Can It Be Real

What would you do if you have a change to chat with Harry Styles on Twitter? A girl called Melissa's dreams come true...(This is a typical 1D fanfiction but it's my very first fanfiction so please don't hate me but I wanna say that I'm ok with all kind of comments. You can give me some advices too, I'll be so happy if you read this, Thanks...)-this story is also published on wattpad. :)-


6. Chapter 5

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Our next stop was Switzerland and we’re on our way right now with the rising sun’s disturbing lights. I said “disturbing” because it's only 5:00 AM and I want to sleep a bit more unless there weren’t sun lights.

I went to the bathroom for washing my face in order to make myself awake. The water was cold enough to awake me. I chose a cute mini denim skirt and cute t-shirt to wear. I applied my daily make-up and got ready for my day.

I saw Harry with a smiley face when I opened the door of the bathroom. I hugged him tightly and he hugged me even tighter.


Me: *smiles and keeps hugging* Good morning Harry.

Harry: Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well?

Me: I did. Well, the bed wasn’t as comfortable as my actual bed but it wasn’t that bad too. *pulls him away* What are we going to do today?

Harry: We’ll go to stadium and explore the area. And we’ll practice a bit. I guess we’ll be there at about 10.

Me: May I come with you because I get too bored when I'm alone really.

Harry: I think Eleanor will be here for today and she’ll stay with us until our Portugal concert finish and we’ll go back to England.

Me: Oh, that’s nice. *with excited voice* I can’t wait to meet her. When will she arrive here?

Harry: I don’t know exactly. We’ll ask L…*Louis interrupts his sentence*

Louis: Good morning love birds. *sleepy voice*

Me: *smiles* Good morning sleepy head. Hahaha, when will Eleanor arrive here?

Louis: I’m not sure. I think she’ll be here at about 9:45. I’ll wait her for the breakfast.

Me: Oh, alright. I can’t wait to meet her. Does she know me? I won’t get disappointed if she doesn’t.

Louis: She knows you and saw you too. *Looks at Harry* Harry talked about you a lot that I remember I got out of the room when Harry started to talk about you. But don’t worry, I love you. *smiles*

Me: *laughs* Harry, you shouldn’t be that annoying sweetie.

Harry: I’m not annoying.

Me: Yes, you are.

Harry: Are you sure?

Me: I’m not. I’m telling you what Louis told me.


Oh, god! I started to act like a child, AGAIN.

Me: Sorry for acting like a kid.

Harry: What are you talking about?

Me: You make me act like a kid. *rolls eyes*

Harry: Is it good or bad?

Me: I don’t know. *Louis leaves us slowly* I think I feel a bit uncomfortable because I’m afraid of losing you because of my childish reactions.

Harry: *hugs me*Oh my God! No! You won’t lose me. I love you as the way you are. So don’t act like someone else.

Me: Are you sure? *how stupid question it was*

Harry: God, I am! Of course I am.


I stared at his extraordinary green eyes. I felt his lips locked onto mine. This was our very first kiss which is on our lips. It was very passionate and oh! He's very good kisser. I never wanna pull away from his soft but strong kiss. I felt very weird. I don’t know why people say “I felt those butterflies in my stomach” but if they mean what I am feeling right now, then I felt these butterflies into my stomach.

I didn’t even realized that we were kissing for almost five minutes until we pulled away. I wanted more but I was too shy to say this for Harry. We stared at our eyes and smiled to each other. Oh my God! I’m dying when I see his smile, especially if I see his dimples. Well, I have dimples but they don’t make me more beautiful. While we were keep staring at each other


we heard Zayn’s voice.

Zayn: C’mon guys! Eleanor will be there in eight minutes. Louis went to take her from the airport. Let’s have our breakfast. They’ll eat outside and Simon went with Louis for their security.


We went to the small kitchen and we sat at the table. I ate o bowl of cornflakes, I love eating these things. I checked the clock, it was 9:30 AM so Louis&Eleanor will be there at least 15 minutes later. I stared at Harry’s eyes but he didn’t notice me while I was keeping stare at him I suddenly heard Louis’ voice while thinking these things.


Louis: Here we are.

Me: *stands up* Hey Louis.

Louis: Hey! This is Eleanor. Eleanor, this is Melissa.

Harry: She’s my girlfriend Eleanor.

Me: *smirks* Hey Eleanor, it’s nice to meet you.

Eleanor: Nice to meet you too.*shakes my hand* If you’re full, let’s go and sit somewhere. I don’t wanna stand up here.

Me: Me neither. *walks after Eleanor*


We sat on the couch and Eleanor seemed to want some information about me.

Eleanor: So, where are you from because you don’t look like an American or an English or a Scotch or an Irish…

Me: *laughs* I’m Turkish honey.

Eleanor: Wow, how did you meet with Harry then?not Meet&Greet or something like that, right? I don’t  think he came to Turkey though.

Me: Um, he followed me on Twitter and everything started with “an appreciation message”.

Eleanor: Wow, too weird. Sounds like a dream, huh?

Me: Yeah, I even question sometimes that if I’m dreaming in my sleep and what if I’ll wake up with my alarm’s annoying voice to go to school.

Eleanor: How old are you by the way?

Me: 19 and I’ll study English Language And Literature in Oxford.

Eleanor: *with happy voice* Oh really? Wow, you liked English lessons then.

Me: Yeah, it was the only subject that I was interested in unless we were watching a documentary or do experiments. I even didn’t used to enjoy P.E. or I.C.T. or art because I was very bad at designing or drawing something.

Eleanor: I understand. So what’s your favourite song?

Me: Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan which’s the only song I know by them at the same time.

Eleanor: What about 1D? Which’s your favourite song?

Me: Little Things.

Eleanor: Hahaha, it’s like a talk Show on TV. Whatever, your favourite album by 1D?

Me: Midnight Memories.

Eleanor: What are your favourite songs from each album?

Me: Moments, Little Things and Better Than Words. They’re all very meaningful songs for me.

Eleanor: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

 Me: Two younger sisters; Ella and Fatima. Ella’s 17 and Fatima’s 6.

Eleanor: Oh, I felt very guilty. From now on, I won’t ask a lot of questions.

Me: Oh, c’mon! As long as you’re not boring, it’s OK. So, what will you do while the boys are practicing?

Eleanor: I thought I’ll go with Louis but now I’ve got a friend so I don’t need to and sit somewhere for ages. I mean I think we can hang out together.

Me: I thought the same thing but I just wanted to know.


The boys returned at about 7:45 PM. I missed my Harry a lot. I got out of the mini living room and turned off the TV which has nothing to watch. I started to search every inch of the bus to find Harry. I saw Zayn sitting at the table.


Me: Hi Zayn. First, welcome back. Second, have you ever seen Harry around the bus?

Zayn: Well, no. He told us that he has to go somewhere and he took Liam with him.

Me: Oh…*with sad and confused voice*

Zayn: Missed him?

Me: Yeah.

Zayn: I missed Perrie too. We’ll meet with her after our Europe tour.

Me: I wanna meet with her.

Zayn: She wants too.

Me: Really?

Zayn: Yeah. She wants to meet with you as soon as she can.

Me: Wow. I wasn’t expecting Harry to talk about me for everyone.

Zayn: He bored us and all I wanted was you to come here and meet with Harry.

Me: Louis told me the same thing yesterday. Hahaha, I can’t believe it. Whatever, see you soon.

Zayn: Bye.


I went back to the mini living room and sat down on the couch. I took my phone and called Harry. After a couple of seconds, he answered.


Me: Harry! I missed you so much but you didn’t come back and took Liam with you too. What’s going on? I need to see you right now!

Harry: Babe I missed you too but I’ve something to do.

Me: Something to do? Then tell me what it is or I’ll find you and learn it on my own.*so worried voice*

Harry: Calm down Melissa. I don’t want to tell you but if you really…*I interrupt his sentence*

Me: Yeah, I wanna know and what does “I don’t want to tell you.” mean?

Harry: Oh my… Listen sweetheart. I’m trying to do something special for you. It was going to be surprise and it’s still a surprise if you’re not going to ask more questions.

Me: Oh, OK but you made me too worried. Try to understand. What if something happens to you, huh?

Harry: Nothing bad will happen OK? Now I want you to be ready for my surprise. Don’t eat too much but eat you dinner. Liam and I are going to eat our dinner together. Don’t wear too formal nor too casual clothes. I’ll take you at about 8:30, OK?

Me: Alright.

Harry: OK. See you there ten.

Me: Bye sweetie.


I put my phone onto the TV tripod and took a simple but stylish yellow dress. I went to the bathroom and wore it. Then I wore my yellow-pink striped flats and my pink bolero. I renewed my make up but nothing too much. I hate too much make up on people’s faces. I checked the clock and it was 8:20. Only ten minutes… I took a purse which has the same pattern with my flats and I was ready to wait Harry. Only last 3 minutes, if he’s punctual.


I heard Liam’s voice.

Liam: Hey Melissa. *examines me* Wow, you look very cute.

Me: Thanks Liam. And… Where’s Harry?

Liam: He’s coming.

Me: OK. Is my dress OK for he place that Harry’s going to take me?

Liam: Yeah, I think it’s what you need to wear.

Me: Oh thank you. *hugs him*

Harry: Oh here you are. *examines me carefully* Oh my God! Melissa, you look so beautiful.

Me: Thanks Harry. *gives him a swift kiss on his right cheek*


I saw Paul (the bodyguard) is waiting for Harry and I next to a black limo. No way! It’s black? By the way it’s my first time meeting with Paul. I got confused at first when I saw Paul but then I realized that he should come with us and keep or security.


Me: Hey Mr. Paul, I’m… *Paul interrupts my sentence*

Paul: Hello Mrs Melissa.

Me: How do you know me?

Paul: From Harry.

Me: Hahaha, why did I ask this question? By the way, call me Melissa and don’t use Mrs. I felt too old you know.

Paul: OK, whatever you say.

Harry: *opens the limo’s door* Well, come on! Let’s get in.*in a sweet voice*


I and Harry got in the car and Paul closed the door for us. It was cool.

Me: Why limo?

Harry: Keep calm and try to be patient.

Me: I can’t. I’m more curious than you think.

Harry: Oh, really? *in a teasingly voice.*

Me: *seriously* Yeah.

Harry: I don’t think you really wanna know!

Me: Yes, I do. I really wanna know.


Harry is annoying right now. Oh, God! Why he’s not telling me? Honestly I loved the way he annoys me.

Me: * hugs Harry* You’re annoying. *giggles* But I loved it.

Harry: *smiles* And I loved the way you annoyed.

Me: *fake glares at him*

Harry: What?

Me: What?

Harry: What?

Me: Hahaha. I want to say something.

Harry: Yeah, go on.

Me: I love you. I really do. You’re so stylish, you’re so handsome, so romantic, so cute… You’re also very famous but that’s not why I love you. I love you because you’re being you, not anyone else. *smiles*

Harry: Wow.*smiles back* Do you wanna hear something from me too? I know that sounds stupid but I love you. I really do. You’re so stylish, you’re so beautiful, so romantic, so sweet, you’re the girl who loves me from the bottom of her heart but that’s not why I love you. I love you because you’re being you. Want an example? You’re fangirling instead of trying not to be a fangirl.

Me: That sounds stupid? Why did you said that? I loved it even though you copied some of my words. *laughs*

Harry: Here we are.


The chauffeur opened the door for us and we got out. I still didn’t understand where we are.

Me: Where are we Harry? I don’t think we’re at a restaurant or a park or something like that. Seriously Harry, where are we?

Harry: Wait and see.


Harry stared to walk and I followed him. The place was a path which seemed like we were in the forest.  Oh my God! Why are we here? Why should we walk? Does Paul know where we are going? Questions made my mind busy.

As we kept walking, I saw a lightened fire and that made me more anxious. We walked towards the fire and I realized the fire is lightened onto  the fire woods with the shape of a big heart.and there was a little table in the middle of the heart. Aw, Harry! God knows how much he worked on it. But the question is, how did he made this?


Me: Oh my God, Harry. You’re just… just too excellent. I mean for what you’ve done for me. Look at that babe. How did you finished in a few hours?

Harry: Where do you know I came here to make this only for today?

Me: But…*Harry interrupts my sentence*

Harry: No “but”s. Just enjoy the view.

Me: *laughs* OK.


We sat at the table which has go black chairs. Paul sat under a tree which is a bit far from us.

Me: So, I loved here. You should always do something like that hahaha but I still didn’t understand why we are here.

Harry: Oh baby, just calm down and be patient.

Me: But I’m waiting to know this for so long.

Harry: For so long? *laughs*

Me: *smiles* Yeah…

Harry: Do you really want the answer or did you find it?

Me: No! I didn’t find it so please tell me.

Harry: OK. I brought you here just because I want you to be happy.

Me: Aw, Harry. You’re cute, so cute… I couldn’t find the answer because I searched for a reason except being happy. Do you know what? I never had a relationship with boys before. I mean, I’ve never been serious about my relationships. I dated with boys because I wanted to have fun. I’ve never cried for a boy. All in all I thought there should be a different reason just like in movies.

Harry: Movies? No way. Who cares about that unnecessary things? I mean they are fiction, not real and in romantic movies, there’s always some reason except being happy. I mean, people go restaurants and a guy asks a girl to be her boyfriend or asks her to marry him or some kind of things like that. Am I clear?

Me: Yeah, yeah, you are. I just… I don’t know what to say. You’re right. And do you know what? I’m very lucky to have you and yes I say this even if we are dating for a few days. And…


Harry interrupted my sentence with a kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. This is unbelievable. I started to hear my heart beats getting faster and faster. I wondered if he hears them too. That’s it. He makes be feel comfortable instead of making me feel confused. Well, I only had two boyfriends before and I didn’t kiss them on their lips ever. Harry is my first kiss and I loved it even if I’m not his first one. I wondered if I can make him feel the same way with me or am I better than any other girls that Harry kissed, like Taylor Swift. I like some of her songs but I don’t like her and I know Harry loved her so much or he may still love her. Ugh! This things made me wanna pull Harry so I pulled away from our very long kiss.


Me: I need to know some answers Harry.

Harry: So ask the questions.

Me: I know you’ll tell the truth so I’m not going to make you promise to tell answers honestly. And if I’ll not ask them now, then they’ll keep my mind busy for all the time. Ready?

Harry: Yea, sure.

Me: OK, first question: Do not laugh at me, do you love Taylor Swift more than a friend and do you use me to forget about all the things that you two had?

Harry: Well, first I wasn’t expecting any question like that and I’m very shocked and the answer is, NO!!! What made you think like that? OK, I thought I’m in love with Taylor but I was wrong because we aren’t created for each other. I think I’ve created for a girl who is form Turkey and whose name’s Melissa Malik, and she has created for me even if she hasn’t realized it. Melissa, you shouldn’t be jealous of what we had with Taylor before. You should enjoy the moment.

Me: Right. How about our kisses? How do you feel when we kiss?

Harry: I don’t know what does the feeling called. I’m not even sure if I feel just one emotion or are there more than one emotion. I mean everything gets complicated. But the important thing is, I find myself into your lips. What about you?

Me: Same here *smiles*. But I’ve never kissed a boy on his lips and I loved that I had my first with you. And I think those unnecessary questions are enough for now. I mean, I asked them even if I knew all the answers but I love you more when you’re romantic. *keeps smiling*



We stared at each other for a couple of minutes then I hugged him as tight as I could. He hugged me even tighter and my hair fell onto his face. I guess he tickled because he giggled then removed my hair. All I could think was, these moments are the best moments of my life.

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