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Laura Richardson has been bullied ever since she started her new school in Salem, Oregon. Her blog helps her with the pain of all the bullying, but writing is never enough. Even though her blog only gets a few views a week, she continues to write. What happens when she finds out who that one person is that always reads her blog?


12. One Year Clean

So Dylan and I have been together for just over a year. I have visited my parents and Dylan and I had Christmas at our place, my parents' place, and his parents' place. Same with Thanksgiving. Anyways, we are coming up on my one year clean and 5 Seconds of Summer are coming to town and I am so excited.

I woke up to Dylan's smiling face. He said, "You know what today is?"

I said, "It is too early for guessing games. Tell me what today is."

He said, "Today is your one year clean anniversary. We have an amazing day planned." I smiled thinking of everything we could do today. He snapped me out of my daze by saying, "I planned to cuddle first and then go to breakfast at that diner you like." I smiled as he pulled me in for a kiss. This was a dream I was living. It felt so cool and amazing.

After cuddling, a lot, we got up and got ready. When Dylan was changing his shirt, I smiled. He saw me and came over to kiss me, I put my hand on his abs.

Finally, we were ready to go.

At breakfast, Dylan said, "You should dye your hair. Maybe pierce your lip. I was thinking about doing that."

I said, "Yeah, we should dye it a dark purple like we had last year. I have been talking a lot about wanting a lip ring. That sounds cool."

So after breakfast, we went to the beauty supply store to get the hair dye.

When we walked into the piercing and tattoo place, the guy said, "Dylan, you two can just go in that room."

I said, "You planned this."

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Maybe, maybe not." As we waited to get our lips pierced, my stomach filled with butterflies. Once it was done, I looked in the mirror and could just barely see that it said, 'He's Mine'.

I asked, "Dylan, does your lip ring say anything?"

He smiled, "I had mine engraved with She's Mine and yours with He's Mine." I gave him the biggest hug I could at the moment.

We went home and started to dye our hair. At one point I said, "I don't know how Michael does this so often, this stuff smells so bad. Ugh."

Dylan laughed, "At least we only have to have it in for a few more minutes." I raised my eyebrows and continued to play Fifa with Dylan. Finally we had the dye out of our hair and we blew it dry. I hate when my hair is wet for a long period of time. Is that weird? Nope, it is not. We played Fifa for a while until we felt hungry. We ordered pizza and just played video games all day.

At about 6 o'clock, Dylan said, "We should go on a drive."

I said, "Okay? Where to?"

He smiled, "You'll see." I got butterflies in my stomach for some reason.

After about half an hour of driving, we ended up at McCulloch Stadium. Wait, we are going to the concert. OMG! OMG! OMG!

I said, "Dylan, are we going to the concert?"

He said, "You figured me out. Well not completely."

I fan girled all the way to our seats. He said, "I also have connections so we can get backstage after the show."

I freaked out so much right there. Good thing that was normal to the girls around me. 

I sat there and waited for the concert to start, butterflies filled my stomach. I started crying even before they came on.

Finally the stadium went dark, and music started playing. Through the flashing lights I saw them come on. Oh my gosh this was actually happening.

They immediately started playing She Looks So Perfect, a classic.

Ashton said, "Are you having a good time out there?"

I whispered, "Yes, I am having a good time," to myself.

He then said, "You probably know me, I'm Ashton."

Luke said, "I am Luke."

Calum said, "I am Calum."

Michael said, "And I am Daniel."

Luke said, "No his name is Michael."

I laughed and then Michael said, "This next song is called English Love Affair." I freaked out and started crying even more.

So the concert was amazing, especially when they played Wherever You Are and Luke sang by himself.

Dylan asked me, "Are you ready to meet them?"

I said, "I don't think I will ever be ready to meet the people who help save my life. That's why I love you so much." He smiled as we were lead back stage to meet the boys.

There was their dressing room. I could see it. When we came up to it, I could see through the little window that Ashton was making a keek as usual.

Dylan said, "Come on Laura, you can do this. It will be okay."

I took a deep breath and said, "Okay, it will be okay."

When we walked in, Ashton said, "Hello." The others followed soon after. I started crying so I leaned into Dylan's chest. Ashton asked, "Hey are you okay hun?"

Dylan said, "She is fine it is just when she first moved here she went through a rough patch. Actually, one of your songs prevented her from killing herself. Can we sit down?"

We went over to the couch and Luke asked, "Can we have your names?"

I looked up with tears in my eyes and said, "My name is Laura, this is Dylan. Thank you for saving my life. I can tell you the story if you want."

Ashton said, "Only if you want to Laura. We don't want to make you uncomfortable. By the way, love the hair and lip ring. You two look like twins."

I let out a laugh and said, "Thanks and we have been together for a year. Actually yesterday was our one year anniversary. Anyways, so over a year ago my dad got a job offer here so we moved from Colorado. School sucked, I got bullied to the point that I cut. The only thing that kept me going was your music. One day I thought it was all too much so I started playing some of your songs that I have. I was about to choke myself but then Beside You came on. It made me think that you guys wanted me to stay and be with you. I slid down the wall into a sitting position. Your song saved me from killing myself. Then when Dylan came along and started tutoring me, I fell in love because he made me clean. I forgot all bout that nasty blade. And thanks to him, I have been clean for one year, today. Today is my anniversary of being clean for a year, all thanks to five special people."

Ashton said, "Wow, congratulations on being clean. I can say that getting clean isn't easy. I love meeting people like you because it lets me see what kind of an impact I, we have on people. I would want a hug but I smell bad. and I am a little sweaty."

I said, "Can I please have a hug from you guys. I need to hug the people that saved my life. Can I have your autographs?"

Ashton laughed, "Sure. would you mind being in keek?"

I smiled, "No I wouldn't mind." Ashton made a keek with me saying how I was great and strong. It made me really happy to know that he thought I was cool.

So soon after, I got his autograph and headed off.

Once we were out the door, it opened again with Ashton saying, "Hey, Laura, can I get your number so we can hang out sometime?"

I said, "Yeah, of course. Dylan, it is okay, I am not flirting."

Dylan said, "I wasn't worried about that."

I laughed, "Okay, just making sure you know I still love you." He smiled as I put my number in Ashton's phone.

As we were walking away, I got a text saying: Hey Laura, it is Ashton. You and Dylan are cute. Also, that ring looks pretty expensive. I replied: It was. From Swarovski. He asked: Is it an engagement ring? I answered: No it isn't. It is a promise ring. He replied: Oh, well I'll talk to you later Laura. Bye. I texted back: Bye Ashton.

When I finally looked up and put my phone away, Dylan asked, "Who were you texting?"

I said, "Oh, Ashton and I were texting. He thought my promise ring was an engagement ring. Oh he said that we looked cute."

He asked, "Oh did he?"

I smiled, "Yep he did." We held hands until we got into the car then link them back together.

When we finally got back home and in bed, I whispered into Dylan's chest, "Thank you for today. It was great."

He said, "You're welcome. I love you so much and I ma proud of you."

I said, "I love you too," before falling asleep in Dylan's grasp.

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