The Model

Kailen is a teenage model. 5 Seconds of Summer is a singing teenage heartthrob band. What happens when Kailen does a photo-shoot with 5sos and accidently falls in love with a band member a few years older than her? Read 'The Model' to find out!


1. Introduction

Kailen's POV

"Kailen, you will be doing a photo-shoot with some people tomorrow. I won't tell you who with, so don't ask." says my agent.

"Fine, Melissa." I groan.

"I need you to go home and get lots of sleep. You are to be here at 9:00 in the morning, well rested, well fed, and not grumpy like you usually are. This photo-shoot will be huge for you." Melissa instructs.

"Alright. Can I come in my pajamas though? Plus, coffee with me? You know how much I need coffee in the morning." I tell her.

"Fine but not to much. It is not healthy for a young teenager of your age to drink coffee all the time." Melissa adds.

"Uggghh. I am leaving. Bye, Melissa." I say while leaving her office.

I live 10 minutes from the studio and office, meaning I can walk home. I am Kailen Thompson and am 14 years old. I'm a teen model working not for a specific clothing company. I have different jobs with companies such as clothing stores, magazines, or anything else.

My home consists of my mom working as a nurse, dad working as a police officer, a dog named Saddy, and an older brother in college. My mom works crazy shifts along with crazy amounts of time. My dad's work is just like that, meaning it is usually my brother and I at the house together when he visits which is a lot. We tease each other but never really fight or not get along. I love him and he loves me.

As I said, I am 14. I also am a going to be a freshman in high school. I have emeraldish green eyes and brown hair. It is naturally curly but I hate it that way, so I always straighten it. I am definietly not the tallest. Everyone tells me that I am super skinny but I don't think so. I don't have much in the way of curves but I have some. My personality is different. I am kind of outgoing but not extremely. I can be a jerk to people but that is if you're a jerk to me or other people. I have sass but never am mean to someone. I have confidence but I am not a cocky stock up jerk. Or atleast that's what my friends tell me.

Finally, I walk in to my house using my key.

I waltz into the kitchen and immediatelty grab white cheddar popcorn. I take the full huge bag up the stairs to my room and flop onto my bed.

I am taking my shower in the morning. I am too exhausted to get up and change into pajamas or anything. I grab my phone from my pocket and the telivision remote from the bedside table. I turn on the TV and go on Twitter on my phone.

Soon enough, my eyes are winning the battle and I am pulled into a darkness called sleep.


Sorry this sucked! The story will be a lot better though. SLOW UPDATES!!!!! This is more of an introduction, hense the chapter title. Kailen Thompson (Ryan Newman) is the on side under media .One of my best friend wanted me to write a story for her, so here is one of them. Follow her on Twitter: @kailencooper707! Also, @Kailencooper on Wattpad is her username. See ya, later. Bye my 'Pickles'!




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