Save Me \H.S fanfic/

** before passion shimmer's, first it bites **

In a world where Vampires's, Werewolves, Witch's, and Demon's, didn't exist. Until the year 2018 came. They came out of the shadowy wood's and came into the human world, which they now come to rule. In each country, there is a Lord, which the vampire Lord is looking or a Queen. A human Queen. The vampire Lord came into a small town called Wings, in search for his Queen.

What happen's when she lay's her eye's on a beautiful green eyed curly haired boy?


Turns out he found, her but not in a particular good way..

What will happen next?

Can he Save Her? and most importantly, can he resist his soon to become Queen's beautiful smelling blood?


14. Authors Note

I've got some good news and bad news.

Hey guys, how are you liking the book so far? I know that in the last couple of chapters it doesn't make any sense right yet but it'll all make sense in a few chapters. I promise.

The good news is that I've been getting a lot of readings for this book! Wow! I'm really surprised and happy!


The bad news is that I'm not really sure if I should continue with this book or not.

I don't know if you guys like this book or if I should just delete it. Please let me know, thanks xx

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