Save Me \H.S fanfic/

** before passion shimmer's, first it bites **

In a world where Vampires's, Werewolves, Witch's, and Demon's, didn't exist. Until the year 2018 came. They came out of the shadowy wood's and came into the human world, which they now come to rule. In each country, there is a Lord, which the vampire Lord is looking or a Queen. A human Queen. The vampire Lord came into a small town called Wings, in search for his Queen.

What happen's when she lay's her eye's on a beautiful green eyed curly haired boy?


Turns out he found, her but not in a particular good way..

What will happen next?

Can he Save Her? and most importantly, can he resist his soon to become Queen's beautiful smelling blood?


5. Chapter: five

Revealing a cop. why was a cop out side of my front door? i asked myself. I looked up at him again, "Umm, can i help you officer?" i asked, hinting on that i was curious. Before he could speak, he pushed passed me, and walked into my house, leading himself on the dining rooms carpet. "Miss, this is really urgent. I need to speak to one of your parents A.S.A.P" He said, with a serious Tone, and a serious look on his face. I shut my door, confused as hell,"Um, yeah. My moms upstairs, i will go and get her"

I turned away and made my way upstairs, i have so many questions racing through my head, I'll get some answer's from the cop, once he sits with me and my mother on the couch or something, I  thought. 

I looked over my shoulder seeing that the cop was staring at me weirdly. Strange. i made my way upstairs and hung a right, heading to my moms room. I wrapped on the door  and waited about 15 seconds before i barged into my moms room. I shook my mother lightly, and her eyes flung open. "M-Marissa, what is it?" she asked.

"Mom you need to head down stairs. Theirs a cop waiting to speak to us." i said. "Oh, and wheres tom? i haven't seen him for awhile?" I asked adding on.

"Im not sure" my mom said while making her way down stairs. I followed behind her, and saw my mom and the cop heading towards the kitchen. The cop shut the door behind him, leaving me a sorry looking expression on his face. Well looks like im not gonna get the answers to my questions. 


Hey guys, im sorry if this chapter sucked. It'll get better i promise! and hey, were only just starting the beginning. I cant wait until it get's better though!:) it's gonna be fun writing it and seeing your guys comments:)

Anywho, Can i please get 3 likes and 1 comment on this chapter for the next update? Sounds good?:) 


P.S: Sorry for any spelling errors.  

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