Bad Michael

His name ... Is Michael Clifford and he won't stop until he gets what he wants . Right now ... He wants me ...

( story may contain bad language , fights ,&sexual )


1. dorm

I heard my alarm clock go on . I turned it off and got up to get ready .

I wore my top that said " classic" with my ripped jeans and my converse .

I brushed my hair and let it down natural . I didn't wore any make up today . I decided to look natural which I look more beautiful .thats what my family ,friends, and my followers on Instagram say .

I went to wash my face and teeth .

" bye mom !"

" bye sweetie have an amazing day "

My brother George came " bye doffus !" He said

" bye idiot !" I said and I grabbed my England flag backpack .

I got in my car and drove off

I'm excited and worried

I'm happy that I get to see my best friends at collage . We got the same collage . And I'm worried because I'll be seeing my ex boyfriend again .michael . He just used me for another girl in junior .

I got to collage and got in my dorm

I couldn't belive who was in my dorm ...

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