Save Me \H.S fanfic/

** before passion shimmer's, first it bites **

In a world where Vampires's, Werewolves, Witch's, and Demon's, didn't exist. Until the year 2018 came. They came out of the shadowy wood's and came into the human world, which they now come to rule. In each country, there is a Lord, which the vampire Lord is looking or a Queen. A human Queen. The vampire Lord came into a small town called Wings, in search for his Queen.

What happen's when she lay's her eye's on a beautiful green eyed curly haired boy?


Turns out he found, her but not in a particular good way..

What will happen next?

Can he Save Her? and most importantly, can he resist his soon to become Queen's beautiful smelling blood?


2. Chapter: Two

My jaw dropped to the ground, and my eye's felt like they were going to pop out of my eye sockets."This house is gorgeous mom. You really picked a good house!" I said astonished. Usually my mom would have picked out a cheap, old looking house. Which probably would have looked haunted. I'm actually really surprised. "Awe, darling thank you, I was looking for the right house! I was searching for ever, I was just about to give up on searching until, well, This popped up!" she said smiling at me. She laughed a bit because my reaction still didn't change. "Mom how did you afford this house? I mean, we barely had any money..." I said, looking away from her gaze, remembering all of the time's my father would go into my mothers bank and cash money out for him so he can get drunk. He did it every single night. Just because he maxed out his bank, doesn't mean he can go in his damn wife's bank! I mean, who in their right minds would do such a thing? "Dear, we will talk about this later. We need to un-pack everything. Oh, and i think before we un-pack anything, you should go up stairs and pick out your room" I nodded to my mom, and headed towards the stairs.

I walked up the twirling stairs, thinking about how my mother could afford such a house. As i reached the top, I looked around, looking to my right were three bed rooms, i looked to my left and there were another three bed rooms. Um okay? Last time i checked, there were only two people in this house...? I decided to wave it off of my shoulder, and continued towards my left. 

with no luck on the left side, i made my way to the right side of the house. As i reached the first room, i thought about my mom, she might actually like this one, instead of me. I turned around and made my way across the hall to the second room, I made my way inside, and my jaw dropped to the floor. yet again. There was a window seat, where i can sit, read, and draw and also do my home work on it too, it had a good View of the woods. I had a fair sized bathroom, and i had a walk in closet. I decided that this room was what i wanted, and headed towards the stairs, and made my way down it. 

As soon as i made it down, i started looking for my mom so i can tell her what room i had picked out, strangely, the couch, the cafe table, and a few lamps were scattered around the- i suppose, the living room. she couldn't have done this by her self. it's just to heavy. 

I was wandering the house in search for my mom, and i ended up in my basement . "Marissa! I'm up stairs. We need to talk about a few things dear" My mom called out. I made my way back up the stairs, and saw my mom and a new face. Who was this guy? and why is a guy here?

"Marissa, follow me, we need to talk" My mom demanded. Is it weird that i have a strange feeling swelling up in the pit of my stomach? whatever shes about to say. Just can't be good.


a/n: Hey guys! i needed to update the next chapter! I got, 2 likes and 1 comment, like i had asked. so in return you get an update of a new chapter!:) i couldn't get over how much likes and votes i got! and thank you, for the comments, you know who you are ;) :) im sorry if it's boring right now, but i promise you, it'll get better in the next chapter or so. The next chappie might be a little interesting! 

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