Save Me \H.S fanfic/

** before passion shimmer's, first it bites **

In a world where Vampires's, Werewolves, Witch's, and Demon's, didn't exist. Until the year 2018 came. They came out of the shadowy wood's and came into the human world, which they now come to rule. In each country, there is a Lord, which the vampire Lord is looking or a Queen. A human Queen. The vampire Lord came into a small town called Wings, in search for his Queen.

What happen's when she lay's her eye's on a beautiful green eyed curly haired boy?


Turns out he found, her but not in a particular good way..

What will happen next?

Can he Save Her? and most importantly, can he resist his soon to become Queen's beautiful smelling blood?


15. chapter: Fourteen

I rushed out of bed, so many thoughts were running through my head. So many of them involving my mother. I don't know why, but I feel this guilt in the pit of my stomach. And I have no idea what to do. Some how, I feel like everything was my fault.

I pulled open my bedroom doors, and sprinted down the hallway, I stopped at a corner, deciding what way I should take. Either left or right. My gut was telling me to pick the hall off of the right. I jogged down the hallway, looking at the pictures on the wall, but the hallway was becoming darker and darker with every step that I took, and I was beginning to lose my vision. Suddenly I walked into a wall, or what seemed to be a wall...

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Spoke an unfamiliar voice. The person tightly gripped my arm, and forcefully pinned my body up against the wall. My body became all shaky, and my stomach turned into nots. It felt like my knees were about to give out. God I should have listen to that curly hairs dude. I should have just stayed in my room.

I began to kick out my arms and legs, hopefully hitting the person pinning my to the wall.

"Let me go! Let me go! I'm not suppose to be in here! H-he kidnapped me!" I shouted, tears slipping from my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. "I-I need to find my mom! Let me go!" I added, praying he would release me from his grip. But his grip just got tighter, and his arm moved to my neck. Pinning my neck as well with my body. And it was hard for me to breath.

I cried out in pain, he was leaving bruises on my throat and ossicle on my arm.

"I'd stop your crying." He laughed an evil laugh. I felt his lips come in contact with my ear, "I guess Harry brought me a snack eh?" He whispered into my ear. I was so confused by this point, I isn't know exactly what to do. So I tried my hardest to scream, even though it was very hard to breath.

"help! Help! Someone! Hel-" I got cutoff by someone pushing the person pinning me to the wall off of me. But it was still to dark. And I couldn't see a thing. Other then those big bright red eyes. Those eyes that belonged to him.

The curly haired dude.

"What have I said? I said for you to stay in your room. Dammit!" Screamed the curly haired dude.

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