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just a girl who turned eighteen, she ran away to chase her dreams
and they said she wouldn't make it far
she took a chance and packed her bags, she left town and didn't look back
so tired of wishing on the stars


2. - two

Ashton couldn't sleep that night, the bubble of nerves and excitement stayed as a wriggling mess in his chest. He longed for the adventure that this mysterious girl must have every night of her life, however he didn't want to sell drugs like she did. He knew it was wrong and if he were to get caught his whole life would be over but this feeling he got from helping that girl hide he wanted to feel that everyday. The excitement, the rush, the adrenaline,it all made Ashton want to do something reckless. Something he would most likely regret in the future.

The annoying buzz of his phone alarm brought him out of his thoughts and his sleepless state. 8:00 AM the screen read. Ashton had an hour before his first shift at the coffee shop started, shitty hours for shitty pay, he thought and rolled his body away from his warm covers. Almost everyday was the same routine; get up early, got to work at 9:00 AM, have three hours trying to find a new job, go back to work, come home at midnight. He hated it.

   Squeezing past all the canvases that littered the hall he made it to the miniature room they called a 'bathroom'. Ashton started the shower up so he wasn't hit by ice cubes when he finally got in, whilst the water was heating up he looked at himself in the mirror above the sink. The dark bags under his eyes from sleep deprivation had somehow become one shade darker, and he thought they couldn't get worse, shouldn't have stayed up all night idiot.

He continued his normal morning routine and tried his hardest not to wake up his roommate, Finn, succeeding in this he started making his way to the coffee shop only three blocks away. It was a nice day so for once Ashton didn't care that he had to walk, he liked to people watch. So as he made his way along the busy roads he made up stories for the interesting people he saw. Ashton liked stories, he liked how a good book can take you away from the world when it all gets too much, he liked painting for the same reason. It took him away from the world and it was his way of letting his emotions out as he wasn't the best at telling people how he feels. He loved how each painting had a story behind it, you just had really look for it... like humans. So he looked really hard for a story behind each and every single face he saw.

When Ashton was only half way  to his destination his thoughts wondered back to that girl, would he ever see her again? Probably not. Sighing inwardly he carried on his way to the shitty coffee shop. One of his colleagues had opened up three hours earlier and still only two people sat in there. The regulars. A old man, who sits for hours each day just tucked into the corner either deep in conversation with himself or just staring at the people walking past. The other regular was a student who liked to study and do homework tucked away into the opposite side of the shop. Ashton knew this was going to be a slow day.

- - -

Five other people had strolled into the coffee shop during Ashton's first shift, they hadn't stayed. All of them were business men who had people to see and places to be.

"Hey Ashton, I've got this for now, you can go on break early" Callie, Ashton's colleague said as she tied her apron and took his spot behind the counter.

"Okay, thanks" he smiled and made his way to the back room, he took his time as he didn't have anything else to do. Apparently becoming a painter in New York is a lot harder than it looks in movies and TV series. He took his apron off and slung his back pack containing his sketchbook and pencils onto his back and started making his way out of the back room.

"See ya on Monday Callie" He called as he glanced at Callie leaning on the counter and texting on her phone.

"Yeah, see you later" she waved him off. Just as he turned to walk out the door someone walked in. A girl with hazel brown hair with a black beanie covering her forehead and quaint round glasses, caught his eye. He recognized her instantly. It was her, the girl that kept him up last night. She also seemed to notice him, her eyes widening with excitement as she waltzed over to him.

"Hey. It's Ashton right?"

- - -

I am so sorry for this rubbish update, but i promised a friend I would update this week, plus I really, really wanted to write. This is quite a boring chapter but its important to give you some sort of image of how Ashton lives :)) lets hope you enjoyed this and will actually read on when I get round to actually writing. so please vote and stuff because that really inspires me to write ((: thanks x


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