Elizabeth Barron: The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


11. The Lab

The door swung open viciously, revealing a woman that I haven’t seen for more than six years, mostly because I’d been avoiding her ever since the first day I met her. That was the most awkward day of my life.


I had walked into the lab to pick up Sherlock (this is when we were still together). I found him sitting down with his nose in a microscope talking to this girl, this lab rat, a bright white lab coat, her big brown eyes looking only at him. You could tell by the way that she looked at him that there was nothing but love in her eyes. Nothing but love for him, and I couldn’t believe it.




He looked up at me as soon as I said his name and smiled. He pushed away from the microscope and came over to me. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him as he laid a kiss on my forehead. But I couldn’t keep my eyes of the girl who was still standing by the table.


“Who is she?” This time I did look at him, to his pale, yet bright green eyes.

He turned to face the girl and lifted his arm in presentation of her.


“Elizabeth, this is Molly Hooper. Molly Hooper this is my Elizabeth,” he faced me. But the look on her face when he said ‘my Elizabeth’ was a face I’ll never forget. She was surprised, shocked and maybe even mortified, but mostly I could see that she was sad. “She works here, she is a specialist registrar of the morgue. She is also very helpful and resourceful.”


I lifted an eyebrow at him and faced Molly Hooper. “Oh, I see.”


“I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize that Sherlock had invited you. I didn’t even know you existed. I’m sorry, that sounds odd. Um… I’m just going to go now. It was nice meeting you.” She avoided eye contact as she scurried out the door on the other side of the room.


“I’m ready to go.” He said, not taking his eyes off me.


“You didn’t tell her about me?” I kept my voice calm but stern.


He didn’t even flinch when I asked, not even a pause, just a straight answer like it always was. “I never found it relevant to tell her. Out of all of the conversations that we have had, there was never an appropriate time to tell her. Until now of course.”


I looked at him and blinked. I mean, I understood why he hadn’t, it made perfect sense but I still couldn’t believe that he hadn’t. So I just smile and let him out the door.


I had been ignoring Molly Hooper since then and now it was inevitable.

She stood in the doorway, her feet planted on the floor. The same stupid ponytail as the last time I saw her. Her brown eyes first went to Sherlock and then moved to me, which only made her annoyingly brown eyes even bigger. Her breath slowed and her heartbeat became faster with every passing minute. I could sense the awkwardness building up and her comfort level falling, rapidly. However, she didn’t know that Sherlock and I had broken up, she probably knew that I had moved to London but her decreasing comfort level may just be about the fact that I was back, and back with Sherlock.


“Molly, don’t just stand there and do nothing. Do you have the lab report that I asked for?” Sherlock had no doubt not noticed the rising tension between Molly and I. One, he doesn’t notice these things. Two, he had no reason to notice it. Although he probably noticed the facial expression on Molly’s face since she was facing him.


“Um… Yes Sherlock. They’re right here.” She went the long way around the table to put the reports beside Sherlock. Her head hung low and never looked up at me once.


“Molly, Elizabeth, you two have already met.”


He opened the report and started looking through it.


“Elizabeth, I’m sure you already have a theory to has how they realized that the man was pushed and to how we found the piece of skin on the floor,” he paused. “Well this is interesting.”


“What? What is it Sherlock?” Molly looked over his shoulder trying to read what he was reading.


“El. When were you going to tell me?” He shut the folder forcefully, which made Molly jump back and everyone in the room looked straight at me.


“What? That the person we are looking for the committed this crime also committed the last one. Or that the man that we are looking for is in fact a woman with a nervous tick and a thing for very, very expensive watches meant for Sherlock’s brother.”

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