Forever & Always


1. Chapter 1

Harry's P.O.V

Today it's so cold, I'm just going to lay in my bed the whole day until the sun decides to chase the fucking rain away! It's not like I have anything else to do. My job is done, I pretty sure the entire building is already afraid of me.

I went to my room and switched on the tv, I flicked through the channels to find something to watch that would pull me out of my boredom. It is now summer holidays so I guess I'm gonna be stuck in here for quite a while.

I wish one day I could just find that one girl that kept coming into my dreams when I slept, those dreams have been coming way too much lately. Suddenly I heard a door unlocking from the opposite side of my apartment door, no one ever lived there, maybe it's a new person. I was pulled out of my thoughts by a loud bang on the floor, I assumed something of that person outside had dropped.

I walked to the door and looked out the small hole to see who it could be then my eyes darted to a girl struggling to pick her things dropping them repeatedly. Her hair looked exactly like the hair that belonged to the girl in my dream so I thought, could this be a sign? Maybe this will be the end of my wait for the perfect girl.

I unlocked my door and walked over to her. He bright hazel eyes darted towards me. " You know your things are on the floor, right? " stupid stupid stupid, I said inside my head, I'm trying to be friendly and I say that of all things. She looked at me shockingly and said " As you can see I am trying to pick up my things". She had a very sweet and innocent accent, I could tell she was new to my country as she had a foreign accent, American I believe. " Do you need any help? " I rushed since I was nervous. She shook her head "No, I'm good." She said with a hint of annoyance in her tone. As she entered her new apartment I shouted through the crack in her door "I didn't hear a thank you!" She ignored and shut the door.

First impressions are important I blew it with my possible soul mate, I wonder what she must think of me. I need to think of something so I can talk to her and make her think of me as a nice lad living across from her not a person that everyone is afraid of.

Two hours past thinking of how to talk to her when I thought: I should go ask her if I could borrow something, I'll figure out what once I talk to her.

I knocked on her door and heard her shout "just a minute!". She opened the door and gave me a 'what do you want' kind of look but I ignored it. "I just wanted to ask if I could borrow some, uhh...." What Harry think what can you possibly need from this dark haired, bright eyed girl. Aha! "Some sugar" phew, I breathed out to relax. " I'm sorry but I don't have any!" She said while attempting to close the door but I blocked the door with my boot and said " I didn't quite catch your name, love". " I'm Carrie and you are....?" She said questioningly. "The names Harry." " You are beautiful" I blurted. What the fuck have I just said, I wasn't thinking! She blushed and I caught her giggling as she locked her door.

I've never seen such a innocent being in my life. She is exactly like the girl in my dreams. Long flowing hair, bright hazel eyes, an adorable laugh and beautiful rosy cheeks. This is insane I've never thought about a girl like that I thing I'm falling for her and for the first time I feel like smiling just because I might have a chance with this one girl, a chance at happiness. I am not going to blow it. Let's just hope she is single.

Authors note:

I hope you enjoyed my first chapter I know it short but I was so excited I just wanted to post something so I hope you all loved it and comment what you thought.

Gucci xxx

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