The Phantom of Xfactor

Alice Smith a dedicated directioner knows her dreams will come true if she wins The Xfactor so she signs up. She is surprised to see that Niall Horan is a guest judge.When 7 contestants mysterously vanish and numerous attempts of sabatage, Simon threatens to cancel the season. However,Alice is convinced that these weird events are tied to Xfactors past but two questions remain. Who is the phantom of X-factor and is Alice his next victim.


1. An audition to remember.

"Contestant number 241876 please" "That's me" said Alice as walked on stage to face Simon Cowell. "Alrighty what are you going to sing for us?" Said Simon. "I will be singing You and I by One Direction." Said Alice. "Lovely choice" said a familiar voice. Alice was stunned to see Niall Horan himself was one of the guest judges. She was scared for she didn't want to mess up. She gathered her courage and sang. Luckly she received 3 yes,s and went backstage to watch the next contestant after her. She sang a beatles song which was a risk because it was a difficult one to sing well. Suddently in the middle of her song the lights cut out. Alice couldent see anything but she heard a scream of terror. The lights came on and lindsey the girl who had been singing was gone. "She vanished into thin air" exclaimed Simon. He decided to cancel the rest of the audtions for the day. Alice went to her car and saw a note in the windshild wipers. The note said "The Phantom of Xfactor has struck and I will strike again BEWARE!!". Alice ran and gave the note to Simon. He laughed " Look.there is no phantom it was proabably a electric failure". He walked away and Niall walked up to Alice and said "you know out of all the girls we saw you looked the most like a star on stage. Mind getting lunch with me?" Alice nodded and said "sure Niall id love to mabye we can discuss this phantom thing". Alice and Niall walked to Nandos However Alice was worried. Was she next on the phantoms list?



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