Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


3. Wakey-Wakey

"Wakey-Wakey" a voice said, Alice slowly scratched her eyes. After opening them seeing Moriarty standing in another suit. Probably really expensive aswell. "No" She said, turning around. "If you don't wake up i'll have to make you" He said pulling the duvet from her, making her active to get her covered again. To no avail. "You know. I hate you" she said, standing up. "Please go out so i can change?" She asked. "Fine" He said going out the room. As she changed it started to rain. As she finished she noticed the bag on the ground. A sports bag, looking like the one at her apartment. As she checked what was in it, she saw some of her books, clothes, drawing stuff, her phone and the last thing being some make-up. She took one of the books, The Hobbit: There and back again. As she sat at the window, with the rain making the relaxing rain noise. She opened the window the hear it more clearly. After she had read some pages, Moriarty entered the room, unoticed. As he neared her she finally noticed. "Good day" she said, putting a mark at the page she almost was finished reading and closed the book. "We took some of your things" Moriarty said. "No shit, genius" she said. "So you have me trapped in this place becuase i am a witness to a murder?" She asked. "Yes." He answered, taking the book and placing it another place. "You know, you could have asked me to put it away" she said annoyed. "Would have taken too much time" he said, saying them slowly. "I do not care" "I do not care about what you think. Poppet" "I am not your poppet" She said walking out the room. Immediately finding a back door out to a garden. As she climbed up the tree, up to the top. "You know, if you kill your self, it will only hurt the people around you!" Moriarty yelled. "I know!" Alice yelled back. As she was as high as she could, she found a birds nest. A mother and two small baby birds. She watched them for a bit and climbed back down. "Good girl" Moriarty said. "I am no good girl, nor am i yours" she said. "But you are. Poppet" he said as he grabbed her close to him. Holding her by her hips. His grip was hard, but felt soft. As his lips neared hers, almost touching, a smirk was on his lips. A  more devious one than before. As his lips touched hers. She did nothing, and could nothing do. His grip was too hard. As his lips were gone from her lips they stayed that way. "Is my poppet in shock?" Those words made something click inside of Alice. She quickly took her right fist and tried to hit Moriarty in the stomach, only to get stopped by him. His smirk dissapeared into a frown and then a face of no emotion. "No need to get angry" he said, his voice was full of confusion, but his face said nothing. "Do not call me poppet. Do not think i am weak, do not think anything about me but strength" she said, trying to turn around, she was still in his grasp. "Let go of me" she said. "No. Now tell me what you saw at the robbery" "I saw a woman getting robbed of items, i tried to catch the man. But he was long gone. As i made my way over to her she was fine. That's all i saw. And a man in a suit like you-" "Mine. See. You saw something inportant" Moriarty said, now with a half made smile. "Still why would it ruin you, i just saw you at the place. I didn't see you do anythng bad" Alice answered. "But later her body was discovered and you could have placed me there" Moriarty said, their lips was few centimeters away from eachother. Alice noticed and looked down at them, as they neared her. This time not rejecting them. Their lips meeting, finding their right position. As soon as their tongues met, Alice got permission to find her way into the new space. Moriarty not happy by this action he immediately lifted her up, shocking her. As he made his way over to the tree making Alice's back touch the slightly wet bark, he took action and discovered the new space. A muffled moan made it's way Alice's way. "Sir, i can see you're busy but some one wants to talk to you. Immediately." with those words Moriarty quickly followed the maid, with Alice right behind him. Only to see one Mr Sherlock Holmes and a Dr. Watson. "Hello Sherlock" Moriarty said and sat down on the couch that was in the room. Revealing Alice. "Hello Alice" Sherlock said, sitting down on the chair opposite of the couch. John and Alice standing up. "You know. I should be at my university right now." Alice pressed on. "To become a doctor" She continued. "Shut up, poppet" Moriarty said, continueing to look at Sherlock. "You want her back right? But she dosen't remember you two" he said. "We do not care. We can make her remember" Sherlock said. "What did i forget?" "Do you remember what happend between last month and two years ago?" Sherlock asked. "No." "See. I am correct, Sherlock" Alice looked confused at Moriarty and Sherlock. "Did something important happen?" Alice asked. "Amnesia. Must have been drugged as she was in no crash or fight" Sherlock pushed on. "WHAT HAPPEND!? SOMEONE FUCKING TELL ME!" Alice yelled out. Her voice coming out angry and threatning. "You possibly got drugged to forgot about me and John" Sherlock again pushed on. It all became too much for Alice, she hurried away, her breathing ragged, hyperventilating, panicking. As she almost reached a quiet place she felt a hand on her shoulder, she immediately ignored it. "Breathe in and out, with me" The voice revealed it was John. As he breathed in and out, she tried to follow his breathing. After some time she was relaxed again, but tears rolling down her face. "Tha-anks Jo-ohn." She said turning around, hugging him. "I should be studying, closer to be a doctor" Alice said, tears streaming down her face, hitting John's coat. "I know" was all he made out before Sherlock called for him. "Please don't leave." Alice said. "Escape from this place Alice." Was all John had to say as he walked away. She stood there choked. No words was to be said. No nothing. Only silent tears rolled down her face. No sobs, the world stood still. She walked into a random room, it looked like her dream room. A bed in a mini house in the middle of the room, a couch with bookshelves over and next to it. A huge closet with nerdy clothes, a desktop. Clearly one made for gaming, a headset, steel series mouse and mousemat. And a microphone, blue snowball. She looked into the bathroom that had the theme: 'Forest' written all over it. Dimmed lights, small shadows of birds, forest sounds playing. Her tears still made it's way down her red, flushed, irritated cheeks. She realised she was alone, even tho maids would talk to her when she wasn't with Moriarty. She felt alone even tho she would socialize. She realised  that maybe she wasn't meant to socialize like the rest of the world. Maybe she needed to be alone, the only way she felt safe. Alone. Her body was weaker than she thought when she cried. She sat on the bed, going up the stairs to it, the smooth wood. She sat in the bed, thinking, her world going full speed and the outside world on pause. She threw the rest of the body down onto the mattress, a thump noise was made, her head spread across the mattress, hopeless laying there, tears slowly stopping, her mind still a mess, confused over why she is here. All what she did was that in vain? Was her life in vain? Was she in vain? Her heart broken, her smile fake, her hair flawless, her clothes beautiful, her a mistake. Her thought in ruin. What was she worth?


"You are not useless" a voice said, simple, no pitch, no bass, perfect. "You're worth it" the same voice said again, a bit more happy and cheerful, the voice turning more and more female. "You're perfect in your own perfect, flawful way." The voice said again. Alice kept laying down until the female sat next to her. Light hazel eyes, brown messy hair and curly, a smile on her face with dimples on her cheeks, her cheekbones high, a beauty mark a little to the right of her nose, and a bit over her upper lip, her lips full and small in width. Red like the one you see in the sunset, her skintone slightly tanned, her eyebrows looking manly but they made her perfect, her shoulders thin with a broad neck. Things that seems odd when you describe, but fits the person who wears the words great. "I love you" another voice said, female once again. The image replayed in her head. "I love you too" was answered and the two girls lips met. The reason she believes in love was that exact kiss. Her lips curling up.


"Alice? Are you there, poppet?" Moriarty's voice broke through, Alice waking up, her cheeks red and dimples showing. "Yes." She answered simply to the irish man, his suit exchanged for a t-shirt and basketball shorts. As Alice looked up at the ceiling, looking at one flaw in it, a black dot. A giggle escaped her lips, and a smile occoured on her lips. "What are we without flaws?" Alice asked Moriarty. "Robots" He answered her simple question, he was in a smile too. Happy.


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