Can It Be Real

What would you do if you have a change to chat with Harry Styles on Twitter? A girl called Melissa's dreams come true...(This is a typical 1D fanfiction but it's my very first fanfiction so please don't hate me but I wanna say that I'm ok with all kind of comments. You can give me some advices too, I'll be so happy if you read this, Thanks...)-this story is also published on wattpad. :)-


8. Chapter 7

I woke up With Harry’s voice.

Harry: Melissa! The breakfast is ready and we’re in Madrid right now and it’s almost 10:00 AM.

Me: *sleepy voice* OK, I’m coming. Are we in Madrid right now?

Harry: Yes.

Me: OK, what’s the time?

Harry: 9:48 AM. I've just told you that, remember?


I jumped out of the bed and picked a mini denim skirt and a t-shirt (which has “I ❤ MUSIC” writing on it) and my black Vans to wear and and I got into the bathroom.

I washed my face with cold water and wore my clothes. I brushed my Brown curly hair and left it natural. I didn’t even use a buckle.


After I got ready, I went to the mini kitchen.

Zayn: I can understand you Melissa.

Me: What? *confused voice*

Zayn: Sleeping is the best thing in the world.

Me: Yea. But if you have a boyfriend like Harry *looks at Harry* then sleeping is too bad if he’s not sleeping with you.

Liam: You’re so, so outspoken.

Me: What? Did I say something wrong?

Harry: No, you didn’t. All you’ve said are your feelings, right? *gives me a kiss on my cheek*

Me: Yep.


I sat at the table and ate my Nutella quickly.

Louis: Can we talk a bit? *looks at me*

Me: With me?

Louis: Yeah.

Me: Alright. *gets out of the kitchen with him*


Me: What happened, Louis?

Louis: I wanna ask Eleanor to marry me but I don’t know how to do it.

Me: Hmm. I have an idea but first, are you sure that you two are ready to marry?

Louis: Yea of course we do.

Me: OK, my idea is…

Louis: Your idea is?

Me: I think you should unite you two’s photos and make a video of them. Then you’ll rent a cinema hall and you two will watch it together. After it finishes, you’ll ask her to marry you. Is it clear?

Louis: Wow, Melissa! You’re so productive and oh, you’re very logical and I know it’s not enough but thanks a lot! *kisses my cheek*

Me: Thank you. *goes back to the kitchen with Louis”


Louis: Harry, you’re so lucky, bro. Your girlfriend is very nice person. You should proud of her.

Me: Oh, c’mon!

Louis: C’mon? You’re the best adviser in the World.

Harry: *winks* What she did?

Louis: I’ll tell you later.

Eleanor: *smiles* I’m getting jealous, Louis.

Me: Well, when you’ll learn what did we talk about, I’ll get jealous of you two’s future.

Louis: *glares at me* Melissa!

Me: OK. Don’t worry, never gonna tell forther.

Eleanor: What’s going on?

Me: You’ll know it soon.

Harry: Seriously, guys. Tell me!

Me: OK, come with me.


I took Harry’s arm and we walked into the mini living room.

Harry: So… Tell me please?

Me: Louis asked me how could he ask Eleanor to marry him and I told him to make a video which’s including their pictures. I told him to rent a cinema saloon then show it for her and then ask her to marry him.

Harry: Wow, very good idea.

Me: Thanks sweetie and I know it’s a perfect idea. It’s classic but every girl’s dream. So, what will we going to do?

Harry: Don’t know.

Me: OK, let’s ask for others’ idea.*goes back to the mini kitchen with Harry*


Me: So, what are you guys going to do for today?

Everyone except me: *stays silent*

Me: Ok… why don’t we do something together?

Liam: Yea, fine for me.

Niall: But what are we going to do?

Eleanor: What about traveling around as a tourist?

Me: Without a guide? I think we can make a movie day. I mean we can watch movies after we’ll eat our dinner until someone falls asleep. It’d be fun.

Eleanor: It may be fun but what will we do until dinner? My idea is nice?

Zayn: I think we should select movies that we’re going to watch and after that, we’ll do whatever we decide so let’s decide what will we do. Eleanor’s idea isn’t that bad, Melissa but yea, we haven’t any guide so any ideas?

Louis: What about talking about our funny memories, old memories.

Everyone: I’m in.

Harry: Let’s select the movies then.


We all went to the mini living room. Liam took a paper and a pen to write the movies’ names. We decided to watch some movies on the internet too. We’ll connect the internet with Liam’s Ipad and we’ll connect Ipad with the TV(which’s in our bus) with HDMI cable. We decided to watch:(in the order)

*Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

*Lemonade Mouth(yea, gotta problem? :))

*The Hunger Games

*The Time Machine


*Green Zone

*Paranormal Activity 2


*Brave Heart


Me: The list’s nice but “Paranormal Activity 2” didn’t accepted by me.

Niall: C’mon, I bet you’ll sleep until we start to watch it.

Me: Yeah, sure. *fake glares at Niall*

Louis: Whatever. Let’s talk about our memories. I’m wondering what will we hear from Melissa.

Me: Oh, OK. Let me think. Um, I’ve got lots of funny or sad or exciting memories. That makes me feel like a granny sometimes.


Everyone stared at me and I kept thinking. What should I tell them?

Me: Do you wanna hear funny or sad memory?

Zayn: I don’t think it’s a problem.

Me: OK, I’m going to tell you about my middle school times. It’s my first escape from school… I was 11. There was a summer school called “Full Day English”. After the school ended this summer school started and it was made by our school. And yes, we were talking in English all the time in this course with native English or American or Scotch or Canadian or Pakistani. Whatever. One day we decided to escape from school in the lunch break. Everyone accepted.  When it was time for lunch only me and two of my friends accepted to escape so three of us escaped from the school while the school’s guard left the entrance of school. We all ran until we reached the main road. We rested for a few minutes. We decided the place that we’ll go and guess where we went. We went to another school which was very close to our school.

Harry: So you escaped from school to school?

Me: Yes but it was my, I mean our first time and we weren’t know what to do.


I woke up in Harry’s bed with Harry. What? Harry was still sleeping and there wasn’t any noise which means nobody was awake yet. I checked the clock and it was 6:30 AM. No way! All I remember from last night was Lemonade Mouth’s very first concert. No! I didn’t sleep that early, did I? Ugh! And Harry put me into his bed? “whatever” I said to myself and tried to go back to sleep.


I woke up with my phone’s voice. My mom was calling. What? I answered it anyway.

Me: Hello, mom.

Mom: Hi, darling. I really missed you.

Me: Me too.*sleepy voice*

Mom: Oh, sorry for waking you up.

Me: No, no. It’s not a big deal really.

Mom: OK then but I have to tell you something.

Me: Go on.

Mom: You… You… You have to turn back home.

Me: Why?

Mom: Because I don’t want you to be with Harry. I even don’t want you to be around 1D. Clear?

Me: No! It’s not clear. I’m not coming back. Mom,you weren’t like that. What happened to you?

Mom: Nothing’s wrong with me but you became to a different person.

Me: What? No way! OK, I’m ending the call or we’ll keep arguing.


I ended the call. Oh my God! Why did she behaved like that? She had never acted like that before.

I looked at Harry to check if he awoke because of my loud voice. Oh, no. I thought he was I awake.

Harry: Good morning sweetie.

Me: Morning. Sorry for waking you up.

Harry: No, no. It’s not a big deal really.

Me: OK.

Harry: You look worried, what happened to you in this early time?

Me: I don’t I wanna tell it to you.

Harry: Oh, OK. But I want you to know that I’m always here for you, no matter what.

Me: Oh, thanks. *smirks* Uhm… I think you have to know this, anyway.

Harry: I have to know what?

Me: My mother called me. She said she misses me but no, she wasn’t calling for saying this. She called for saying that she’s not feeling good. I mean about you and me. She said she doesn’t even want me to stay with you guys. *looks nervous* And she added that she wants me to go back home.

Harry: What did you answered?

Me: I said I won’t do what does she want but I want you to know that she’s not like that person. I mean she has never acted that abnormal to my ex-boyfriends before. I think she’s sad about something and she tried to get rid of her sadness with annoying someone. Who’s the victim? Me, us. I’m sure she’s going to call me and she’ll apologize.

Harry: OK. You know her better than me.


I stayed quite until my phone rang. As I was expecting, my mom called.

Me: Hey, mom.

Mom: Melissa. Uhm… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I’ve said. I even don’t know Harry. Let’s act like I said nothing, OK?

Me: Cool.

Mom: Nice but I want you to do one easy single thing for me.

Me: What’s that “easy single thing”?

Mom: I wanna meet with Harry.

Me: Really? *happy and shocked voice* OK. I’ll tell this for him. Oh my God!

Mom: But you two have to come here, I mean Turkey.

Me: Oh, alright. I’ll tell this for him too.

Mom: OK. I’m waiting for your answer. Bye honey.

Me: Bye mom.


She acted as I expected so I wasn’t surprised. All I knew was I had to tell this for my Harry, now.

Harry: So, what did she say?

Me: Good news, she apologizes for what she said about you.

Harry: Wow, you really know your mother.

Me: Yes, but this isn’t just it. She added that she wants to meet you as soon as possible but there’s a problem. She said we should go to Turkey if you want too.

Harry: Of course I’ll come to Turkey. Hmm… But when we can go?

Me: I think we can go there after I meet with your mom.

Harry: OK, good idea.


I jumped out of the bed and Harry couch my left arm quickly.

Me: What?

Harry: Where are you going?

Me: I’ll change my clothes.

Harry: No, you’ll do it later. Please come back and kip on the bed with me for awhile?

Me:*smiles* OK.


I kipped on the bed and Harry wrapped his arms around my waist. I feel so good when he does this. I love when he touches me. I looked at Harry’s gorgeous green eyes. He smiled and I kissed him onto his lips and he kissed me back as usual. It started again. My heart started to beat faster. I felt so weird things into my stomach. I felt dizzy because of my excitement so I tried to pull him but Harry didn’t let me to do it, instead, he held my head closer to him and kissed me harder.


Today’s October 10th 2014 and I haven’t seen Harry for so long. Going to collage and meeting with new people couldn’t help me to stop missing him. He said he’ll come to visit me but nope, he hasn’t come yet.

I was watching a movie when I heard the doorbell. I stood up and walked towards the door, praying he’s Harry. I opened the door and yes, he was Harry. I hugged him tightly without saying any word. But I suddenly pulled him.


Me: You ddn’t come to see me for ages! *makes sad face*

Harry: Sorry babe but you know I was too busy.

Me: I know… whatever, you’re here right now so, come on in.


Harry came in with me. He was holding a package but it was quite big.

Harry: This is for you baby.*hands me the package*

Me: Aw, thank you.*kisses him on his cheek*


I opened the packet. It was a cute teddy bear wich’s holding a big heart, there was “OPEN ME” writing on the heart.

Me: What? “OPEN ME”? How can I open it?

Harry: I don’t know. *smirks*

Me: Oh, alright.


I examined the heart carefully. The heart was a big rigid thing but I didn’t mind and kept examining it. I suddenly realized there was a zipper behind the heart. I unzipped it and I found a photo album. Aw, how cute Harry is. I looked at the pictures which were in the album. There were about 20 pictures and all of them were only us. Me and Harry. When I turned the last page, I found a note, “Now look at me :)” Look at me? I looked at the bear and Harry laughed at me. Then I understood I should've looked at Harry. He stood up and knelt down. What? He opened a small box which had a ring in it. I understood what he was going to say. Oh my God!

Harry: *hols my hands* Melissa Malik, I’m not going to talk so much. I’m going to ask only one question. Will you be my wife and be with me forever?

Me:*looks shocked and my eyes got watery because of happiness* Harold Edward Styles, I wasn’t expecting this. I mean YES, you’ll be my husband and you’ll be with me forever.


Harry put the ring onto my finger and we both hugged each other so tightly. That day was the best day ever.



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