Saviors,Angels,And Life

Kajal A Girl Waiting To Be Saved From Her Dark Past.


2. A Couple Days LAter

*Door Bell Rings*

"Niall Get ready to read millions of fan mail" Niall says as he gives himself a mental pep talk. He opens the door and picks up a clear garbage bag full of fan-mail, and some packages.

He silently goes to his room with the garbage bag, and starts reading Here's the first one:

Dear Niall,


Love, Mary

"ha Sure Love" Niall says out loud

Heres the second letter:

Dear Neil,

I'M Going to Marry all of the members of your band!

Love Jen

"Carrot Much" Niall says to him self.

The Third Letter was awfully long:

Dear Niall,

I'm writing this today, I don't know if i'll send it to you i'm writing it. My life has been just a living hell. Getting Constantly yelled at, getting put down, being used, suicidal thoughts, cutting, crying,depression. Nobody deserves the life I'm currently living. If You can't tell i'm currently crying while writing this. You boys of one direction has been my last resort to happiness. I just want to be saved from this hell hole. You guys are my saviors and even though people send you hate i'm here to back you up. I'll do anything to meet up guys... even if it means puting my life on the line. In my life so many things have happened thati csn't belive im still living. Im just a human i can break, but nobody notices. I guess thats all i have to say... bye.


"Kajal" Niall says. "I'm Coming to save you"


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