Elizabeth Barron: The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


6. The man, the woman and the restaurant

His watch was five minutes fast, and I don't think he realized. Looking at it constantly then looking at the door, clearly waiting for someone. A nice expensive watch from the company Zenith, approximately three thousand-three hundred euros. However, it seemed to be the only nice expensive thing on him. His cuffs were average, stainless steel, no need to take care of them, scratches on the inside like he had difficulties getting them on, needing a polish. His shoes also need a polish and they weren't that great to look at either, a simple shoe company sold them as well as his suit. He did manage to find a nice tie. Spaghetti stain on the tip of it and that's why he's wearing a suit jacket that buttons down to his stomach. Sweat dripping down the side of his face and neck into the collar of the obviously bleached shirt. His hair, nicely combed to make him look professional. He looked anything but professional. Tapping his foot on the floor, glancing at his watch, looking around as if someone was watching him, taking too many sips of his water. Compose yourself man. Who ever you are waiting on sure won't want to see you like this. 

The door opened to the restaurant and he looked up as soon as it did, but the look on his face indicated that it was not the person he was looking forward to. I turned around to find Sherlock standing at the entrance. The waitress guided him over to my table and he ordered a nice bottle of wine. I couldn't help but keep looking at the man who happened to be looking at his phone. Sherlock followed my gaze.


"Probably not. Might be a woman he's waiting on."

"Then why the expensive watch?"

"I don't know."

"Expensive watch but not the rest of him. Must be a business meeting, no woman would look for a nice watch in a man. She would look for what kind of wine he buys, the cologne he's wearing-"

"Tom Ford Noir." 

He glanced at me. "How could you tell?"

I glanced back. "I'm a woman Sherlock, I can tell."

He nodded. "Of course. As I was saying. The cologne or perhaps by the way he acts, the venue, his suit. I'd say business since clearly, if he was rich, he would not be taking a lady here."

I rested my chin on my fist. "It doesn't add up. He's dressed for a meeting and yet he's acting like a little girl. He can't be meeting another man for business," I paused and sat slightly more straight in my chair. "Unless-" and at that very moment the door opened. Sherlock, myself and the man all looked to see who it was. The second man came to the table of the first man and they embraced, the first man offering the second man the chair across from his. 

"Should have guessed." Sherlock went to looking at the menu.

"We're loosing it Sherlock. We're loosing it."

"Nonsense. We're just a little out of practice with gays," he said, not looking up from his menu. "What are you having?"

"Pasta. The fettuccine with lobster."

"Don't you always get that?"

"Yes." I smiled. He looked up and smiled back. 

"Who next?"

My phone buzzed so I went into my pocket to get it. 

Where are you?

At a restaurant with SH

Just got a text from L

He wants you both

Why didn't he text us ?

He texted SH

At that moment I looked up at Sherlock who was looking at his phone as well.

"What is it?"

"Nothing important," he put his phone back. "Who next?" he asked, still looking at the menu.

I pointed to the woman eating with a man across the restaurant a couple booths down.

"Her." I said as I put my phone away.

"Hi, are you two ready to order?" The waitress smiled and looked at both of us.

"Yes, I'll have the lobster fettuccine please." She nodded and we both looked at Sherlock.

"I'll have the salmon and salad." folding his menu and handing it to the waitress and turned to also look at the lady. 

With a curt nod and taking out menus the waitress walked away.

"Recently been on vacation but not with the man. Wedding ring is dirty suggesting that she doesn't clean it regularly. It is also not on properly which means that she has taken it off recently, there is also no tan line from it underneath so she must have taken it off on her vacation."

"She's slouched in her chair and trying not to make direct eye contact with the other man who seems to be very confident and not noticing her unnatural behaviour. Taping her shoe which has also been polished but poorly. It has also been worn suggesting that she' s been wearing them a lot over the last month. Her dress is new but not too new. She probably bought it on her vacation." 

"Taking sips of her wine constantly and glancing toward her phone in her purse beside her. She wants to cheek it but not be rude to the man."

"Who is clearly her husband."


"Another man maybe, one that she's excited about and one that she met on her vacation." 

"Her hair is light but her eyes have bags under them, but she tried to cover them up with lots of makeup. The airline ticket is still in her purse as well as her passport."

"Meaning that she just got home recently and hasn't had the time to go home and properly unpack. Maybe came straight her from the airport after dropping off her things and changing. Her hair looks greasy but her skin seems clean."

"Shower for two?" Sherlock looked at me leaning on his elbow on the table.

"Possibly. But not this man."

The waitress came with our food and set it down, letting us know to call her if we need anything. We nodded and she left.

"So?" he asked, taking a piece of his salmon and examining it before carefully putting it in his mouth.

I swirled some pasta onto my fork and replied before eating it. "She's cheating on her husband with a man that she met on her "vacation" and really liked the guy since he's still trying to contact her." Sherlock nodded with a mouth full of food. 

We sat in silence and continued eating, not getting dessert and splitting the tab. He called us a taxi and we drove in almost dead silence, except for the driver trying to make small talk, all the way back to 221B Baker Street. Where we found Abbs and Watson talking and drinking tea.

"So?" Watson asked as we came through the door.

"Fantastic as always," replied Sherlock 

"Not the food Sherlock." 

"Oh of course." Abbs and I giggled.

"The man and the woman at the restaurant couldn't have possibly done it." I said to answer his question.

"How do you know?" Abigail asked, turning in her chair to look at me on the couch.

"Because, the man is much to busy with his personal life and the lady hasn't even been in the country for the last month." I looked to Sherlock for an agreement, which he gave with a nod.

A silent moment came before any one else spoke.

"So now what?" asked Watson.

"Now Watson, the game is on." Sherlock stood and made his way to the front door once again. 

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