The purge

Shay, Nash, Cam, and Cams sister Ashton are all friends struggling to get through the purge, who will stay alive? Who will die? Will anyone die?


1. when it all started

I wake up. It's 8am.

Today's the big day and I'm terrified, but so are thousands of other people. The purge is tonight.

I get out of bed and head down stairs

"Hey mom" I say giving her a hug

"Hey, I'm going out to get some stuff for tonight, wanna come?"

"No thanks, I promised Nash, Cam, and Ash that I'd go to the mall with them" I say yawning

"Okay, be back before 6" she says

"Okay bye" I say as she goes out the door

I head upstairs to get ready for the mall.

I throw on a batman crop top and black high wasted shorts.

I text Nash, Cam, and Ash and tell them I'm ready, then I run down stairs and throw on my white converse and sit on my couch and wait for Nash, Cam and Ash to pick me up.

15 minutes later I hear a honk, get my phone and head outside

"Hey" I say getting in the car, Nash and Cam are in the front and me and Ash are in the back

"Hey girly" Ash says


"Zayum arnt you looking hot today"

"Cam stop your flirting, we all know she loves me!" Nash says



"Okay princess!" Nash says

It was silent for about 5mins

"Is anyone else terrified about tonight?" Ash asks

"Yeah, but were gunna be fine, we can last one night, I hope" I say

"As long as you guys have us your safe" Cam says

Me and Ash start laughing

"Says the guys that are afraid of spiders"

"Shut up that was 1 time!" Nash says

"Whatever you say princess" Ash says

We arrive at the mall, get some stuff, and then go back to my house

"I'll be right back" I say

Nash's P.O.V

When we arrive at Shays house we go inside and plan out the night

"I'll be right back" Shay says going downstairs

5 minutes later she comes back with a huge bucket

"What's in there?" Cam asks

"You'll see" Shay says

When she opens it I see about 50 different types of guns and bullets


"There my dads" she says really casually

Oh, I forgot her dad fought in the war

"What are we gunna do with those?!?" Ash asks

"Um... Idk, how bout, use them?!? We need protection and these are the best things we'll get" she says

"Ooh I call that one" Cam says

We all pick out a gun and load it with bullets

Cams P.O.V

We were all getting ready for tonight, then I got a text from my mom

Mom: hey Cam, can you tell Shay that her mom go caught in traffic and will be staying here tonight? There is way too much cars, will you guys be okay?

Me: yeah I think we can cope, I love you, stay safe

After I texted my mom I told Shay what was going on, she said okay and that now we had to get even more protected, we locked all the doors, put the couches and chairs I front of them, sealed the windows, and all sat together on the floor, Shay was in the middle of me and Nash, and Ash was on the other side of me, oh and Ash I don't think I mentioned this but Ash is my sister.

We all held hands, it was 11:30, 30 minutes until it all starts.

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