Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


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"Alice, urgency" Mycroft said with a smug smile on his face, "you know how much i hate you right now" Alice said her voice begging to get angry. "What is the matter of this 'National Importance'" she asked, taking her hands up in the air making the famous 'quote' fingers. "A Terror attack on London and an assassination on the queen" he explained looking into Alice's eyes, those cold eyes that looked right into your soul. "And are there any leads? Anything at all to follow up on?" She asked, looked at a painting on the wall. "A group. You need to spy on them" "Me, spying? You know it only ends in eavesdropping" "I do." Mycroft ended. Alice quickly stood up and walked outside, her phone making her favourite noise. 'BOINK' it said. She quickly unlocked her phone, looking at the message.

'A car will pick you up and it will drop you off near a flat. Your target should be in 21A -MH'

Her smile quickly faded, only insults running through her mind. A black car drove up to her and stopped. A door was opened and she was told to enter. As she sat down in the black car she looked outside, missing her studying, she just watched as her dreams flew away. Watching the traffic of London, the busy life it had. To be honest the only reason she bought a flat in London was becuase of studying. She would rather live in the a little town close to London but also close to Nature. Or maybe just live in Firenze. The car finally stopped and she stepped out. Standing infront 21A. She quickly climbed up on the roof, her almost loosing grip three times. Finally being on the roof top, she found a open window into the flat. She over heard a conversation.

"Nah man, i dun think so. Do ya?" "I'd be pretty creepy if some were. But i think so." two male voices said, both deep and sounded Scottish. "Well i'm too lazy to check mate" the first male said, she then heard a thing scratch against a wooden board. "You win" and the piece fell down, they were playing chess. 'Seems pretty calm' Alice thought to her self. "Aw man. Why too lazy to win?" "Becuase we need to check plans." The first an answered the second. Her phone then rang, giving her away. She heard some yelling and the men were after her. She quickly picked up. "WHO IS IT!?" she yelled into the phone, the sound of stone under her feet was loud. "John, Alice what are you doing?" John asked his voice filled with questions and was confused. "Mycroft, running and fleeing" she said hanging up, finally coming near a jump, as she neared the edge she jumped and landed on the roof not that far away, making a roll. "Try catch me no-" and a gun was fired. "FORGET IT!" She yelled jumping from roof to roof. As she finally found a roof that would be safe to jump off with out knocking into a wall, she jumped, doing a huge mistake, landing on her heel. A shock came up her joints and legs, dreadful pain in her feet, she fell to the ground and no sound came from her, only quick panicked breathes. She took her phone and called John. He finally answered, "John, please come pick me up, trace my mobile or something, just please. Pick me up" she said and hung up. Her breaths never calming down. She felt like hours passed when she finally heard familiar voices. "There she is!" John exclaimed his voice worried. He ran over to her, slowly calming her down. "She jumped off the building and landed wrong" Sherlock said, looking at her shoes. "Why would she do that?" John asked not expecting a answer and none would be given. But Sherlock knew all to well what happend. John checked on her feet, holding the right one and sligtly putting force on it and a loud whimper and cry came from Alice. He then pulled the foot back. The same reaction was given. He then wiggled the foot, and now a scream left Alice's mouth. He did this to the other foot as well. "I think her feet is broken" John said, picking up Alice bridal style. They pulled a cab to the side and arrived at the Hospital, registering her. Now it was about waiting. "I am bored" Alice said looking up at the ceiling. "Well what do you expect it's a hospital." "Yeah but the waiting part is boring, not the whole testing part." Alice said still staring at the ceiling.

"tik tok, tik tok, tik tok, tik tok" Alice said. "Alice Montegroy?" A person asked. "That would be me" she answered. "Ehm.. Help?" She asked not wanting to make injury worse. Sherlock was forced carried her becuase John was out in the bathroom. As they finally reached a room they were greeted by a doctor. "Hello Alice" the doctor said. "Hello Dr. Sailmore" She said, a smile appeared on her face. The doctor told Sherlock to put her on this bed thingie. As she got the x-ray done she was finally asked the question how she got the injury she simple answered: Parkour.

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