Noa can't seem to handle the pressure of homework anymore,
she needs some distraction.
And what's a better way than to lurk around on your phone?
Then she receives a friend request on snapchat,
from a complete stranger.
She is getting hell of a distraction, that's for sure.


1. one

I walk into my bedroom after a typical, boring but hard day at school. All the subjects are too hard for me, they make my head explode. I do not need nor want to know about The Roman Empire, goddamn.

I let myself fall on the bed, throwing my bag towards the nowhere. I sigh, already thinking about all the homework I still have to do this day. I stuff my head into the pillow, groaning as hard as I could. May I say I sounded like a grizzly bear giving birth--yep.

No, Noa, c'mon, get your ass up. I sigh, sitting up and staring at my bag. I need something to distract me. I look around, spotting my smartphone. My mum did told me not to use my phone before 6 p.m... if she ever finds out.. I decide to not give a flying fuck about the rules for one minute, bending over the end of the bed and stretching my arm out as long as I can. I can barely grab it but I manage to eventually.

I turn it on from it's off-status and wait for it to load. You see, I don't have the famous 'I-phone' that everyone needs to have so, so desperately. I have a simple 'Samsung Galaxy 3'. I think it's a pretty cool phone and I don't see why it's less better than an I-phone. I think it's really just the hype of the I-phone, the hype of everyone having one, then you start thinking: 'Ah yes, I need one too, then I am cool'. No, let me tell you. Your phone brand does not describe who you are.

It finally loaded and I immediately notice all the notifications I have from various apps. 4 texts, 5 new twitter interactions, 25 instagram likes and 7 snapchats. And that's what you get from not being on your phone for 6 hours.

I click on a couple of the notifications and scroll over them. I answer some texts, reply 'thank you' on some sweet instagram comments and ignore the twitter interactions. Sorry, twitter is kind of overrated if you ask me.

I open snapchat and hold onto the names to see them all. I laugh at some pictures of my friend Alexis, we always, let's say, share our most shameful photos with each other. Meaning by that, she looks a deformed pig on most of the photos she has sent me.

I open some more snaps and then notice a notification in the right corner of the app. I click on it and it showcases I have a new friend request from 'sirbizzle94'. 'Sirbizzle94', who the hell would that be? It was clear it was a male, but who?

I open the main canvas where you take your pictures and I take a picture of myself with a confused look. I add some text, saying; 'Um, who are you?'. I set the time to 6 seconds, must be enough. I hit send, ticking the box of his username.

I know it's tricky to send a photo of myself to a stranger, I mean, you never know who's in front of you. But it's worth a try because he's probably a guy from school and has found me through my friends or connections. Or maybe it's just a pervert, pretending to be a young guy. Or like an eight year old boy who fancies me. Who knows.

I don't know when to expect a snap back so I turn off my phone and reposition myself on the bed. Before I know it, my screen lightens up, showcasing that I have a new snap. This was going to be interesting.

I open the notification and the name 'sirbizzle94' showcased on the screen. This was the moment of truth. I press my finger on his name and wait for the photo to appear. My eyebrows move upwards and my eyeballs grow wider when I see the person on the screen. Holy cheese meatballs, that boy was definitely young and HOT.

Suddenly the photo stops showing and I feel a weird turn in my stomach. No, no, no. I want to see it more clear, I didn't even see what he had to say. I hold onto his name again and click the box saying; 'play snap again.'

It plays again and I saw the boy again, I look at the text and it said; 'The boy of your dreams.' His facial expression looks flirty and he winked. Man, I should screensh- too late, it already stopped showing.

Wow, damn, he was gorgeous. But I don't seem to recognize him. I don't think I ever saw him at school, but who is he then and how did he find me on here?

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