Country Strong

Rose has recently moved to small town Rockport, Texas with her dad and little brother. She's moved before, but nothing like this. Almost everyone is already in a relationship at her new high school and she isn't making friends easily. Until she meets this guy and suddenly, she's becoming the new kick on the block.


3. After the alcohol

I unlocked the front door and Willie ran past me. Threw his coat and backpack onto the floor, skidded down the hall and slammed the bathroom door behind him. I picked up hist coat and put it and the backpack on the couch, along with my things. I stood at the bathroom door and knocked. 

"Willie, did you go to the bathroom at all during the day?"

There was a pause. Then I hear it, a faint noise. "No." I just had to laugh.

I knew dad wasn't going to be coming home until late, probably around five-thirty. So I went to the backdoor and left Bongo back in. Filling his food bowl one second and then it was gone the next, so I gave him one more bowl and filled his water bowl.

Ring Ring. Ring Ring.

I grabbed my phone from my purse that was on the counter.I pressed the big green button on the screen and pushed the phone between my ear and my shoulder. As I started to make a snack for Willie and me.


"Rose, hi. It's dad." I did a faint groan. What did he want now? 

"Yes dad?"

"How was Willie's day?"

"Well why don't you come home and let him tell you himself? What do you want dad?"

"Do we need anything from the store?"

"No dad we don't. Just come home safe." I hung up the phone and half threw it on the counter. I had finished the snack that I made, grabbed my bag and started  outside. "Champ, I'm outside with a snack. Come out soon, okay? Come on Bongo." 

We were sitting down outside, working on homework, playing and eating snacks until dad got home. And when he got home, he did absolutely nothing. He sat down on the couch and watched tv and ate chips until about nine o'clock. I looked after the dog and Willie until I put him to bed. Soon after dad went to bed too.

First day of school wasn't that bad. I mean there was this guy that tried to get at me and there was this girl that tried to give me drugs. I let the principle know and he didn't seem to care. The first teacher I had welcomed me to the class but then the rest went on with the day like no one cared. Oh well, it's not like I cared. After school Willie and I went to the grocery store and got some groceries. Then came home. I saw an add in the paper for a job on a farm just outside the city limits. I decided that I'm going to go see this man with the add and ask for the job. Then I'll be able to earn money and help out around the house and get some stuff for me because I know that dad won't want me to us all his money on my own personal stuff. Wouldn't want him to get mad not do we?

I finished writing when the door opened. And my dad came in.

"What are you doing?" he walked into the kitchen and threw something down on the counter and started taking a glass out of the cupboard and a bottle of vodka. "What are you doing?" I was up by now and well on my way to kicking his ass if it came to it.

"I'm having a drink." 

I got to the other side of the counter than him. "No dad. No you are not."

He looked at me sternly and I knew that he was mad. He put down the glass "What did you just say?"

"I said no. You haven't had a drink in two months and you're not going to start now."

I put my hand out. He looked down at it and placed the bottle in my hand and walked down the hall into his room and shut the door. 

I walked outside the front door and spotted a group of people down the street standing by their trucks. I whistled for them to come closer. One guy started walking my way and he checked me out, which has happened before but I mean really? Come on, not like this has happened enough.

"Hey sugar. What can I do for you?" I decided to let the name slide.

"I have a fresh bottle of Smirnoff vodka, never been opened. I'm going to sell it to you for fifty dollars." he looked shocked.

"Fifty dollars? No way am I giving you fifty dollars."

"Fine then forty." I put the bottle in front of me. And then this other guy showed up.

"I'll buy it. Go on Dustin, get out of here." the man he called Dustin walked away and I faced the other one. "Sorry about that. You're the new girl aren't you?" I nodded. "Is that your son in there?"

"No, that's my brother."

"Oh okay. Well here," he pulls out his wallet and takes fifty dollars. "You take this and I'll take the bottle. Just one question, why are you getting ride of this?"

Now I was in shock. "My dad use to be an alcoholic and I'm going to let it happen again."

"Raging alcoholic?"

"Worse than a raging alcoholic." I looked back at the money and as we were having our little chat he had managed to take another five dollars out of his wallet.

"It's okay really. Here take it. There's a nice ice cream parlour down the street. I'm taking my little sister there tomorrow too, if you would like to join us."

"Sure, that would be nice." I took the money and handed him the bottle. I started walking away. when.

"If there's anything you need, just call me." I turned and I looked down at the money. There in sharpie was his phone number. I looked up at him again.

"Thank you." he turned and walked away from me.

I walked into the house and closed the door behind me, going to the kitchen and getting my things before I turned to go down the other hallway to my room.


I turned in fear. Willie was up and my father was probably the cause of it.

"Come here champ, you can sleep in my room with me." I put an arm around him and lead him to my room.

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