||Purple deaf||

Hi, I'm Tia Marzia. I was born with naturally purple hair, naturally purple eyes, and naturally purple Nails. That's great, except, I was also born naturally deaf. Everything with my life was pretty normal, except no doctors knew how I was born with purple features or why. My only escape was my daily jog to the park where I sat and doodled listening to my kind of music, the non existent type.

One day Harry styles sat next to me. Harry thought I was great; I couldn't hear him.


1. One

"Tia, dinners ready." My mother shouted up the stairs. I'm Tia Marzia Valestro. I'm 15, half Italian, deaf and I was born with naturally purple hair, eyes and finger nails. No doctor has ever been able to explain it and I've travelled most of the world before coming back to my wonderful home in the heart of Somerset, England. Sure, hearing my mum was hard and your wondering how I heard her? Well, my father is a lawyer and my mother was before my birth. They paid for me to have a super strong hearing aid that was specially made for me, but it was pretty ugly; I only wore it at home.

"I'm coming," I replied unplugging my aid and walking down to the dining room of my incredibly large house. As I walked down the stairs towards the room my parents were situated I walked past a large mirror, looking in it, I think I'm pretty without being bigheaded. Having purple hair eyes and nails came at a cost, I had to be extra careful when it came to any sexual activity with my boyfriend, because I am ALWAYS fertile. Which means no woman problems. Talking of problems, I'm a Virgin And I have no boyfriend, unless Imagination counts?!

After I had ate my mothers delicious home made pasta bake I excused myself for my daily jog. First I went to my bedroom to get my headphones, iPod, doodling pad and pretty pencil. I ramed them all into my small bag and left to go downstairs where my trainers and jacket was.

"Bye Mum. Bye dad." I shouted as I took off down the road. I hit the same corner I always do, with the same small shop that's always there. Past a few familiar trees and a few familiar faces until I reached the side gate of the park. I leave through the entrance because I stop to get a drink at my grandparents house before jogging home. But first, I jog to the huge tree to the right of the field that's fenced off like always and sit under the shaded part of the grass with my back against the tree.

Plugging my headphones in and placing my iPod in my pocket is what I do first. I then turn to my left and get my doodling pad and pencil out and just sit, nodding my head along to a song that doesn't exsist, just to make it believable.

I doodled a lot of things from butterfly's to tattoos id like to get. I think the prettiest is the ship. I've always wanted to get a ship tattoo because it suggests that you've moved on, and moving on is the first step to success.

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