Noa can't seem to handle the pressure of homework anymore,
she needs some distraction.
And what's a better way than to lurk around on your phone?
Then she receives a friend request on snapchat,
from a complete stranger.
She is getting hell of a distraction, that's for sure.


3. three


I am not just going to let him get away with his action and I want some answers. I take a picture of, my facial expression slightly mad and annoyed with text saying; 'I suggest u visit pornhub if u want some good porn'. I hit send and open the main canvas again to take another picture.

I take a new picture with the same facial expression and add text saying; 'Me in my granny panties isn't exactly entertaining'. I open the main canvas once again and take a picture with a raised eyebrow on my face. That's the annoying thing about snapchat, you can't add a lot of text to your picture so if you have a lot to say, it won't ever fit so you have to send twenty-thousand pictures to finally tell your full story.

I add the text to my picture, saying; 'but srsly, why did u take a pic of me?' Before I know it, his name appears in the list of 'recent received snaps' and I hold onto his name to show the picture. He, as always, has a flirty facial expression and a wink on his face with text saying; 'because it's fun'.

Oh fun, huh? I take a picture of myself again, still with my eyebrow raised and add text saying; 'Aha, and why is that?'. And just as I hit send, my mom stomps into the house with her hand full of shopping bags. She looks up at me and her facial expression changed from happy to angry.

''Noa Ella Henderson, you know you're not allowed to be on your phone before 6 p.m.!'' She let go of her bags and walks up to me, extending her hand, indicating me to hand her my phone.

I roll my eyes, preparing myself for a bitch fight. ''Says the one who goes shopping on a day she actually has to go to work.''

My mom's mouth shapes in 'o' form as she extends her hand and roughly grabbed my phone out of my hand. ''Here, you won't get this thing until 9! Now go upstairs, and don't even mind to come down, do you hear me?!''

''Heh, what?'' I hold my hand to my ear, pretending not to hear her. Her face was about to explode, turning as red as a fresh tomato.

''I SAID, DO YOU HEAR ME?! ARE YOU DEAF?!'' She yells, stomping her foot to the ground.

''Heh, what? Can't hear you.'' I laugh. Okay, it was enough for today. I love to play with my mom, she freaks out so easily and it's so funny to see her so desperate for attention. I decide to now really start walking upstairs because I was expecting a punch in the face soon.

''Sorry ma, maybe you have to speak louder.'' My mom shows me her angriest face and it almost looks like smoke was coming from her ears. I giggle one more time and then disappear into my room.

I hope she won't go searching through my phone, if she finds out I am talking to a stranger she will probably faint. It kinda sucks that she has my phone now, I really want to know more about that 'sirbizzle94' guy, and I still haven't got the answers I wanted.

Since I have no phone, I decide to start on the million assignments that are due for tomorrow.


I eventually had worked until 9 and let go of my pen as my hand was basically dying and no longer able to write. Good thing is, I finished literally everything and don't have to do all the work at night, which I usually do, oops.

Since it was 9, the bitch of a mom was supposed to give my phone back. If she isn't going to bring it to me, I'mma just going to get it. I hop off of the stairs, smacking onto the ground from the last stair step.

''Ma, can I get my phone back?'' I yell as I enter the kitchen where she was preparing her late night snack, pineapple yoghurt. She looks up from her cutting board.

''Hey, honey, and yes of course you can.'' She smiles, looking back at the cutting board for a second and then back at me.

I understand that look immediately and sigh, ''Look, mom. I'm sorry for what happened earlier. It was just a joke and I did not mean to offend you in any way.''

''Oh no, honey. It's okay, you were just teasing me a little bit, I guess I deserve it sometimes.'' She admits, sighing slightly. Suddenly she starts grabbling in one of the kitchen drawers, grabbing an object out of it.

I smile when I notice it is my phone. ''Here.'' My mom hands me the phone and gives me a sly smile. ''Hey, guess who finished all of her homework for today and has a free night all for herself?'' My mom questions happily.

I roll my eyes and smile at her enthusiasm, ''I did.'' I put my hand up in the air, pointing to myself.


''Thanks, ma.'' I giggle, exciting the kitchen and heading upstairs again. I turn my phone on, checking if the dude has send me some snapchats, and he did. I open snapchat and it shows that I have 2 snaps from him.

I hold onto the least recent photo and it shows a picture of him with a goofy face with text saying; 'and ur reactions are priceless'. I frown, letting myself fall onto my bed, and before I can send him something back, I fall into a deep sleep.


Somewhere in the middle of the night, I wake up by my phone screen lighting up and the peeping noise that signals I have a new notifications. Ugh, I should've put my volume off. With sleepy eyes, I unlock my password, seeing I have a new snapchat. I open snapchat, holding onto the picture 'sirbizzle94' has sent me.

It showcased a picture of an erected penis, with text saying: 'Now it's ur turn'. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? I pull on my most disgusted face ever and man, was I glad that I had sleepy eyes. If I had seen that with full sight I think I would've been traumatized. And what the hell did he mean with 'now it's your turn'? Was I supposed to show my penis? Well bad luck for him.

I send him a photo back with just a black canvas and only text, saying; 'u have problems'. I hit send, suddenly feeling really uncomfortable and disgusted. That guy was getting weirder and weirder every fucking minute and I am not so sure if I like it.

Damn, he has more issues than Vogue.



so i took my time to update (unfortunately) but i just gotta say, updates during the week will be rare just as more than 1 update per week.

i'm literally so so so busy with school, life and just everything, i think y'all can feel me? like and now (okay here comes news you probably don't want to hear) i'm on my period, and gurl,

when i am on my period, hells breaks loose. seriously, changing a night pad every half an hour, I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING AND I DIDN'T EVEN TELL YOU ABOUT MY CRAMPS I AM LITERALLY DYING ok so i didn't really have the sense of writing.

and also, i am again so sorry that it's so short i'm just so bad at writing long chapters idk??? you know, i always pre-write the chapters think; 'oh yeah this must be 2000+ words', then i copy it into word and it only has 1100+ words and i'm like; naah man cmon.

okay man sorry for this rant what ew i need to stop talking ok this didn't happen erase this from your memory pls


p.s. i'm sorry for any spellings/grammatical errors.

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