Forever and Always

He got lung cancer. Stupid lung cancer. My husband, Harry Styles got lung cancer and now he is gone. Gone forever. His last words were 'forever and always' and now he is gone. Or is he. But 5 years before that, my 20th birthday is when it started. Not the cancer, our life together. My name is Hannah, Hannah Smith. I live with my best friend Kennedy Johnson and she gets us to meet One Direction, our favorite band, for my birthday. Harry asks me on a date, asks me to be his girlfriend, asks me to marry him, then after we are married, he starts smoking. I told him to stop, but he didn't. Look what stupid smoking can lead you to? Ugh why would someone invent those? Anyways, this book is Harry and I's life together to what I thought was the worst day ever.


5. Author's Note

Hey guys! Sorry if you thought that the last chapter was too long. If you want me to change anything, please let me know. I might not if I don't like the idea. And if you have any ideas for my story, please tell me! Love you guys! Xx


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