1. party

Jess pov.

"What do you want to drink" Molly my best friend asks as she drags me through a mob of sweaty drunk teenagers. "A coke please" I reply you see I'm not like most teenagers I don't drink and smoke and I'm still a virgin . What do I look like well I'm 5'6blue eyed brown hair that goes down to my bum . I don't get much attention because I'm quite where as Molly she's 5'4 blonde Green eyes and popular . Do you ever feel as if someone is watching your every move well that's what I feel right now . Looking around my eyes lock with a boy about a year older standing in the corner smoking with a group of maybe 5 other boys . A. Smirk plastered on his face as he looks me up and down I shiver and look down at feet only to find he'd vanished .

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