The Shadownight Family - Tori

So this is my Shadownight Family role-play Movella!
I'm making this new version better, because when I look back on what I had, it was poorly written, and honestly, not well thought out. This will be taking place around the time that I did join, which happens to be over a year ago.
Many of the members have their own roll-play Movellas, be sure to check them out!


4. Auntie Rogue

Aunt appears not long after. I blink. A strong smell fills the room.

She kneels next to me, holding a bowl. I twist in the chair as much as my bonds will allow, inhaling the scent of food. I can feel my heart rate increasing with desperate anticipation.

Slowly, much too slowly, she lifts the spoon to my mouth. Flavor overwhelms me. I swallow before she can take back the spoon. She chuckles, and feeds me another spoonful. Another. And another.

I loose track of how long I've been eating. I can't place the taste, but I know it is some type of soup.

"Slow down a little," Aunt says. "You'll make yourself sick. And I don't want to have to clean up a mess."

I catch the corners of her mouth tug up for only a moment. I swallow another spoonful.

"I never did catch your name."

"I never said it."

"What is it?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"I gave you mine."

"You're the one tied up." She smirks. "You can call me Rogue."

"Auntie Rogue." I smirk back.

"Be careful what you say. You're still tied up." She clinks the spoon against the side of the empty bowl.

I groan. "I'm still hungry. And thirsty. And I need to pee."

"Well, I can bring you some water, but as for peeing. . ." she points into the darkness. "There's a bucket somewhere over there."

"How is that supposed to work?"

"That's your problem, sweetiecakes." She turns away.

"Seems to me like you'll have a mess to clean up anyway."

She chuckles. Rogue turns off the light, and is gone.

I sigh. Is it normal to like your captors?

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