Country Strong

Rose has recently moved to small town Rockport, Texas with her dad and little brother. She's moved before, but nothing like this. Almost everyone is already in a relationship at her new high school and she isn't making friends easily. Until she meets this guy and suddenly, she's becoming the new kick on the block.


6. New friends to old friends

Hey I'm outside.

It was a text from Jack. Why doesn't he just knock on the door. I rush to open the door and swing it open. My dad and Willie both aren't home and Jack said that he would come over to work on our project for English. However, he was standing on my lawn with a picnic basket in his hands.

"My car's almost out of gas, so I was thinking of eating on your lawn." he smiled and held the basket up.

I smiled back. "Why don't we eat out back."

"I like your thinking." he started up the stairs until he reached the door. "You going to invite me in or am I just going to have to stand here like an idiot?" I laughed and grabbed him from the collar and pulled him in. 

After some time of eating and laughing I heard the phone ring. 


"Hi dear, it's Mrs. Thompson."

"Hi Mrs. Thompson. What can I do for you?"

"Well dear, we have receive brand new bails of hay, jugs of milk to be churned and some chickens."

"I didn't know that you were getting chickens." I said in surprise. Something made a noise behind me so I turned to look only to realize that it was just Jack coming into the house. I smiled and went back to my call.

"Yes, we realized that it was far cheaper to get our own chickens then to keep buying eggs. Plus we can always sell the eggs if we want."

"Well that sounds like a great idea."

"Thank you dear. Now I know that you don't work on weekdays but we could really use your help over here. With all the heavy lifting." she sounded sad for asking me.

"No trouble at all Mrs. Thompson, I would love to help," I actually did want to help. "I'll be over in less than half an hour."

"Oh thank you Rose, you are such a dear. We'll see you soon then."

"See you soon. Bye." I hung up and turned to Jack, who had been listening to our conversation the whole time. I shrugged and he knew what I meant. 

We waved our little goodbyes as he backed out and drove left, I backed out and drove right. All the way to the Thompson's.

I hopped out of my car and headed over to the door when I heard laughter from the back. My hands in my pockets and curiosity as to who else was here, I started walking toward the other side of the house. 

"Oh Rose you're here." Mrs. Thompson was the first to notice me and that's when I noticed him. Tall, handsome, plaid shirt, cowboy boots, cowboy hat Blake standing on the back of a pickup truck full of hay. He smiled at me and tipped his hat, his pearly teeth shinning in the sun. I wasn't entirely surprised that he was here, but I was still surprised. 

"Well, I guess we'll leave you to it then. Thank you again so much Rose, for coming on such sort notice." her and her husband started walking into the back door.

"Not a problem." I called back. 

When I turned to look at Blake again, he jumped down from the truck and walked right up to me. Two or three inches away, I could smell the farm on him with a little hint of some cologne, cheap but not bad. He moved his arm up to his hat and took it off. Gently he placed it on my head, to which I had to look up more to be able to see him.

"What should I call you?" I smirked.

"Whatever you wanna call me. But most call me Rose."

"Rose? I like it," he nodded. "I'm gonna call you Roe."

I lifted my eyebrows. "Roe? Really?"

He just nodded again. "Yeah, now come we have work to do." And he walked away. Not taking his hat or anything. So I just followed him.


After working for awhile we heard Mrs. Thompsons triangle signalling dinner. 

"Dinner already?" I looked up from our work. 

We had been building the chicken coop and it was almost finished. Mr. Thompson wanted the chickens in their house before nightfall and I couldn't say that we weren't done, but we still had to finish the roof. 

"I guess so." Blake finished putting in a few nails and stuck his hammer back in the toolbox. The roof looked nice, from my angle. He handed me the toolbox and I placed it behind me in the truck. I hopped down and closed the back only to turn around and find Blake standing two inches away from me again.

"Hi." I smiled.

"Hi to you too," he smiled back. "Come on, I'm starving." I was the first to laugh and he joined when we got in the truck and headed back to the house.

"So how's the coop coming?" Mr. Thompson asked while taking a spoonful of his supper.

"Actually it's finished." Blake replied. A look of surprise came on the old man's face.

"Well good job to the two of you. And we're sorry for keeping you so long." Mrs. Thompson apologized.

"Not at all Mrs.Thompson. It was our pleasure." I assured her. We almost ate in silence for the rest of the time, mostly because everyone was too engulfed in their delicious supper to say anything. But as the sun set lower into the hills and the stars started coming out, it was time for us to leave. 

I was just getting into my car when Blake popped up beside me on my open door.

"It's a nice truck you have." his crossed arms resting on my thigh.

"Thanks." My one hand on the wheel and the other on my key.

"Hey, let me pic you up on Saturday. Drive you out here." his pearly smile back again.

"Sure." I nodded.

"Great," he looked at me and I looked back. Wondering what his lips tasted like, what it would feel like to have those strong hands wrapped around me, feel his warm touch. I wondered if he felt the same. "I'll see you later then." he smiled.

I just smiled back as he closed my door. Window open I couldn't stop looking at him as he walked away from my truck. I wanted to call out to him but before I could mutter a single word he turned around.

"Hey Roe," he turned and faced me, still walking. "Nice hat." turning again to walk into the night and all I could do was smile. 


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