Forever & Always


2. Chapter 2

Harry's P.O.V

Once she closed her door I went back to my apartment for my lazy cycle to begin again. I jumped on to bed and started thinking of the girl, the girl by the name Carrie. She was really beautiful and I cant believe I said that to her. Her eyes were so fascinating, I noticed when she tilts her head to the right her eye colour becomes a sort of green colour, a beautiful green colour, her hair was floating above her ass which by the way I was so tempted to smack, her ass not her hair, smacking her hair would be weird.

She wasn't like any of the girls i've gone out with before, or should I say fucked before. She was innocent and sweet with a hint of attitude, but I liked that about her.

I know you are wondering if I have any family, well the answer is no. When i was young like around four or five my mother and father were murdered right in front of me so I got traumatised thats why i'm so violent now.

I've always wanted a family of my own and now with this mystery girl living across from me I think I might be able to have one, well it depends on how much I can control my anger around her.


Soon I was drifting into sleep hoping I wound dream about her again, dream about Carrie. Soon I was rewarded with just that.


Me and the girl that I now know by the name of Carrie were lying on my king sized bet with our two bodies comfortably cuddling in the middle.

She lifted her head from my chest to look up at me as she said "Harry!" "Yes, babe" I replied kissing the top of her head. "I Love You" she told me for the first time ever. My heart was filled with um... whats the word... Butterflies, yes filled with butterflies because I never thought it was possible for anyone to love me. " I Love You much more" I said while pulling her ontop of me and adjusted her thighs so that the were on either side of my waist.

I put my hands on her cheeks and pulled her down to place a kiss on her perfectly soft lips and wispered into her ear "I will Love You and only you Forever and Always".

Carrie's P.O.V

As I walked back into my apartment which still filled with empty boxes from my recent move to England, I was too tired to sort out my junk so I just went to my room which didn'nt even have a bed, I still had to buy one.

I changed into my pj's and lied on my 'BED' . The handsome guy by the name Harry, with flawless, dark curls and amzing green eyes creeped his way into my mind. I was thinking of the time he told me i'm beautiful, when I had closed the door I couldn't stop blushing.

Soon I drifted to sleep and started dreaming about him, dreaming about Harry.


This is such a dark place, where the hell could I be? I heard a trashcan fall, I must be in a dark alley then I saw two bright green eyes coming towards me. I recognised the curls aproaching me, is that Harry, it must be. I ran towards him but I tripped and fell on something, I cut my forehead and It was hurting so damn much. Harry came to me and kneeled on one knee and lifted me, he carried me all the way to his apartment bridal style and I pushed my head higher so i could leave a soft thankyou kiss on his cheek but he cheekily moved his face and our lips touched for the first time and he wipered in my ear " Carrie, I Love You". I was blushing like a fool, I didn't want to tell him I loved him because i wasnt sure that I loved him yet. I kissed his lips again so he wouldn't notice that I din't reply.

Harry's P.O.V


I was rudely awakened from my dream just at the good part where I was about to cum in Carrie. Someone kept knocking on my door it was really pissing off. My anger soon disapeared into thin air when I saw who its was, Carrie. Thoughts of what we were doing in my dream came to the front of my mind and im sure my cheeks are flushed with a bright red colour. Then we both opened our mouths at the same time to say something but we closed them and said "You first" at the same time and we started laughing.

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