I Wish

Some stories make me believe the whole "happily ever after" ending does exist.. this is not one of them.


8. The Mourning After

I drove Harry to the hospital and we went to the ward where Marion was in. "Hi there, I'm Diana, this is Harry. We're here to see Marion." The nurse lead us to her bed where the fragile woman was laying, a woman next to her holding her little hands. "Lindsay?" I asked slowly approaching her. She looked up and smiled, "Are you Diana?" I nodded. She stood up walked over and hugged me, "Thank you for making her last few days special. They said that when she fell that it was caused by cardiac arrest, she's gone." I felt my face turn pale, and Harry's hand slowly made it towards mine and pulled me into his shoulder. "She shouldn't have gone!" I wept. He held back his tears like a damn holding back a river. 


After we left, I was driving Harry home; he didn't seem fit to drive. He knew Marion, they were once very close. He finally let a deep breath out, "She was right." I felt a look of confusion emerge on my face, "she knew exactly what would happen and I didn't believe her." He didn't elaborate on that point, we just drove home in silence, went up the elevator with nothing but the music playing, then we ended up outside our doors. I was about to walk into my apartment when suddenly, "Diana?" 

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