Before Dawn.

Alice is a 24 year old girl who wants something in her life to happen, all she does is drawing and sketching, auditioning to no avail. Then she stumbles into a bar and meets Desmond Miles a completly normal guy to her eyes. And then she meets Sherlock Holmes. A highfunctioning sociopath.


4. A simple sentence, a hard question.


"Shut up dork!" Alice yelled, laughing like a maniac, air barely going down her throat. "No." Sherlock said a grin on his face almost threatning to escape a laugh. "What is this commotion for?" John asked worried, his eyes confused and eyebrows up in a question. "Nothing" a voice said, laughing too. "Who is that?" John asked looking at the younger girl. "My little sister, Misja" Alice said hugging her, a big smile on her face. "We discussed how long we could hide her" Sherlock said, a smile on his face. "And i said we couldn't. I could dissapear" Misja said, her brown hair up in a bun. "Misja, do me a favour and go study. You have Italian to do" Alice said, Misja not so happy by this mumbled something in French, going slowly over to the table in the kitchen, sitting down on a chair. "I am babysitting her for a week" Alice said smiling, looking at her little sister writing something down and saying something in Italian. "Why was Sherlock smiling?" John asked looking at Sherlocks reading form. "She is fun to argue and talk with. She has some intresting opinions." Sherlock said not looking up from his book, and a grunt was heard from the kitchen. "Italian suck" A irritated Misja said, making Alice chuckle. "German suck" Alice complained to make fun of Misja. "Well atleast i learned it in 7th grade!" Misja teased, her voice making a 'matter of fact' tone. "That's early" John said again looking confused. "Not in Denmark. You learn English in 3rd grade, German in 7th grade and thats the languages you can learn free. Some school may provide French or Italian but not many." Alice said, looking at John. As they heard a laugh in the kitchen they both looked back there, seeing a Sherlock and a Misja talking in French instead. "So you can play the violin?" Misja asked not believing Sherlock's words. "Yes, i play violin when i am bored or need to think." "Well, i read when i need to think. And draw, write and play the piano or guitar when i am bored" she said, looking at Sherlock and quickly back at her drawing. "Don't be shy" Sherlock said, looking at Misja's face turning red. "Normally i would be offended, but i'll make an exception. I am a introvert. And i am not shy, just socially awkward. I hate being in company with more than two people, and small talk is boring, only thing you get out from that is rumors and lies. Which again is boring. I want deep discussions about politics, science and books. Things that is intresting. Oh and videogames" Misja said, yawning.

-End of Flashback-

"Robots" he answered her question, a smile on his lips. Happy.

As Moriarty sat next to her hair, playing with it, acting human, having a good moment. "Don't touch my hair" Alice said, a laugh escaped both their lips. A sweet silence was made, it wasn't awkward. It was perfect and great. "I've started to remember things now." Alice said a smile on her lips. "Thats great" Moriarty said, a smile slowly going away. Him laying next to her. "When can i leave?" Alice asked loving the moment. "You can leave today if you promise me you keep silent about this" Moriarty said, a smile on his face again. "I promise, i cross my heart and i hope to die" She said. "You can leave now. You're free now" Moriarty said, smiling big time. He knew he was going to feel alone when she left, but he loved her.



As Alice slowly walked home, her mind buzzing again, getting depressive again, those thought wouldn't let her go. And before she knew it, that zone turned to be worse. "Watch where you're going. Bitch!" A male voice said, and as soon as she heard those words, her body turned around, running after the boy, faster than what he was able to run. She caught him and a punch was thrown into his face. As she tackled him to the ground, people stopped up to look at them. As she continued to hit him, his nose bleeding. "Don't" 'crack' "Ever" 'crack' "Call" 'crack' "A BITCH AGAIN!" as she said those words and a last punch was thrown in she got pulled away. "She just had a bad day" A familiar voice said, making up an excuse. As she turned around to see John, tears streamed down, her mind in ruins again. Just like they were when they first met her. As she hugged John holding him close, tears making it's way to his jacket. "Let's get you cleaned up" John said looking at her messed up hair, her red eyes and the black bags under her eyes.

"Baker Street" Alice read out loud. As they entered 221B Baker street. As soon as the door closed and they were up the stairs and was greeted by some talking. As they entered they saw Sherlock talk so a man, looking like his late 30's maybe early 40's, in a suit and had some resemblance to Sherlock. "Oh, Alice. I can see you're back" the man said going over to her. Her eyes only looked confused and afraid. "Who are you?" Those words hit hard on the man, he looked confused, words about to jump out. "I am Mycroft. Sherlock's brother" Mycroft said. As he put out his hand, no hand shake was made, he forgot about how awkward she was. "Mycroft, i am telling you that it is none of my concern" Sherlock continued, his words sounding ignorant. John was out in the kitchen makin some coffee for Alice. Alice sat down on the floor just to get her legs to rest, eyes quickly falling on her. "It is of national security, it is of your concern" Mycroft said back, standing up against the wall. "Fine." Sherlock said, clearly giving up to his brothers stubborness. As John warmed some soup up he heard some rather diffrent conversations behind him, a confused smile making it up his lips. "I am telling you i'd rather live in Firenze than live here." Alice said giving her opinion to Mycroft. "Would you? Hm. Well i can say that i can only disagree" Mycroft said, looking down at his younger brother. "Well i have to leave" Mycroft said, walking out of the apartment. "Alice, you have been crying, what's wrong?" Sherlock asked, trying to sound worried. "Nothi-" John tried to stop Sherlock. "I feel trapped." Alice said answering a part of her feelings. "I feel like i can't say how i am 100%. I am missing words to desribe how i am. And that is a way i've been feeling my whole life. I feel empty, i feel trapped, i feel alone, i feel misunderstood. And do not say this is a phase!" Alice explained. Her eyes only saying the truth.

She felt alone.

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