The Day it Changed: Gruvia

Gray hasn't been feeling like himself latley, and apparently something's different with Juvia too. When something goes terribly wrong on a job Juvia is sent to the hospital and has forgotten all of her friends... except one. Will this tragic bring Gray and Juvia closer then ever? Will Juvia's memories ever return? And if they do what will happen between Gray and Juvia? Find out in The Day It Changed: Gruvia.


1. Just Another Morning?

Gray's POV (point of view)

The sun shined on my face. It was morning already? I'm exhausted! The job we went on yesterday took all day and just because I didn't get stitches or a cast doesn't mean I didn't beat up pretty bad! Well whatever I guess I should go get ready and go to the guild.

I walked to my closet and grabbed a blue shirt off the rack, realized I wasn't even wearing a shirt and then put it on. I then grabbed a pair of jeans and those on. "I'll just eat at the guild this time" I said to myself and I went straight to the guild. I don't know why but today I feel different....something about me just doesn't seem right....and why do I want to go to the guild so badly? I guess I could've took a shower or at least brush my teeth but I want to go to the guild. Before I reached the guild I stopped at store to get mints just in case. I put a few mints in my mouth before walking into the guild. I walked to the bar and sat down at a stool next to a woman with long brown hair chugging down a barrel of alcohol...Cana. She put the barrel down when she noticed me I guess. "Hey Gray how are you feeling I heard you all went on a big job yesterday!", She was...really drunk. "I'm fine thanks", I responded. Then she just mumbled something before drinking again. Mirajane came up to me from the other side of the bar. "Hey Gray! What can I get for you?", Mira asked me. "I would actually like something to bout some ramen noodle soup?", I usually ate whatever I wanted in the morning. "Of course! Haha someone hasn't asked for that in a while but I will make some right away!", Mira was a great cook so I trusted her to make it good.

Juvia's POV

Juvia had already arrived at the guild long before Gray had walked through the doors and sat down at the bar. Right away I jumped to hide behind a pillar. I carefully peeked out and watched as Gray talked to Cana then to Mira and then I noticed that he was acting a little differently today... I don't know what it was he just seemed different. Oh Gray, if only you knew how much I cared for you Juvia could help poor Gray in troubling times! "Watching Gray again I see", Lucy had come up behind me and followed my eyes to who I was watching. "N-no of c-course not! Why were you watching him??" I said blushing trying to change the subject. "Why of course not Juvia everyone knows that your in love with Gray no one dares to get in your way!", Lucy laughed. But it was true, whenever some girl tried to flirt with my Gray, Juvia taught them a lesson! "I-I just wished Gray felt the same way about me as I do to him", I said thinking of all the times Gray as rejected me in some way....

"Come on Juvia maybe if you told Gray how you felt he would like you back!", Lucy explained cheerfully. I could already feel my face heating up as Lucy said 'he would like you back'. If he did we could be together forever! "Lucy that's really nice of you considering we're love rivals but Juvia is much to nervous to even look at him without hiding!", I said looking back at Gray. He was eating soup now, how cute! Now I'm bright red again. "Juvia? Juvia?", Lucy had been talking to me and I didn't even know."Oh I'm sorry what were you saying?", I can't believe I was so focused on Gray I wasn't listening to Lucy... "I was just saying that if your too shy to tell Gray how you feel why don't you try to get him to notice you? You see Gray is a laid back kind of guy so he would like a laid back kind of girl! Here's what you do, go over there and sit next to Gray, act cool, calm, and collected remember the three c's oh also cute you don't want to be boyish either. So four c's got it? Cool, calm, collected, and cute. Try to make small talk but don't act too desperate, and try not to blush dont let him know your the shy one ok you got this now go!", Lucy was already pushing me towards Gray meanwhile I was running everything she said through my head. Calm, cool, collected, cute yes Juvia can do this! Lucy stopped pushing me when I was right behind Gray then Lucy ran behind the pillar and motioned me to go sit down. "ok!", I mouthed as I turned and sat next to Gray.

Don't look desperate don't even look at him just be cool, calm, collected, and cute. Come on Juvia just say hi or something! But nothing came out.

Gray had already beat me to it. "Hey Juvia", Gray had finished his soup already and was angled towards her. Come on Juvia don't blush it's no big deal he only just said your name!! Ok calm down just respond in a cool way. "Good morning Gray", I said and then looked away I already was freaking out who says that?!? Good morning?! I'm such an idiot! I face palmed myself. "Is something wrong Juvia? You seem different....", I turned to respond to Gray but when I did he had moved his face closer to get a better look at mine I guess? He was so close, our noses almost touching, my was racing a mile a minute. It's to late I failed! I'm redder then a radish and hotter then Natsu's flames. Now I froze and couldn't move. I was just looking into Gray's dark blue eyes, they said so much...yet so little...Then he put the back of his hand on my head."Wow your really hot, are you sure your not sick or anything?",Gray just said I was hot! I know he meant like a fever but it still warmed Juvia's heart. I pushed Grays hand off my head. Well cool is crossed off the list. "U-um I'm fine...j-just a little worked up I guess", I responded kind of nervously... There goes calm! I was freaking out what else was I supposed to say?! "Really? Are you sure? I can cool you down if you'd like.", Gray said tilting his head a little... It was still really close to mine. BUT GRAY JUST OFFERED TO COOL ME DOWN! My heart speeded up so fast I felt like I was gonna pass out... I actually am getting a little dizzy now...."Gray....."

Gray's POV

Juvia went pale and started to fall. "Juvia?!", I quickly reacted andcaught her before she fell off the stool. I felt her forehead she is still hot but shes so pale... what happened? "Juvia!", Lucy ran over to me and Juvia. I picked her up by putting my hand under her legs and my other on her back/neck. Lucy looked worriedly at Juvia then at me. "What happened?? She was fine a minute ago", lucy said to me in a kind of accusing voice. what did i do? "I don't know she felt warm but-" I was cut off by gajeel. "I know what happened", me and Lucy turned around to face gajeel, I was still carrying Juvia and now a crowd started to form around us."Yesterday we went on a job in a desert and we encountered some poisonous bugs i was just talking to levy about it and she said that juvia must have gotten bit and is just now having the side effects.", Gajeel said glancing at levy. "Yeah, Gray you should take juvia to the hospital right away" , Levy suggested. "Ok I will", I said and I took juvia to the hospital where they had me put her down on a white bed.

Lucy followed me to make sure she was alright. "Gray maybe should stay with Juvia, if you were the last person she saw and the last name she said she might have more comfort when she wakes up ", Lucy stated before leaving. "Actually the girl is right, it would be safe because the type of bug she was bitten by can cause her memories to be hazy. dont worry young man theres a chair right next the bed for you, just keep her company. you two seem to be close", the nurse said and winked. I blushed. "U-uh n-not really just a concerned friend" , I laughed a little but somehow I feel like its my fault juvia is in this mess. She wanted to come with us yesterday and maybe if I had said yes she wouldnt have gone with gajeel... well I only said no because Erza said we had too many things packed which was mostly hers anyways. Then I also should have taken her to the hospital right away when she got hot. I sighed its my fault... im so sorry juvia. The nurse already left and I sat in the chair. It would be helpful if wendy were here but her and carla went on a mission thats pretty far. I turned my head to look at juvia... she was still frozen. "Gray.." Juvia whimpered her voice barley coming out. She shivered she must be cold now. "im right here juvia", I tried to comfort her but I didnt really know what to say or do, so I pulled the blanket over her and tried to make it warm for her. She stopped shivering and smiled a little. "Thank you...." she barley whispered before falling back into a deep sleep. Juvia looked...really cute when she was asleep... "Excuse me!" the nurse had been behind me yelling me to move out of the way. How long was I staring at juvia?!?! I was bright red. "U-u-uh s-sorry I didnt mean to interupt just trying to help" quickly jumped out of the way and the nurse just ignored me and did some tests. Juvia was bitten on her leg and so the nurse washed the area first. Then she took her temperature again and wrote bunch of things down. she checked her pulse, heartbeat rate and during it all I noticed her worried faces... "Ok um this young lady.. Juvia.. well because she waited so long to get her injury checked out, well I doubt she even knew because it numbs right away, but still the poison is spreading and we need to treat her immediately we are low on equipment so I'll need your help to get her to her own room would you mind carrying her again? I'll get the doctor.", the nurse was already starting to leave. "Will she be ok?", I tried to ask but she was gone. I sighed and turned to pick her up. She was huddled in a ball and now had a scared, frightened face....must be having a nightmare poor Juvia... I feel really bad... I picked her up carefully making sure to keeps her covered and at first she started hitting me and punching me. "No! stop!" Juvia kept screaming and must have been because of the poison. The nurse did mention that it might give her hallucinations and fill her head with scary thoughts.... "Juvia its ok! Its me gray! Im here to help you." I said in the most caring calming voice I could. Almost instantly she stopped. "Gray...thank goodness your here..." she said and relaxed in my arms, she still seemed scared and grabbed onto my neck. She put her arms around my neck and laid her head on my chest. she was shaking and held on tight. I could feel myself blushing as juvia held on to me tighter and when she did I held onto her tighter.

The nurse led me to her room and the doctor followed as well. I laid Juvia on her bed but she wouldn't let go of my neck."Juvia you have to let go", I tried to get her off but she wouldnt budge. "Dont leave me", Juvia whimpered so quietly I was the only one who heard. "Its ok Juvia will always stay right by your side", I whispered in her ear and she smiled and slowly let go. wait why did I say that? It just came out! but is it true? Do I mean what I say? Whatever... I pulled up a chair by her nightstand and watched as the doctor and nurse gave her shots, put a breathing mask on her, gave her an IV, and bandaged her leg. She had to rest in between it a lot because they can't mix certain shots so we were there for hours....they said that the poison will slowly come out of her system but she cant leave until its all gone. juvia never woke up and the doctor said its better if she rests. "So she will be ok?" , I asked nervously. "Yes she will be as good as new", the doctor said before leaving to go see another patient. The nurse also left and it was just me and juvia. She laid peacefully on the bed breathing nice and steady and not crying anymore or anything. She was getting better already. "Good then", I smiled sat on the edge of the bed. I ran my fingers through her hair.... I dont know why I did that but I liked doing it. Juvia slightly moaned and turned postions so she was facing me. I started to move my hand away in fear of waking her up but she took my hand and held it with hers... she pulled my hand with her and laid her head on our hands.... I guess shes one of those people who sleep on their hand sometimes but now im stuck like this and its getting late. No more then one was allowed in when she was getting treated all the flowers and get well cards were delivered by a nurse but thats not the point. The point is that I've been here with Juvia all day, I'm tired, and I really should get home.

Juvia squeezed my hand and turned all the way to the other side of the bed pulling me with her. "Woah" I blushed because when she pulled me she pulled me further on the bed. She moved in closer to me and got her self comfortable with my arm over her holding her like a teddy bear. It was kind of awkward but at the same time a part of me wanted to stay like that forever with Juvia... always by her side... I pulled Juvia closer and allowed myself to fall asleep...I don't know why but I just want to be by her....

Juvia's POV

Gray. The last thing I remember was talking to him. At the bar. oww I have such a headache. I slowly opened my eyes...I was holding someone's hand and Ive been sleeping on a mans chest! who is it and what happened?!?! I looked up to see a sleeping Gray. I blinked a few times and before I knew it was blushing so hard I thought I was gonna die. I was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday and so was he except he had gone shirtless at one point... Gray looked so adorable when he's asleep I thought my heart would explode. As much as I wanted to stay how I was I to see where we were. So I sat up and looked around it was a very small white room and there was a nightstand, a table, some chairs, a mini closet, a small bookshelf, a window, and the door...was this Gray's room? I looked around some more and realized this was some kind of hospital room, and there were papers and pills everywhere. when I looked down at my arm there was an IV in it transmitting water into it... and my leg was wrapped too... I would've gotten up to read the papers but that would wake poor Gray...I slowly tried to move from his grip but when I did he just huddled up and laid on MY chest. Great now I had a Gray stuck to me. He was so sweet though I would be a villian if I left him like this. I petted his dark blue head and ran my fingers through his hair. I kissed the top of his head. Oh no what am I doing! I cant take advantage of him being asleep! Ugh now im tired maybe I should just go back to bed this headaches killing me... come on Juvia just go to bed. I relaxed and fell asleep with the side of Gray's head on my chest, his arm over my stomach and me holding his hand, and with his leg draped over my legs....gray.....

Grays POV

Juvia......I fell asleep in bed with her... thats the first thing I thought of when I woke up. I'm laying on something warm.... no someone! I opened my eyes to find myself laying on Juvia's chest. "Oh! u-uuh s-sorry!" I quickly tried to get up only to find my arm was around her and so was my leg! Oh my God whats wrong with me!! I should've never even have stayed here... "Good-morning gray", Juvia still had her eyes closed but said good-morning anyways. my face was heating up fast. "O-oh good-morning Juvia....sorry that I woke you....and fell asleep on you....", I felt really bad for that...although it was really comfortable and I felt like I could stay there forever I was to close to her um yea....wouldn't want what happened when we first met to happen again..."Its ok I was in the same position as you were when I woke up but when I tried to move thats what happened its no big deal."Juvia had opened her eyes and was blushing just as much as me except she still seemed a little different. She seemed so... cool about it and calm...The Juvia I know would have been freaking out and hiding but she was just laying there staring at me...She looked really cute when she wakes up...This is weird why am I thinking like this?? Am I actually starting to like Juvia?!? I mean she's always been kind of attractive but not my type. She is usually annoying and weird but seeing her like this...makes me want to be with her. "Gray? You've been just standing there like you've seen a ghost", Juvia brought me back to my senses... I blushed "U-uh yeah just one second", I said and I quickly ran out of the room. I facepalmed what's wrong with you Gray!?? And now I'm referring to myself in the third person?!? Ugh I'm such an idiot! Is it Juvia?!? Is she making me feel and act all crazy?!? Gahhh..... "Excuse me you were the boy with Juvia right? Is she doing well? We wanted her to sleep as long as she could to sleep off the effects and now that your up is she also awake?" the nurse had come from another room in the hall and talked to me. "Yeah she's up.", my voice kind of cracked and I was sweating a lot. I guess she noticed because she checked my temperature. "Are you ok?", the nurse asked. "Yeah I'm fine, just worried about Juvia...", I said nervously I was worried about Juvia but for another reason... The nurse had already left and was coming back with a clipboard, and a bunch of cards, balloons, and gifts from all of our friends and the guild. I noticed a big portion of them were from Lyon. What a suprise. "Can you get the door for me?", the nurse asked."Sure", I opened the door for the nurse and followed her in. Juvia had already been practicing her water magic again. "Oh I'm sorry is it ok if I practice?", Juvia asked so innocently no one could say no. "Of course not practice as much as you like dear! Also you have some deliveries.", the nurse put everything on the table and some on the nightstand. "Your friends have been very worried about you! I would be very glad to have friends like that!", the nurse exclaimed to Juvia. "I'm sorry who are the friends you are talking about? Gray is my only friend I know of.", Juvia looked at the nurse very confusingly. "You know Juvia all your friends at Fairy Tail? You remember right? You even got some things from other friends like Lyon.", I walked over to Juvia so I could talk to her better. "Yes you remember your friends don't you?", the nurse was very worried. Juvia just looked at us like we were crazy. "Come on Juvia quit fooling around...", I tried to laugh a little but it didn't work. "I'm sorry I don't know what you two are talking about", Juvia said still looking confused as ever.

We spent 2 hours going through all of her letters and gifts trying to get her to remember names. Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Natsu, Gajeel, Carla, Happy, Lyon, Cana, Laxus, Evergreen, Freed, Lisanna, Bisca, Alzack, Romeo Mirajane, Levy, but no one came to mind. We gave up after she didn't recognize the letter in which the entire guild signed."These people seem very sweet but I don't know who they are I'm sorry.", Juvia looked so ashamed for forgetting. "It's ok it's not your fault.", I tried comforting Juvia by hugging her but she just pouted. I can't imagine how awful shes feeling not remember her friends... then again why did she remember me? "We will try to analyze why she can't remember anyone and it how she will get better. Meanwhile young man you should leave maybe go tell your friends what's going on.", the nurse walked me to the door. "Feel better Juvia", I said to myself before slowly walking to the guild.



Hi! If your reading this I love you 😂 thank you for reading my first chapter! I'm working on the next one but if you guys comment and like this I will work faster XD. Also I would appreciate it if you fanned me🌚. Oh and if you didn't like it or thought some things could be changed tell me! Any ideas you have or requests I will try to include in the story :)

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