The Bully Blog

Laura Richardson has been bullied ever since she started her new school in Salem, Oregon. Her blog helps her with the pain of all the bullying, but writing is never enough. Even though her blog only gets a few views a week, she continues to write. What happens when she finds out who that one person is that always reads her blog?


9. Purple Hair and Pizza

When we finally found the hair dye section at a local beauty supply store that also had hair dye. I started looking with a concentration that I only had when I was looking for hair dye. I guess I am really into that stuff.

I finally found the dark purple hair dye and grabbed two boxes. I said, "Okay, be prepared to look even better Mr. Roberts."

He laughed and said, "Okay." I pulled him up to the counter to pay.

I couldn't wait to get back to his place.

Dylan said, "We gotta go to your house to get your clothes."

I sighed, "Ugh, okay. I better pack fast."

He laughed, "You are such a dork."

I asked, "Why am I a dork?"

He said, "You are crazy. I think it is cute how you act like this."

I started blushing and looked down. I found it weird how I felt so comfortable around Dylan yet we met only days ago. It was as if I had known him for years but we never met. It was weird but I liked weird.

At my house, I said, "I will be back soon. Just sit here and I will be back." I ran inside, grabbed a suitcase, filled it with a couple pairs of jeans, some sweatpants, some old band tees, some v necks, some other stuff and ran out the door and back to Dylan's car.

He said, "Wow, that was fast."

I laughed, "Well, I want to get back to your house so we can dye hair."

I put on the 5 Seconds of Summer album from my phone jammed to that all the way to Dylan's house.

At Dylans house, we walked in and I put my stuff in his room. He asked "Do you wanna get some pizza? I am getting a little hungry."

I said, "Yeah sounds like a good idea. Ooh, we can play some video games after we dye our hair if you have any. You do have like Just Dance or Mario Kart, right?"

He laughed, "Yeah I do. Man, a girl that loves video games, that's hard to find." I smiled, blushing. It was weird how he made me feel. He made me smile real smiles and he made me clean. I had been clean for two full days, all thanks to him. And I am going on my third day clean. Dylan Roberts, you saved my life.

I went to get the hair dye ready in the bathroom and grabbed one of my old shirts to wear during the dyeing process.

I heard Dylan walk into the bathroom and say, "I ordered the pizza. Are you ready?"

I said, "Yeah. You might want to wear an old shirt or something because dyeing hair can get pretty messy." He ran back into his room to get a shirt and change.

He walked back in in the same Green Day shirt I was wearing.

I smiled, "I like your taste in shirts."

He looked down and saw we had the same shirt and laughed, "Why thank you. Now how do we do this hair dye think?"

I laughed, "I will take care of it. Now sit here," pointing to the spot in front of me. He sat down and the dyeing process began.

When I was done with both of our hair, we sat on the couch he had in his room watching TV. When our timers were only a few minutes away from going off, thee door bell rang.

A few minutes later, Dylan walked back into his room with a pizza in hand.

Our timers rang so we went and put in the actual dye. While waiting for that, we watched some Netflix and ate pizza.

Finally, we washed the hair dye out of our hair and blew dried our hair.

We walked into his room as he said, "My hair is purple and I love it." I laughed and he started tickling me for no reason.

He stopped when He had me o the floor and he was on top of me. I stared into his eyes and he kissed me.  When ever I kiss him it is like I am a new person.

We got on his couch, I cuddled up to him and I lay there until I fell asleep.

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