Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


9. Me and my broken heart.

"I only told this lie and lies abut my legs. They're not broken. I quickly texted him that he needed to tell us that they were broken. All they really needed was rest" Valentina said. She finally stood up. "If you do not mind i am going to my flat" She walked out of 221b Bakerstreet. She walked all the way back to her flat. The other end of the city. It was soon going to be dark and it was already cold. "Damned Autumn" She said and just as she said that it began to rain. "Great" She muttered. She finally reached her flat and sniffed. "Please don't let me get a cold" She muttered again. She walked up the stairs and unlocked the door. "Anyone hooome?" she said and sniffed again. "Hello back" a familiar voice said. She took of her coat and shoes. She walked into the living room and saw Desmond. "Bonjour Desmond" She greeted and waved her hand. She sat down next to him.


"Valentina? Wake upp" a groaning Desmond said, Valentina's eyes slowly opended. "Mycroft told you that" She said, her phone made the 'BONK' sound. Desmond quickly saw the number. "The Creed. Wait you're a part of the Creed?" He asked, his voice was fruity. "Yes. And you're too i can guees" she said and took the phone from him. She dialed up the number. "Buongiorno" She said and smiles proudly. "No! Fine. Ciao" She said and hung up. She stood up. "You want to come?" "To where?" "Headquaters. Animus 3.0 is up. And i want to be the first to try. And you need to do also" she said and took on her shoes. She took her umbrella and smiled. She walked out with Desmond behind her. As they walked out she opened the umbrella and walked towards the HQ.


They stood infront of a small office building and entered it. They walked up a set of stairs and was not greeted. A smile was seen on Valentina's lips. "Buongiorno!" Valentina said in a adenoidal voice. "Hello sicky" a female voice said in a fruit tone. "Hello Monique" she said again in her adenoidal tone for the time being. "And do not call me sicky for coming down with a cold" Valentina said. "Hello Marqe" she greeted him. He had black hair, looked dry and was a mess, but it suited him. And Monique had red natural hair that was curly. She had freckles over her cheeks, they were light and not strong. It gave her a nordic look. "So let's get down to the bissniss!" Valentina exclaimed in her adenoidal voice becuase of her cold. She saw what she called a beauty. A blue version of animus 2.0. It also looked way more comfortable. "And who is that?" a voice broke throught it was a pleasant manly voice. "Oh hey Marquis. It's Desmond Miles" She said and looked at the other animus 3.0. It was dark green. Like the leaves of the forest. "He is also in the creed" She said. A smile on her lips. "So what year are we trying?" She asked with a huge smile on her face. "Well.. We are thinking about hm.. The French Revelution" Monique said. "Great!" She said. "Wanna join?" Valentina asked. As she sat down on the green Animus. It had to be the green out of the two Animi. "We need to put a needle into you." Monique reminded. "Fuck you. Thought you removed that" She said and a needle was jabbed into her arm. "Auch careful idiota!" Valentina yelled. And next to Valentina a displeased groan was heard. Desmonds groan. A short laugh escaped Valentina's lips. "Were looking at your ancestor with the name Secilia. She is Italian too. Also born in Venezia. But grew up in France and helped abit in the American revelution." Monique told them. "And Desmond we found a person called Valentine. Bit ironic but an Assassin too" She told him. They both layed on the animus and drifted into sleep, all senses leaving.


France, Paris, 1789 25. Of December.


"Come on you lazy ass!" Secilia yelled. "You are no good right now!" Valentine yelled back with his husky voice, sending chills on everyone neaby's spines. "Well i have a novice to teach!" Secilia yelled back in her fruity, silvery and appealing voice. She turned around and ran across the roof tops of France. A smile across her lips as she ran silenty across them. She reached the Headquaters in outer Paris. She climbed up it's rough surface of it, even after many years of climbing, adrenaline ran through her veins. She reached the top and jumped through the skylight with a huge smile. "Bonjour Mentor." She said in a welcoming tone, her mixed eyes looked into his. "Where is the new novice?" She asked in her regal tone, the tone and voice she hated. "In the training yard, but remember this one is fierce and strong, his heart is not changeable and may be influenced by Templars" Her mentor said with his croaky voice, he looked into her mixed eyes with his grey and old ones. She turned around, her black robes swaying with her. All the dark brown leather straps were silent now. The many uses it had. But one thing were more visible than the black robes. The three colours; blue, red and white. Blue, red and white pieces of cloth were seen on her bow, waist and on the rim of her hood. The cloak she wore were red. Strong colours to contrast. She looked powerful. her upper curias was short if you were to take the length of Ezio's or alike. It was on the length as a long shirt. But the cloak reached a little longer than her bottom. She looked marvelous walking down the stairs earning respectful glances. Her hair was tied up in a pony tail, but made into a bun with pins and more. Her hood was down. The colours of revelution shining down. "Arno Victor Dorian!" She yelled, her voice was harsh and strong. It was no where near her normal voice. It set fear in some. She walked outside fully to be met with a young man. "Arno i presume?" She said in her normal fruity, silvery and appealing voice.  "Oui." Arno's pleasing and appealing voice said. His black hair was not long but not short either. It fit his head. And his beautiful brown-green eyes. Valentina walked behind the building to train Arno.

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