The Bully Blog

Laura Richardson has been bullied ever since she started her new school in Salem, Oregon. Her blog helps her with the pain of all the bullying, but writing is never enough. Even though her blog only gets a few views a week, she continues to write. What happens when she finds out who that one person is that always reads her blog?


3. It is Just so Hard

When we got to his car, Dylan opened the door for me. I directed him to my house since I wasn't driving.

When we got to my house and walked in, my mom asked, "Who is you're friend?"

I said, "He is Dylan from school. He is going to be tutoring me."

My mom said, "Okay. Have fun." With that we walked up to my room. 

When we sat down on my bed, Dylan said, "Okay, how about you copy my notes down and we can work on the homework."

I said, "Okay." He took out his notes for me to copy down. When I was done copying his notes, we worked on the homework which seemed a little confusing but Dylan talked me through each problem.

When we finished the homework, Dylan said, "Laura, please talk to me about the bullying. I want you to get better."

I got red and said, "Well, everyday, when I get to school, I get pushed to the ground by Ayisha and her friends. And they always say mean things to me when I walk past them in the hallway. Dylan, I hate it. I feel worthless. I try so hard to keep everyone around me happy because I don't want them to feel like me. They tell me i don't fit in here because I'm not from here and it is just so hard to keep people happy because somebody will always be upset and I..." Dylan's lips kissed mine.

They were wet and salty. He had been crying like me. When he pulled away he said, "I have been meaning to tell you for a while. Ever since you moved here, I liked you, a lot. I felt a special connection to you. I'm sorry."

I looked up, "Dylan, don't be sorry. I need to thank you for doing what you have done. I just have a hard time trusting people because the only people I trusted were from Denver. I am like a weed here. Hey, um, do you wanna sleep over here tonight? I know we have school tomorrow but I was just wondering." Dylan smiled at me, "I would love to. I gotta go get some clothes from my place. I will be back." I smiled at him as he left my room.

I pulled my laptop on to my lap and went to my blog. I started typing: So there is this guy named Dylan that I know. He is really smart, nice and caring. He likes me and I like him. I have him as a tutor form Calculus and he has already helped me a lot. I hope our relationship only grows together. I haven't cut since last time I took a shower so since this morning. That's an improvement. Let's hope it stays that way. It wasn't a long blog post but I couldn't think of anything else to write.

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