Complicated Love

Try to keep up okay ;)

So Luke is in love with Ariel, but Ariel is in love with Ashton.
Meanwhile Taylor is in love with Luke, but Ashton is in love with Taylor.

Confusing right? :)

What will happen when twin sisters Ariel and Taylor get backstage passes to a 5sos concert? What will happen when Taylor will do ANYTHING to win over Luke's heart? What will happen when Taylor's EVIL side comes out?

Who will die? Who will survive? Who will fall in love? Who will take Taylor down? The world will never know........
Until you read my Fanfic! Haha


3. the concert

Ariel's POV

Once we got out of the car we walked to the backstage area. We had backstage passes which was awesome! The security guard led us to their dressing room door and knocked. I can't believe who opened the door! It was Ashton Irwin! I hope I wasn't drooling to much.

"Hey! You must be the girls that won the backstage passes! Come in!" Ashton said with his usual chirpy self. "So what are your names? I know you already know ours."

"I'm Ariel. And this is my sister Taylor."

"So what do you guys like to do?"

"You know. Normal teenager stuff. Parties, food, sleep, and food."

"You already said food."

"I know. That was the point." I winked at my cheeky joke

We chatted for a bit about the most random things until the boys had to go onstage. Taylor and I watched them perform from backstage. They started to sing "18" I love the song but all I could really think about was Ashton. His sparkling brown-green eyes. The way his brown hair flows out of his beanie. His perfect smile. I was daydreaming so much that I didn't realize that there was a hand waving in front of my face.

"Oh, um what did you say?"

"I said that the concert just ended. Also If you and Taylor want to come grab a bite to eat with us." Luke said

"Oh.....umm. Sure."

I have to admit Luke's eyes were beautiful but nothing compared to Ashton's. We all walked out of the stadium and into the car. Michael was driving while Calum rode shotgun. I sat between Luke and Taylor and Ashton sat next to Taylor. I admit that I did feel a pang of jealousy. I mean Taylor was always prettier than me, even if she is my twin sister.

When we arrived at the diner we all sat in a booth. I ended up sitting next to Luke again! It's like he is actually trying to sit next to me. I really hope he didn't have any feelings for me because the only person I want to date is Ashton.

Luke's POV

She looked beautiful. Her amazing purple and blue hair. Her glossy hazel eyes. She was a I could think about. Ariel. I tried sitting with her in the car and in the diner. I hope she didn't notice. But what I did notice is that she stared at Ashton a lot. If Ashton liked her back then he could easily sweep her of her feet and claim her as his own. I have to make her fall for me. I just have to figure out how. After about 30 minutes we all left the diner.

"Hey Luke. I was wondering if you, me, and the boys wanted to hang out tomorrow?" Taylor asked me.

"Sure, but what about Ariel?"

"Oh yeah. I guess. See ya tomorrow!"

I swear I saw Taylor's face fall a little when I mentioned Ariel. Is it just me or does Taylor have something against her sister? Oh well, it's probably nothing. But boy was I wrong.


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