Fallen angel

Hunter is a fallen angel 18 emo and depressed he meets a girl named Noelia shy scared unhealthy and unprotected


1. stunned by beauty

Hunters pov

It was 5 in the afternoon I drove to the market to the market. Once I was there I went to where the vegetables and fruits were and started to look for what I needed then I heard sliding doors open to reveal a girl about sixteen in a ripped sundress barefooted ,scared , dirty,and she looked hungry. She walked on the cold ground and I watched as she got a bottle of water and an apple slowly and scared she saw that everyone watched her every move she turned around took a deep breath and started running I ran after her there was something about her. I got her wrist and screamed rape and I let go of her hand and she was gone.

Noelia's pov

I ran away as soon as he let go he looked at me with pleading eyes but I couldn't bare let him try to help.

*later on that day*

It it's around midnight and it's raining yeah yeah I know wtf why r u in a sundress barefooted in the beginning of winter?! Well I'm homeless and poor so yea don't judge. Suddenly a car pulled up next to me and the said something but I couldn't hear. I was shivering from the cold so much i passed out

Hunters pov

I ran over to her and I checked her forehead she was burning in fever I picked her up and noticed how light she was. I put her in the back seat of my car and got in the drivers seat and headed home once I got there I got out of the car went to the backseat picked her up and kicked on the door one of the servants opened the door I laid her down I picked up the phone and called my dad.

(D is for dad nd H is for hunter btw)

D- hello hunter?

H- dad I need ur help

D- I know bring her. She needs rest

H- ok be there in five

- end of call-

I wrapped her up in a blanket I too off my shirt. yes I take off my shirt. I picked her up walked out to the backyard let my wings out and started flying to the kingdom where my father is living I started to pass a bunch of clouds and once I got there I landed and ran in my father was there he saw her and said " she's ill, not deadly ,but weak. she'll be fine. Take her to a guest room to rest" I nodded and head up stairs and went into the room laid her in the bed and I pulled up a chair as I watched her sleep. Then two maids came in and said they were here to give her a bath and put her in new clothes I nodded in approval "be careful" they nodded and got to work and an hour later she was put in the bed clean and asleep.

I saw what they put her in a white night gown that was so long it touched her toes and half of her hair was in a bow the ends of her hair was curled. She so looked beautiful with a picture of her in my mind I fell asleep.

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