Complicated Love

Try to keep up okay ;)

So Luke is in love with Ariel, but Ariel is in love with Ashton.
Meanwhile Taylor is in love with Luke, but Ashton is in love with Taylor.

Confusing right? :)

What will happen when twin sisters Ariel and Taylor get backstage passes to a 5sos concert? What will happen when Taylor will do ANYTHING to win over Luke's heart? What will happen when Taylor's EVIL side comes out?

Who will die? Who will survive? Who will fall in love? Who will take Taylor down? The world will never know........
Until you read my Fanfic! Haha


6. REPEATED CHAPTER!!! sorry!!

Luke's POV

I knew Taylor didn't spill the juice on Ariel by accident. She didn't even trip on anything! Unless tripping on air counts. Why would Taylor even do that?

"Taylor. Shouldn't you check up in Taylor?

"She will be fine. Don't worry."

"Taylor." I gave her a hard look

"Okay. Sure."

I can't believe she didn't even care. Some sister she is. There is something going on and I'm going to find out.

Taylor's POV

Why would Luke even care about her? I know I didn't. She deserved it! I know she likes Ashton and I know that she has some feelings toward Luke. What. A. Slut. I didn't even bother checking on her. I just walked to the upstairs bathroom and checked on my hair for a few minutes and walked back downstairs.

"So how is she?" Michael asked

"I talked to her and she said that she is just a little upset that her shirt got messed up and that she is going to take a nap."


~skip to end of the day~

"Bye guys!" I yelled as they walked to their car

"Bye! Tell Ariel we said bye!" Ashton yelled out

"Okay. Will do!" Sureee I will.

After they left I walked upstairs to my room. But I had another idea. I walked into Ariel's room to find her reading a book.

"Hey Ariel. Sorry again for spilling that iced tea on you earlier." No I wasn't

"It's okay. Did the boys leave yet?"

"Yup" I said popping the "p"

"Did they say bye to me or anything?"

"Not that I can remember. I'm sorry Arie." I said using my childhood nickname for her.

And with that I left. Her face was priceless! She will not come between me and Luke. Ever. Now, time to plot my next revenge.


Sorry about the repeated chapter! Goodbye little duckies xx ~_Hemmo1996

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