Maria " I know that you can calm down if you see something in the mall that you'll die for "

" you know me so well Mae !" I said hugging her

We went to the mall to go shopping . She then was talking about her roommate which is a boy too . She said that his name is Calum Hood . And that he is really sweet

After our day in the mall , I went to the my dorm and saw Michael with some naked blondie !! I dropped my bags and ran off .

Uhhh I wish I was blind !!!!

I decided to see Dylan becuase I haven't seen for 2 weeks already .

I knocked on his door .dylan opened it and his eyes got widen .

" Celeste what are you doing here !" He said then kissed me

" I decided to come and visit you babe because it's been two weeks "

"I know . I'm sorry we both have been busy and-"

I kissed him so he can shut up . I missed kissing the soft lips . Dylan closed the door and picked me up . He pushed me to the wall and started to kiss my neck . I let out a moan . He took us to his bedroom and made out

I woke up on Dylan warm chest . He was only in his boxers . I was In my bra and lace underwear .

I changed into my clothes and kissed the sleepy Dylan goodbye

I went back to the dorm and saw Michael sleeping

I went to my bed and slept in my clothes not giving a piece of crap .

A/n Srry it's short and it sucks but I have lotsssss of school crap to do . I will try and update ALL my books in the weekend

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